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What a great night on Tuesday past! Americans roared back in Wisconsin! The Democrats were bitten by their own version of 'shock & awe' by a public that is not buying the media narrative and understands they are subsidizing luxuries for an undeserving entitlement class they themselves cannot afford. The combination of a principled leader (who has the guts to stand on those principles) and a tremendous 'boots on the ground' effort by Tea Party conservatives has left no doubt we can win, and we can win big! Everyone is talking about what this victory means for the reshaped political landscape.

Commentary Daily wrote:

Governor Scott Walker’s victory last night – his seven-point win against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was by a greater margin than in 2010 – will have profound national ramifications. It was a historic defeat for organized labor, and most especially public sector unions. They chose Wisconsin as the ground on which they would make their stand and make an example out of Walker. Instead, they were decimated.

American Spectator wrote:

The Walker win in Wisconsin demonstrates several things:

  1. Even with YEARS of vitriolic propaganda and grassroots organizing in Wisconsin, the unions and lefties could not turn out the vote in a 'blue' state;
  2. Principled conservatism can win the day; and
  3. The youth vote is up for grabs in Wisconsin!
On FOX News, following the announcement that Governor Walker had prevailed in this unwarranted recall election, Sarah Palin proclaimed this meant "Obama's goose is cooked!"

Amato for Liberty writing of the implications to big labor beyond Wisconsin:

The mainstream media’s narrative thus far has been focused on Scott Walker’s historic victory in Tuesday’s Wisconsin recall vote.  His 53% to 46% win over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was obviously significant but there is an even bigger story at play here as voters are beginning to reject big labor beyond Wisconsin.

Also on Tuesday in the notoriously democratically-controlled state of California voters handed labor three humiliating and expensive losses. In San Diego and San Jose, voters overwhelmingly approved pension reform ballot initiatives designed to help balance ailing municipal budgets by cutting retirement benefits for city workers.  The labor-opposed initiatives were supported by 70% of the voters in San Jose and by 66% of the voters in San Diego.

It did not go unnoticed that the Democrats commander was missing in action either.  It's as if he would only be there if the outcome was assured and had turned out in his favor, but wanted no part of the blame, should it go wrong. This is a recurring scenario that has Democrats questioning how far they should follow their wayward leader. What took place was the equivalent of having his main mechanized and infantry divisions soundly whipped in a strategically crucial battle, against the odds by a lesser force, with no senior leadership present for the vanquished.

Predictably the liberal pundits started spinning the results immediately, mutterings regarding exit polls, claiming this defeat was somehow good news for the 'head honcho.' The truth is that rain is pouring on the Obama parade. Others on the left were just disgusted or angry about losing– so began to wail that "Democracy was dead." Of course the opposite is true, as our own Claudia Roazen points out in her article below. The people made it clear that it was the Democrats who were not representing the people when it came to negotiating over taxpayers money. They threw their support behind the Republican Governor and Lt.Governor who have demonstrated they would negotiate in good faith and responsibly for the taxpayer.

Truth and responsible government by a principled, proven leader won the day, as did the people. Both sides need to keep this lesson squarely in mind this election cycle.

"Burke’s ideas should interest anyone, even men bitterly opposed to his conclusions."

Last week in ROC newsletter we touched on the subject of getting back to the fundamentals– in case we were getting a bit rusty, or maybe, we had never fully grasped what exactly "conservatism" is. In the "basics" Heritage link they ask, "Who was Russell Kirk and why is he important?" Following this link led to many exciting articles written by Kirk, who credits Edmund Burke with modern day conservatism.

One particular article really stood out for its relevance to our friends over at Traditional American Movement forum. I would encourage all there to read this piece by Kirk about Burke (1950) as it relates to 'change' verses tradition in America. They then may choose to put it into their resource and study sections of that fantastic site.

"We can salvage: salvaging is a great part of conservatism."

“When it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change.”

How Dead is Edmund Burke?

By Russell Kirk

Shared via MoonBattery
Good for them, bad for us...


June 6, 1944
"Ike" via

D-Day Documentary Film

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In a surprising move Republican Senator Rand Paul decided the time had come to abandon his father’s Presidential campaign and endorse Mitt Romney. This, naturally, set off a flood of tweets.

And, of course, some Ron Paul supporters labeled Rand a traitor.

Who was Bernard J. Cigrand?
Give up?
The answer appears below or click here.

David Axlerod: Democrats Own Racial Tokenism
By Christopher G. Adamo

Every so often, prominent liberals unwittingly divulge their true ideology in its raw ugliness. And when that happens, America must sit up and take note. It is not the flowery assurances of “social justice” or the promised bestowal of goodies from government coffers that motivates them, but the accrual of power that they expect to enjoy as a result. In reality, they have absolutely no intention of uplifting the “little guy,” but rather seek to keep him in his present condition, always awaiting a change of circumstances after the next impending election, as long as he dutifully sells his votes to the Democrats.

When Barack Obama uttered his “bitter clingers” statement back in 2008 at a private fundraiser in San Francisco, he likewise demonstrated the genuine contempt he holds towards America. In his world, those who have built the bridges and skyscrapers, grown the crops, toiled in the mines, and paved Main Street resent the influx of illegal aliens not because they are here in violation of the law and have no stake in the nation’s future, but because they look different from the rest of us. According to liberals, the divisions among Americans are strictly the byproduct of various physical characteristics. Thus the left insidiously perpetuates its caste system to its own political advantage, while remaining indifferent to its detriment of the nation as a whole.

In an interview this week on Univision, a Spanish speaking TV network, senior advisor David Axelrod brazenly made this point by disparaging the possibility of Mitt Romney picking Marco Rubio (R.-FL), the son of Cuban immigrants, as his running mate. According to Axelrod such a choice would be “an insult” to Hispanics. Romney, we must understand, has not toed the Democrat party line of catering to minorities as perennial “victims.” He likewise opposed the whole “amnesty” agenda, and the stealth attempt at implementing amnesty, known as the “Dream Act.”

Forget all of Senator Rubios’ other sterling qualities. His steadfast conservative voice is of no consequence. His stunning oratory in support of his conservatism means nothing at all. This is the world according to liberals. Racial classification trumps every other consideration. From Axelrod’s far left perspective, the only possible asset that Rubio could bring to the Romney campaign is that of his ethnicity.

Ultimately, Axelrod is exhibiting the real disdain he and his kind hold for all Americans, whether or not they can be categorized as minorities. An America united by its common culture and heritage is of little value to the liberal political machine that is first and foremost self-serving. Only if “We the People” is subdivided and Balkanized by leftist racial panderers can the liberal elite hope to ride in as the great benefactors of the helpless peasantry which, in their arrogant minds, is the reality of this country.

It is altogether unfortunate that some still cannot recognize the insidious nature of this ongoing effort to maintain a permanent American underclass, the real purpose of which is to maximize the political clout of the Democrat Party. Rather than providing any means of advancement for those truly in need, the agenda of the entrenched Democrat leaders is designed to preserve the societal maladies that have devastated America, and in particular, its minority communities. And any time a viable effort is made to improve things, it is those same liberal/Democrat patrons who will do their utmost to ensure that no improvements occur.

Out in “flyover country,” far from the callous indifference of Beltway liberals, a sincere attempt to open doors of opportunity for the disadvantaged is being pursued by Bobby Jindal, the conservative Republican Governor of Louisiana. Through Governor Jindal’s tireless efforts, a school voucher program has been established in his state, by which parents can opt to send their children to private schools, utilizing the funding that would otherwise have gone into public “education.” When fully implemented, it will liberate major portions of Louisiana’s youth population from the ideological and academic wastelands of the government school system. So of course the liberal political machine vehemently opposes it.

“Mainstream” media reports of the program have been predictably alarmist, and hopelessly biased. In a June 1, 2012 Reuters editorial, bogusly presented as a “news” story, readers were deluged with not-so-subtle warnings of the horrors of private schools that teach “Bible based math,” and science classes that do not fixate on evolution. All of the fear mongering notwithstanding, does anyone doubt that a pupil thus educated would not only be capable of balancing a budget, but could also understand the moral imperative of doing so? More significantly, the involvement of parents in the decision to send their children to such places is of little consequence to those who believe it is the duty of the ruling class to determine where children are educated, and whose ideology is instilled in them.

Minorities are particularly likely to reap real gain from Jindal’s endeavor. It is inarguable that the nation’s worst schools are found in minority neighborhoods, and for reasons that have far more to do with the skewed priorities of the education bureaucracy. Therefore a ticket out, and the promise of a good education at a private school, could only work to the betterment of minority children who are otherwise condemned to a public school “education” that is abysmally lacking. Once again, the prospect of offering such opportunity to these children is abhorrent to liberal politicians.

Other opponents of the voucher program warn of the loss of revenues to government schools as a result of the money being diverted to competing private schools. In truth, every such effort to oppose Governor Jindal is a flagrant attempt to put the interests of the public “education” bureaucracy above the well-being of the students and, in the long run, the future of the nation.

Once the dust settles, the people of Louisiana, and indeed the entire country will be faced with only one workable option. In America’s currently struggling economy, the choice is to maximize students’ learning, thereby giving them the skills to be valued employees once they graduate, or to spend exorbitant sums of money and years of their time saturating them in identity politics and convincing them that their only future is to stand in Barack Obama’s soup lines.

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming. He has been involved in politics at the local and state level for many years. His contact information and article archives can be found at

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Source: National Flag Day Foundation

On June 14th, 1885, Bernard J. Cigrand, a 19 year old teacher at Stony Hill School, placed a 10 inch, 38- star flag in a bottle on his desk then assigned essays on the flag and its significance. This observance, commemorated Congresses adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777. This observance was also the beginning of Cigrand’s long years of fervent and devoted effort to bring about national recognition and observance of Flag Day. The crowning achievement of his life came at age fifty when President Wilson, on May 30, 1916, issued a proclamation calling for a nation wide observance of Flag Day. Then in 1949, President Truman signed an Act Of Congress designating the 14th day of June every year as National Flag Day. On June 14th, 2004, the 108th U.S. Congress voted unanimously on H.R. 662 that Flag Day originated in Ozaukee County, Waubeka Wisconsin.

Random Thoughts On Our Country and Our Path Forward
By Mathew Modleski

I asked Dave if I could share a few thoughts with all of you this week and he graciously said yes.  Many of these thoughts are related in some fashion and in my book I more fully explain some of that interconnectedness.  Thanks for the chance to contribute to the dialogue on ROC.

The $29 trillion dollar illusion

Unfortunately the illusion is our US standard of living as it has been propped up by credit for more than 40 years. I heard Mitt Romney say that if we cut spending by a trillion dollars in one year we would go back into a deep recession or perhaps a depression as the GDP would shrink by 5%.  Let’s turn that math around and look at it this way.  We are borrowing and spending $1.5 trillion this year to sustain the illusion and using Romney’s math, instead of our GPD growing at an anemic 1.8%, it is really shrinking at about 5%.  That means without the illusion of borrowing and spending we are actually in a steep recession or maybe a depression already, aren’t we?  Math is math, and no matter how it’s spun, it doesn’t lie (statistics can be manipulated to lie; basic math is not subject to that same problem).

Let me ask you this.  Let’s say you make $50,000.00 per year.  You have borrowed and spent $70,000.00 and pay interest on that amount in order to live a lifestyle that you’ve grown accustomed to.   Each month in order to “live that lifestyle,” you borrow 40% more than you make and you spend it?  Would your life appear better than it actually is in terms of sustainability? That’s what we’re doing in America.

It is time for accountability to be forced by we the people.  Please vote out of office anyone who serves you in government who has been there for more than 6 years, they have mismanaged our country so badly they don’t deserve the honor of continuing to serve (notice I wasn’t party specific).

Where are our Leaders?

Albert Einstein said, “Setting the example isn’t the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.”  When you look across our great nation, do you see anyone that you would want your children to emulate who is serving us?   If the answer is no, ask yourself why you can’t find a single leader in public service that you would have your children emulate? Then, please find men and women of character to send to Washington, D.C. this year, because when the illusion comes crashing down, we are going to need people of character to lead our nation.  We may have to wait for the crash to see these people stand tall and serve us.  More than likely they will not be a byproduct of establishment politics; if there is a crash the country will want something very different.

College and High School Graduates-Get Skilled, Not Simply Educated

For most of the last 20-30 years a college education meant opportunity for a good job in America.  Even as our reliance on borrowing and spending at both the household level and federal level spiraled out of control, there was always a job for college graduates.  Those times are over in terms of the “automatic” aspect of jobs for people with academic knowledge.   We will now have to have graduates who have learned how to “do something” with their knowledge or said more simply, they will have to be skilled.  Knowledge is wonderful, but you wouldn’t want your airline pilot to be chock full of knowledge and have no skill.  You would want them to have taken the knowledge they have accrued and then turn that knowledge into the skill of flying your airplane.  Our children have been lead to believe that six figures waits at the end of the party called a bachelor’s degree.  We’d better communicate that the party is over and skills are going to be required to succeed in the new America (the one that comes after the very hard landing that’s now inevitable).  Skills are learned through practice and repetition, there is no shortcut to becoming skilled.

There was an interesting article a year or so ago that made the point that Military Academy graduates go on to achieve more with their lives than Ivy League school graduates.  It seems pretty simple to me when trying to discern why.  Academy graduates must learn skills that they apply everyday to solve real problems where lives are at risk.  Ivy League graduates aren’t forced to learn skills that have those same consequences. Even M.D.’s errors result in someone else dying, not them or their surgical counterparts.   The same cannot be said of a combat leader who has to be skilled.  If they make mistakes, they pay with their lives or those of their friends.

Skills will be required in the new America; knowledge has been overpriced in our run-up of borrowing and spending in almost every aspect of our lives.  (Just as an aside, most of the people in the current administration are “academic experts”).

So What is the Plan?

One of my biggest knocks on the right is the unwillingness to put forth a plan based on the truth and then lead its implementation.  My knock on the left is simply they won’t do math in public, a simple yet basic tenet of problem solving. So, based on my lack of patience for those who won’t put a plan forward, here is one aspect of my plan to address the crisis we’re in now.

Let’s cut spending across the board for the next 5 years.  We’ll reduce it 8%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4% for each of the next five years.  The first two reductions include Presidential and Congressional pay, it’s time DC felt some sort of sacrifice for the good of the nation.  For those who want to know how much money each of those reductions would result in, it’s roughly $288 billion, $264 billion, $250 billion, $230 billion and $200 billion.  At the end of those 5 years we would still be borrowing money each month, but a revision of the tax code will close that gap.  In 5 years we will have stopped digging the hole we’re in, and will have balanced the budget.  We can then begin to pay off our debt which by then will be more than $20 trillion dollars.  Once the budget is balanced we should index Medicare spending and Defense spending as a percentage of GDP so that both parties can take care of their constituents by focusing on one thing, a healthy US economy.

The time for apathy has long since passed; most of America simply hasn’t realized it yet.

God Bless,


Visit Matt's website–

How to Find Yourself In Walkerville...or Obamaville
By Chip Murray

Ain’t it funny? Tuesday night we went to bed in Obamaville and Wednesday morning we woke up in Walkerville! The contrast is so stark but we are all so fatigued from what seems like an eternity of dodging the shrapnel of bitter politics and an endless avalanche of big government encroachment and abuse…we’re all a little punch drunk with blurred vision! It may help to step back, get our bearings and reorient ourselves. Think of the Walker Wisconsin victory as the All Star break before the World Series of the November Election!

We may hear from the Supreme Court Justices as early as next week, and if they rule against Obamacare, that would make three consecutive weeks of devastating torpedo strikes to the midships of the Obama Re-Election Campaign…starting with last Friday’s Market-Crushing Jobs Report, this week’s Walker Victory and Strike Three from the Justices next week! But who knows with a press corps so doggedly determined to print his victory speech, anything is possible! And after so many rounds and so many punches it’s almost a given that most of us are asking ourselves, “Where am I?” So I thought this quick tour of both communities on this historic occasion (only 3 gubernatorial recalls in all US History!) would give us some much-needed bearings!


The first thing you will notice here is that people are friendlier, happier and more out-going. This has to do with the fact that many if not most of them believe in the Divine Creator as the very source of their rights, which happen to include the pursuit of happiness! This also comes from the solid foundation of self-reliance and the inner peace of knowing that hard work and perseverance will bear the fruit that dependency could never hope to find!

The next thing you will find are people who manifest qualities that you will easily sense, trust and strongly admire; courage, confidence, personal accountability, kindness, truthfulness, honor, integrity and generosity. These are all the natural qualities and characteristics of man in harmony with the very grace of God!

Here you will find many of the people you know as well as famous people, past and present. You will find George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Samuel Clemens, Will Rogers, Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Larry Kudlow, Rush Limbaugh, Bishop Jenky, Deneen Borelli, Steve Katz, John Hicks, Barbara from Brooklyn, Toots Sweet, Ted Nugent, Lisa Douglas, Andrew Breitbart and of course Scott Walker.


When we first set foot in Obamaville, especially if we just came from Walkerville, the very first thing we notice is what it feels like here. It’s colder, heavier, darker and people are more distant and tense here. This is because the dominant energy here is of an Elite, Secular Statism that seeks the total destruction of faith in God, in order to create total dependency on the State! Courage, confidence and honor are essentially murdered and replaced with compliance, fear and blind ambition. Personal accountability, kindness, truthfulness and generosity wither into the shadows of blame; where mean-spirited, deceptive and hoarding Gollum-like creatures skulk the dimly-lit passageways where Honor once strode. These are the natural qualities and characteristics of tyranny.

And behold the flowing procession line of those gathered to kiss the ring of the Narcissist who follows in the footsteps of Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler. Chris “uncomfortable with heroes” Hayes, Bill “National Anthem is an Abomination” Press, Larry Flint, Cher, Ed Shultz, William Ayers & Bernadette “Blow ‘em Up” Dorn, Nancy “We have to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it” Pelosi, Bill “Sarah Palin is a c_ _ t” Maher, Michael “Ruling Class” Bloomberg, Barney “Gay Prostitute Host” Frank, Frances “Bring on the Violence” Piven, Jimmy “Lets take these SOB’s out” Hoffa, Steve “Lets collapse the market” Lerner and of course Barack “They do it for me” Obama…Get the picture?

Andrew Breitbart offered the highest compliment and praise I think I have ever heard one person bestow on another…and he paid it to the entire Tea Party Movement! Commenting on the original gathering in Washington that drew over a million people, he said, “I would leave my own child in the hands of any one of them without a concern in the world!

The good news…no, the Great news is that people all over this country are waking up in Obamaville and realizing THEY HATE IT HERE! And something even more encouraging than that…they are starting to remember what makes Walkerville Walkerville. And that is exactly what we came here for in the first place! :-)

Chip Murray is a Singer/Songwriter, Financial Advisor, Conservative Tea Party Member, Devoted Husband, Loving Step-Father of two from Warwick, NY…who has discovered the importance of living from the inside out.
Follow Chip at– And music

Via BDMM "Off the Cuff N Ruff" schedule–




09 June 2012 (Saturday 10pm ET):



Walker This Way
By Claudia Roazen

The recall vote of Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker was a referendum on unions in the public sector. It was a fight during the gubernatorial elections and it was the same fight during this “recall” orchestrated by disgruntled Democrats.

Why was Scott Walker who was duly elected by the people of Wisconsin being recalled? Did he commit a crime? No. Did he violate his oath of office? No. Did he misrepresent his qualifications on his election papers by not submitting a valid birth certificate or claiming he was a minority Native American with roots to the Chippewa tribe? No.

The only reason Scott Walker faced a recall election was because the liberals– who love to talk about democracy, show their utter hypocrisy regarding the results of elections that don’t go their way. If voters pass a referendum to ban same-sex marriage the left petitions the federal circuit court to vacate the vote. If a Governor is duly elected by the people and wants to stop the liberal agenda then use the recall rule to vote again.

It is obvious to any watching from outside of Wisconsin that this recall vote was liberal thuggery from a spoiled group of public union pension trough-feeders refusing to accept the election outcome of 2010. Some suggest that it was also a referendum on the direction of the country that sits at the crossroads between a right turn to austerity and or a continuation of leftist liberalism.

The Wisconsin vote was the tip of the spear in the current cultural struggle between the nanny left and the responsible right. The liberals have pulled every rabbit out of their bag of political tricks. Starting with Nancy Pelosi’s Reconciliation tactic that passed Obamacare along with the Democrats complete deafness to the 2010 elections, the Party continues to march leftward with greater goosesteps.

Undaunted by the voice of the American people they rallied protests overrunning the Wisconsin State House, they supported the cowardly hiding of the MIA Democrat Wisconsin legislative members, and they organized a feeble OWS (Occupy Wall Street) display, to be followed by an illegitimate recall election, for no other reasons than control and power.

It is neither democracy nor a representative Republic that Americans are witnessing, but rather a dire power struggle between socialist transformers and conservative reformers while our country exists in the quasi-land of crony capitalism and constitutional countermand.

The Wisconsin recall attempt should be both appalling and elucidating to all Americans who may have thought that the Tea Party groups and the rising conservative movement was a phantom based, overreaction to a Democratic Party, that merely has a difference of political opinion.

Accepting the outcome of elections is the most important prerequisite to our Republic’s stability as a civilized nation. Yet, the Democratic Party has advocated the undermining of a duly elected representative Governor because they don’t agree with his political positions or the voters that supported his election.

What is that? What is that illustrating? Does that sound Democratic? No. Does it sound reasonable? No. Does it sound like a political culture clash that is heading in direction of Greek rioting in the streets?

This election being held at all should be a clear, undiluted message to all naïve Americans that think liberal views hold no threat to America. This recall election should wake up Americans to the fragility of our freedom and our vote by a political party hell-bent on using election attrition until they succeed.

No longer should any American underestimate the determined undermining of America by the left. This Wisconsin recall reveals that we are in a political civil war between a transformed socialist Democratic Party that has no vestiges of a John F. Kennedy past or a moderate ‘blue-dog’ base. This political clash is not between two political parties with the same goal with only a mere difference as to approaches. Instead this is a political battle between despotic socialism, that has brought America halfway toward a European course–and a traditional American revolt– trying to wrestle her Republic back on its unique constitutional capitalistic course.

Libertarians, conservatives, moderate Democrats and independent Americans need to band together to stop this tyrannical anti-American movement that threatens to de-construct all that this nation was founded on.  How many times will we watch the Democrats ignore the voters, repeat defeated referendums until they get the liberal outcome they desire?

Thank goodness Wisconsin did not allow the left to nullify their vote for Scott Walker. Be thankful still that big labor money only influences Washington politicians and not common sense Americans. It seems right won another victory over wrong this time but the battle is just beginning.

Do we ask for a recall if President Obama’s wins reelection in November? Should we “Walker that way” if Obama wins?  We won’t, because unlike the un-American thieves we do battle with politically, traditional Americans believe in our Constitution and the rights of our freedoms that will forever stay right versus wrong in our hearts and minds.

“And if all others accepted the lie which the party imposed-if all records told the same tale-then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’” (George Orwell’s 1984)

Claudia Roazen is a writer from Maine. Her book “ARE WE THE SHEEPLE OR THE PEOPLE? AN AMERICAN WOMAN ON FIRE!” can be purchased at AMAZON.COM or on her website

AF Branco

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