February 2012 Newsletter - Planning for Change & Change Readiness

Groundhog Day

Do you sometime feel that your going through the same changes year on year? Are you presented with the next best thing and think to yourself, I've seen this before?

This is what happens when changes are not clearly planned and integrated. The changes slowly ebb away over time and before you know it, your back at the beginning, trying to work out what needs to change. Often the same thing as before, because it is the same thing that's still missing in the business. 

I'm all for encouraging cylic change, but it needs to be an upward spiral in 3 dimensions, moving the business forward and maximising its potential. If your change remains in 2-D, like the flat spiral it just disappears into zero point at the centre. The more change readiness you can engineer, the less likely that you will be "recycling" changes. Plan for the change ahead so that it becomes an integral part of the business and then there is no way back from it! It becomes the new starting point for the next change.

Planning for Change and Change Readiness are my themes for February and into March. 
"The Change Management Guru" now live on twitter @thechangeguru - things are progressing well! Website will go live in March 2012.

Talking about Change!

I will be discussing how best to develop change readiness on "The Change Agent's Dilemma" in March 20th.
Click here for the Radio website

Blog Posts

February 6th
Picturing the Change (part1) blog post added

January 19th
What is a Change Enabler? blog post added

Regent Park School of Music
We are now engaging with Ontario Arts Council and developing our research towards an end recommendation

Planning for Organizational Change Webinar

On March 22nd I will be holding a webinar discussing the roles of communications and developing readiness for change.

Registration for the event can be made by clicking here

ACMP Chapter Development Continues

The roadmap to chapter creation continues to be developed and is now nearing the final stages. We will be looking to pilot this with a few select potential chapters in March 2012
Understanding & Managing Change Training Courses
will be run in April 2012. If your interested in pre-registering get in touch. Details can be found here.

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