Limited Edition Rock the Vote FreePak
We’re partnering with Rock the Vote to help motivate and inspire young people to register to vote and make their voice be heard on election day.

Available now through Nov. 6, 2012

Sample of the Rock The Vite FreePack

RtV: We grabbed a marker off the table at a local election rally to make a perfect DIY-looking frame for your photos.

RtV SHOUT: Rock the Vote phrases are splashed across your image, reminding you of your power as a voter.

Learn more about Rock the vote & Hipstamatic here.

Snap Mag!

Snap Magazine The Speak Out issue is here!

We’re all about making a statement, so it only made sense for us to dedicate an entire issue of Snap to speaking out about what matters most. From the U.S. presidential election to human trafficking to sex-positive education, we’re covering it all in the October issue. And, naturally, we’ve highlighted some uber-talented Hipstamatic photographers from around the world.

Download the free issue here. Like what you see and want to contribute? Drop us a line:

Download it now!

New Hipstamatic update!

The Hipstamatic 260 update is here, and we have some rad new features:

New Flash Switch With our retooled flash switch, it’s super easy to select the hardware or software flash. Added bonus: After selecting the flash, it stays on until you turn it off. Suh-wheet!

Get Swanko Lab now
Additional iPhone 5 and iOS6 optimizations:
  • Shiny new black and white camera cases
  • Fully updated for the glorious 4" Retina display on iPhone 5
  • Revamped Prints and Stacks view, with support for portrait as well as landscape orientations (requires iOS 6)
  • Bug fixes to make your shooting experience even better

Multiple Exposure Kit

That's right, with Hipstamatic you can now snap double, triple, even quadruple exposure photos. For just $0.99, grab the Multiple Exposure Kit in the Hipstamart, and start experimenting with your favorite lens, film, and flash combos—the possibilities are endless, and this new gear is sure to inspire the artist in everyone.

Read our Multi Exposure manual

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