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Piscine Return!

In 2010, I began a series of low, oblong forms titled Piscine.  They were inspired by the natural affinity between glass and the marine environment.  While I don't care for representational work, I did find the most streamlined form of fish an elegant canvas for patterns and color.  Two other influences were a desire for a form that would lend itself to design groupings of work and something low and sleek that those new to glass would feel comfortable having in their home.  Piscine was the result of these influences.  

After producing a dozen Piscine pieces, I became enamored with the development and drama of the Bloom series.  I've only made a few Piscine in the recent years but decided to dive back into this series last month and the result is eight new Piscine which have reinvigorated my enthusiasm for this sleek form.  While they aren't small at 18-24" wide and 6-8" tall, the proportion of these pieces lend themselves to especially intricate patterns.

Glass Art Magazine - Two Articles!

The current issue of Glass Art Magazine features my work on the cover and a story titled: Murrine Maker David Patchen, Diving Into Detail.  The article is expansive, ranging from creativity to production to marketing.

"How much detail can an artist successfully resolve in an object of glass art?  That question animates David Patchen's persistent exploration of vibrant colors in rare combinations and pattern upon pattern of intricate murrine and texture..."

You can subscribe, order a single issue from Glass Art Magazine or you can view or download the full article here:
Murrine Maker David Patchen - Diving into Detail 
Because Glass Art Magazine is also online, they created a bonus article for subscribers, which they subsequently chose to make public, so you can download it as well.  The bonus article covers my career transition to glass, education and how music relates to glass.  You can view or download it here: 
David Patchen, Glass for the Inquisitive Mind
Oceangoing Glass

Almost by definition commissions are pretty random and this spring I completed over two dozen--mostly custom work for two major cruise ships.  

All custom work is a challenge since there's always a size specification and making complex work to spec means adjusting scale and color density in both form and pattern.  While it's a challenge, it's nice to know this work will be prominently displayed for thousands to see in public areas (not for sale) on luxury cruise ships.  Here are some of the pieces from these commissions.


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New Galleries
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  • Artist's Proof - Washington D.C.
  • Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, "Bound by Glass", June - Sept 2016
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, "Raising Cane" Apr. 2016


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