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focus on technical

Ivan Glavas

What is a PPS Lease?

4 years later and people are still getting it wrong!

IVAN GLAVAS & kENt vUONG - Partner & mANAGER, Worrells Melbourne


Today's alternative and private funding position

How big is the funding gap?

SIMON CATHRO - partner, Worrells SYDNEY

Simon Cathro

The Who and Where of Corporate Insolvencies

Does our analysis surprise you?

Raj Khatri - Partner, Worrells Brisbane

Insolvency Law Reform: Worrells Submission to Treasury

Improving bankruptcy and insolvency laws

Aaron lucan - Partner, Worrells Sydney & CENTRAL WEST, ORANA

Aaron Lucan
war stories
Lee Crosthwaite

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire: What happens when a business under VA burns down?

Sure, costs can be cut...but perhaps not the insurance!

Lee Crosthwaite - Partner, Worrells Brisbane


Did you know Worrells can provide specialist training to your staff?

Our 'Worrells Workshops' are aimed at accountants, solicitors, and debt consultants. We provide technical, relevant and topical information to your team, giving them the opportunity to discuss all things insolvency in the convenience of your office.

 To take advantage of our expertise, submit an online request to the Worrells office closest to you. We look forward to sharing what we know best.


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