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This semi-annual newsletter is the long overdue response to the question"David, what's new?"

What's happening:

New Series: Spheres, Piscene
As my work is driven by color, pattern and detail, I consider each series just a three-dimensional 'canvas' upon which I compose my work.  I prefer simple and classic forms that remain secondary to the compositions and over the past year I've developed two new forms into regular series; Piscene and Spheres.  Both are somewhat influenced by the Japanese aesthetic that values simple and organic forms.  Piscene are vagely fish-shaped with a thick encasement of clear glass throughout for great depth and three-dimensionality of the patterns.  Spheres are the essence of an organic form; also blown thick and optic with windows into and through these pieces.  Of course I'm still creating work in Resistenza, Foglio, Allegro and Parabola series.   Another sculptural series is also in development.

Artist Residency in Japan
I was awarded an artist residencey in Japan last winter and spent a month blowing glass, lecturing, conducting demonstrations as well as being interviewed by the local TV and radio stations.  This residency was sponsored by the Seto City Cultural Center, as Seto is the historic center of Japanese ceramics ('seto-mono').  As a lifetime Japanophile, it was a fantastic experience and a delight to meet and work with many Japanese artists.  Sugoi!

Most Requested Links:
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What work do you have available? Currently Available Work (constantly updated)
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Recent CommissionsRitz-Carlton Reception Desk
I frequently do commissions for collectors who like a specific piece but prefer it in a different palette,  and other times it's for a designer or art consultant.  The past year has included many collector commissions, a fine dining restaurant (Italian of course), a hotel in Paris, with the most challenging being a massive pair of Foglios that flank the reception desk of the new Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong.  You can't miss them if you're lucky enough to be checking in.  Feel free to contact me to discuss commissions.

My work has been featured in many shows in the past year in the U.S. and internationally including:
  • Cutting Edge Glass - JRB Art At the Elms Gallery, OK City
  • Red Hot Fundraiser - Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA
  • Pilchuck Glass School Annual Auction, Seattle, WA
  • One-Of-A-Kind - Kittrell/Riffkind, Dallas, TX
  • Kunstmesse Dusseldorf - Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Ten Years of Artists in Residence - Seto City Art Museum, Seto, Japan
  • Vienna International Art Show - Vienna, Austria

New Representation
Recent additions to the roster of galleries who show my work include ArtForte in Kirkland, WA (expanding from their Pioneer Square location) and District Gallery in Park City, UT.  Both have new work and will likely host shows in 2012.

Stay in Touch
Feel free to contact me regarding available work or commissions.  Of course if you're going to be in San Francisco, I'm always happy to host visitors.
To arrange a studio visit email or call 650-740-9794

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!

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