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(to focus on God's goodness, to let His Spirit help us pursue goodness in our hearts and lives)
VERSE: "For the fruit of the Light consists of all goodness, righteousness and truth..."
Ephesians 5:9 (CSB)

I've loved researching the word 'GOODNESS' for this month's newsletter.

The Oxford Language Dictionary defines GOODNESS as
the quality of being morally good or virtuous;
the beneficial or nourishing element of food.

Synonyms include virtue, kindness (our word for last month!), generosity, nutrition (love this!).

Merriam-Webster defines GOODNESS in a similar way: the quality of state of being good; the nutritious flavorful or beneficial part of something.
The opposite being evil, sin, wicked, immoral.

My Bible defines it as being holy, pure and righteous.

The Greek word for GOODNESS, agathosune, means an upright, righteous heart; a zealous activity of doing right.
Very similar to KINDNESS; however, kindness is passive and goodness is active. (

The definition that stands out to me the most is ~

God is good- full of goodness. In Him is nothing bad, only good.
We can bank on this no matter what we see happening around us.
His goodness comes with His Spirit.
Because of His Spirit, WE can be good inside and out ~
out of the overflow of our hearts and into our lives; how we carry ourselves, how we relate to others, how we trust in His goodness and grace.

Goodness is in the heart of every believer.
It's up to us to allow it to shine through.
We can be morally good on the outside all we want, but if that goodness isn't flowing from our hearts, how can it be the most beneficial part?
His Spirit inside of us can help us "agathosune".
To have pure and holy hearts and long to do what is right in His eyes, not the world's.

Let's look at our lives and hearts...where do we need the Lord's Spirit to overflow with goodness so we can too?

He is the most beneficial part of us.
The good in us.
The nutrients.
The fruit.

Anything good in us is Him; may we boast only in Him and may we share His goodness with others today!

"I remain confident of this:
 will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."

Psalms 27:13

Know He is good always.
Be holy with His help.
Seek goodness in a world that does the opposite.
Let Him guide us on the path of righteousness to moral behavior and good character
(remember a tree is known by it's fruit).

Something else I discovered in my research is the use of the word GOODNESS has significantly decreased over the decades.
How sad, right?
I say we bring it back like they've brought back holey jeans, scrunchies and Birkenstocks.
May GOODNESS start with us!

Check out this song GOODNESS OF GOD


• My friend, Liz Woodruff, has written a beautiful piece on GOODNESS. I can't wait to share it with you.
• A few months ago I wrote some devotions for my church on the book of Habakkuk so I will be sharing those with you this month.
There are three so I will probably do three in a row.
This book has been somewhat chasing me the last few's so good.


Grateful for you all.
Let me know how I can be praying for you.
Simply reply to this email.
No one will see it but me.
And I will pray.

Have a GOOD June full of God's GOODNESS!

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