Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.  - James Baldwin
I ran across an article last week that talked about the six month slump. It was written by an individual who has spent his life with a humanitarian organization working in war zones and refugee camps. He said that no matter which place, which time, which situation, that month six was where everyone hit a slump of exhaustion, depression, and sometimes hopelessness. He didn't have a solution, other than to tell you that you aren't alone. It's normal. And that you just have to power through and that - the hope and determination WILL come back.
birch leaf art by lyric kinard
This pandemic isn't over. We don't know when we will have safe and effective vaccines. Many of us have lost dear ones. I'm just here to say that I'm with you. Some days are better than others. But there are things that can help.
1. Choose to notice and be grateful for the good things in your life.
I'm so grateful for YOU!

2. Don't be ashamed of asking for professional help if you are depressed.
My anti-depressants have changed my life.
I was high functioning before, but now I have hope again.

3. Find something to commit to doing.
Take a class.
Choose a scheduled volunteer action.
Do something that requires you to commit.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Tell me how you choose to power through the slump.

Here are two things to help get you through the slump.

leaf art by lyric kinard

Sign up for a class
Add some beauty to your environment

I'm sprucing up ALL of my online courses and getting ready to announce an amazing week long (virtual) retreat for early next year. Keep your eyes open here for my annual Black Friday sale for deep discounts on my online courses. I'm also busily getting some new art ready to go up in my shop in time for those discounts. Stay tuned!

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GQC announces a new webinar series introducing teachers who offer open enrollment workshops and events to all individual quilters!

This is for you! We have heard your requests and have invited teachers to present their offerings to nay individual quilter who wants to take a workshop or lecture or retreat, virtually. No waiting for your guild to hire - you can sign up on your own. 

The events are all virtual but they can be live scheduled workshops, instant-access courses (like Craftsy but controlled by your teacher instead of a corporation) or anything in between. 

Each teacher will present a glimpse of the virtual workshops they offer and their class formats to give you a sense of what you can learn and create with them. We already have a full list and website links listed for all of our teachers in the "open enrollment" webinars so please hop over and check them out. Then register for a live webinar where you can chat with them live and ask questions. Here are our first two, we will have more in February.
Webinar 1: November 17, 2020 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. eastern
Webinar 2: November 19, 2020 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. eastern



Nov 1, 2020 (SAQA DC/MD/WV/NC/VA)
Imagination: 1 x 4
Virtual Exhibition

Nov 15, 2020
The Violet Protest (Phoenix Art Museum, AZ)
Spring 2021

Nov 30, 2021  Members Modern Quilt Guild
QuiltCon Together 2021  Virtual
Jan 25 - Feb 23, 2020 (ship+show)

Nov 30, 2020
Waiting (SAQA Virtual Gallery)
Jan 1 - February 28, 2021

Nov 30, 2020 (SAQA Global)
Light the World (France)
TBD 2021


Here is a list of the shows I could find to enter for November. Let's be honest. This is a hard time for venues and most shows have been cancelled. If you know of any shows to enter please let me know about them. You can find a list that covers the whole year at  It is not entirely updated but you can follow all of the links and check out future show information on your own.
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