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In This Update:

  • Showtime at GAS conference
  • Fired Up in Spring
  • New Galleries: Raven Gallery, Piece Gallery
  • Collections: Elton John, Jack Welch, more
  • International Press
  • Show at Gump's

Showtime at GAS:
It was an honor to do a demonstration on the Corning Museum of Glass's mobile hotshop at the glass world's big annual event--the Glass Art Society conference. We made a smaller Foglio than normal since the Corning hotshop has smaller furnaces. Meeting so many other artists and enthusiasts was great fun and there is a 20 min. video of the event currently in production. Learn more about the Glass Art Society here.

Fired Up In Spring:
Spring was wall-to-wall with commissions for collectors and enthusiasts. From a gold Bloom to Parabolas in 'fire colors,' a good portion of the month was spent on all custom work, which is always challenging and rewarding.


New Galleries:
I'm excited to be working with two new galleries in Vail and Aspen, CO.  
Raven Gallery will be opening later this month in Aspen and Piece Gallery will be opening this summer in Vail.  Both galleries have been launched by experienced pros formerly at Pismo Gallery.

New: Collections List
When Elton John recently purchased a number of pieces, I was inspired to pull together a list of notable people & organizations who own my work.  In addition to Sir Elton, my work is in the collections of the Seto City Art Museum, Japan, Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, Peninsula Hotel Paris, Jack Welch (GE), Mark Parker (CEO, Nike) and many others, now listed on my website.  (Since the vast majority of my work is sold by galleries, I generally don't know who owns my work.)

International Press
My work was recently featured in the Brazilian magazine Vidro (in Portuguese) and Attitude Interior Design magazine (doesn't publish online).  
Show at Gump's
Gump's in San Francisco is a revered destination for all things beautiful and I'm proud they've represented my work for the past decade. This July 16th-17th they are featuring my work in their annual Art Glass Show.  I'll be in the store on Thursday from noon to 3pm.

Recent Work
I'm always making new one-of-a-kind work and experimenting with new patterns, color combinations, details, etc. See the website for the latest work and recent news in the blog.



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