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Nick Cooper

Set-off and liquidator's preference claims

Is it really a defence?

Nick Cooper - Partner, Worrells Adelaide


Michael Peldan

Bankruptcy and deceased estates

Insolvent deceased estates may still be subject to the Bankruptcy Act.

Michael Peldan - Partner, Worrells Brisbane


Saving the ship the ATO is trying to sink

Is that lifeline going to save you long-term?

Paul Burness - partner, Worrells Melbourne

Lee Crosthwaite

The cost of liquidation

Ask those in the trade!

Morgan Lane - Partner, worrells brisbane

Morgan Lane
War Stories

Protecting personal assets

Proper advice and business structuring is a form of insurance.

Nathan Schwarz - Manager, Worrells melbourne


Ivor Worrell

Realty bites for insolvency

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Ivor Worrell - Group Chairman, Worrells Brisbane

Worrells 2015/16 Guide to
Personal Insolvency

Worrells Guide to Insolvency

Look out for your copy!

Our latest and greatest edition of our Guide to Personal Insolvency
is due to hit letterboxes later this month.

We believe, that we have a duty to ensure that advisors and their clients are well-informed and supported on insolvency issues. We recognise that the level of dependence on advisors is understated and for this reason we believe we need to be “working together”. This is why we produce the Guide to Insolvency. We offer our Guides as complimentary to assist and inform in any role that you may find yourself in, when advising on or contemplating an insolvency administration.

New features include; case studies, statistic analysis and FAQs around the consequences of personal insolvency agreements and bankruptcy.  As well as, increasing the quality of the topics.

For extra office copies, email us at marketing@worrells.net.au or contact your local Worrells partner.

Follow our dedicated LinkedIn page: Worrells Guide to Insolvency - LinkedIn

Worrells' new year resolutionS

Worrells 15 Tips for 2015 #13 - Don’t ask your family/friends to guarantee your debts, or borrow against their assets.
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