September Set List
James Durbin
James Durbin is a singer/songwriter from the 10th season of American Idol. He enjoys writing, performing rock music, and is a fan of WWE Wrestling.
Ryan Cabrera
Ryan Cabrera has been releasing albums since 2004 and recently celebrated his 30th birthday on Stageit live from the Key Club. This time, fans are invited right into his home for an intimate acoustic performance.
Kris Allen
Kris makes his return after his successful July charity event on Stageit that trended nationally on Twitter. Kris won American Idol season 8 and is performing to benefit the Colton Can Foundation.
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Lee DeWyze
Lee DeWyze, winner of American Idol season 9, is back on Stageit to raise funds for the Playing For Change Foundation!
Marie Digby
Now a Stageit veteran, Youtube sensation Marie is joining us in September to play a Euro-timezone friendly show for her fans across the sea!
Blood On The Dance Floor
Blood On The Dance Floor is an American electronica group originally from Orlando, Florida. They recently released the album "Evolution" and are fresh off the Warped Tour main stage this summer!
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Fan Picture of The Month

Last month's Stageit photo contest winner was user Kate_McFad. Her daughter Lily is rocking out with Stageit artist Rick Price!

Next Contest: Do you have a picture of yourself and a Stageit artist in REAL LIFE? We are talking in-person and outside of the computer! If so, tweet it to @stageit and enter to win 100 notes and a spot in our next newsletter!

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