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What's happening:

  • Open Studios this weekend! 
  • Bloom Evolve
  • Other News
  • Frequently Asked Questions (available work, technique, etc.)

Open Studios This Weekend!

If you're in the San Francisco Bay area this weekend, feel free to stop by the studio for crazy deals on older work, experiments and seconds (work with minor flaws).  This is an annual event and the time of the year I clear out my shelves of this type of work--often at up to 80% off. 

I'll be showing work Sat 11-6 and Sun from 11-2pm.  Nine other glass artists will be showing their work as well, so lots to see!

My studio is inside of Public Glass at 1750 Armstrong (near 3rd--MAP) in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco. 

Bloom Evolve

Bloom have been evolving to include more contrasting interior/exterior colors and patterns.  The forms are also becoming more varied and asymmetrical.  They are all one-of-a-kind works, but they are all of one 'species' that explore the theme of things hidden and revealed.

At my new website is a full portfolio of Bloom.

Other News:

  • Article in Nashville Arts Magazine: Frozen Fire: Art Glass of David Patchen
  • The book David Patchen, Glass is now available as a pdf (download here)
  • I was recently interviewed in The Bold Italic, a San Francisco culture and arts publication here
  • Now showing in Houston at Hooks-Epstein Gallery

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  • New behind-the-scenes "how it's made" photos
  • Larger, detailed images
  • New blog
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Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What do you have available?
    There are two ways to view available work:
    - Check out what galleries have by clicking through the various gallery links on my site.
    - Check out the "Available Work" section on the site.  Please feel free to request a password and bookmark it so you can check back to see what's new at any time.
  2. Can I commission something in specific colors or size?
    Sure, feel free to contact me via email or phone. 
  3. How do you get the detail and pattern in the glass?
    The techniques I use are referred to as 'cane' (patterned rods) and 'murrine' (patterned tiles).  It's all handmade by me in a very time-consuming and exacting process. My website now has a good overview of how it's all done at In the Studio.
  4. Your work is very Italian in style; are you influenced by Lino/Barovier/Afro/etc.?
    Every serious glassblower today has been influenced by Lino Tagliapietra.  "The Maestro" changed glassmaking in the U.S with his first trip to Pilchuck in '79.  But the Italian techniques of cane and murrine popularized in the last hundred years by the Muranese originated in the middle east over a thousand years ago.  So while I share technique with Italians, I also do with Egyptians.  As far as direct comparisons to Murano, my work is imported by a gallery into Vienna, Austria because "Murano doesn't make work this detailed or vibrant."  While I appreciate other work in glass, I try to avoid seeing other murrine work because I want to maintain my own voice.
  5. Do you ever get burned?
    Sure, but it's usually pretty minor.  The glass is crazy-hot so it's rare to inadvertently touch it.  Glassblowers mostly get burned on a hot tool or piece of equipment.  But after doing it for many years what's hot and what's not are second nature so even minor burns are uncommon. 
  6. Why is the glass orange?  I don't see you making that much work that's orange.
    When glass is really hot it glows orange.  The colors aren't true until the piece is cooled fully--usually the next day.


Feel free to contact me at or call 650-740-9794. 

If you're going to be in San Francisco, I'm always happy to host visitors to the studio.

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