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What's happening:

  • Evolution of Bloom
  • Shows & Press: Shanghai, St. Petersberg, Boca Raton
  • Book in Venice Library
  • Commission: NY eHealth Collaborative
  • New Series: A Little Patchen

Bloom Evolve

Bloom have been evolving to include more contrasting interior/exterior colors and patterns.  The forms are also becoming more varied and asymmetrical.  They are all one-of-a-kind works, but they are all of one 'species' that explore the theme of things hidden and revealed.  At my new website is a full portfolio of Bloom.


Shows & Press:

Venice Library on Glass History adds book to permanent collection

  • My book David Patchen, Glass was recently added to the permanent collection of Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Centro Studi del Vetro (Glass Study Center Library) in Venice, Italy (more info).  You can order a book here, or you can download it as a pdf.

Recent Commission: NY eHealth Collaborative Awards

Commissions come in all shapes and sizes and this one for NY eHealth Collaborative's annual awards gala was particularly interesting.  They were presented by Maria Baritromo to the CEOs of IBM and GE.  Learn more at my blog.

A Little Patchen

This exciting new collaborative work arrived in late October is great fun when he's not waking us up at night.  :)


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