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Sustainability Futures

Featured in this month's newsletter:
Africa, Luxury, Power and Responsibility
by Christopher H. Cordey - CEO of Futuratinow
Futurist Profile
        Philani Hlophe Dhlamini - Chief Coordinator
        at IGNITE THE YOUTH Africa
        Collection of publications: Sustainability
        Topics we focus on in this issue include:
        ■ Sustainability
        ■ Environmental
                Resources / Energy
                Food Security / Agriculture
        ■ Business / Economy
        ■ Cities
        The Future of Sustainability
        by Ruth Aine
        Quotes in Talk-@-ive.
        "Sustainability is here to stay or we may not be."
        - Niall Fitzgerald
        Our selection of videos on this month's theme:


Africa, Luxury, Power and Responsibility.
Christopher H. Cordey, is CEO of Futuratinow ( a Foresight, Strategy and Capacity building consultancy and the Founding Director of the Sustainable Luxury Forum (

In this article, he asks what role, if any, could luxury companies play in contributing to solve endemic environmental, economic and societal issues in Africa while pleasing a growing number of affluent African clients.

Today, we are at a crucial moment of history. A moment in which the human race is faced with a radically new challenge. For the first time, its prodigious dynamism collides with the limits of the biosphere.

The story is one of growth in population and consumption compounded by inadequate governance and policy responses necessary to manage this growth. The result is simply degradation of the environment and societies. Today, the collective challenge we are facing is, “How to take advantage of increased population and consumption? And work collectively to find and drive solutions to manage the negative consequences that the growth generates?"

By 2050, we will need to feed 9 billion people. Of the 2 extra billion, 40 % will be living in Sub-Saharan region and about 50 % in the Muslim world. Many people will be moving up the economic ladder toward a middle class standard of living, consuming more resources per capita.

Read the full feature article.
Futurist profile of the month

Philani Hlophe Dhlamini

African Youth Activist
Chief Coordinator: IGNITE THE YOUTH Africa

Philani answered a few questions about his perspective and on being a futures thinker.

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The Future of Sustainability by Ruth Aine

There are so many words whose definitions I struggle with – however, top of that list is ‘sustainability’. While I am a fan of the word (I think all millennial development professionals are), I still find myself musing at what the best possible meaning of this word could be. It also turns out that I am not the only one that thinks so – there is an author who wrote a paper on why they believed that the definition of sustainability was flawed. Now this is a ‘troubled’ word.
Read Ruth's full blog

Sustainability Bibliozone

Featured in Bibliozone this month is a collection of publications related to the sustainability futures. The selection of documents is partial and based on accessible material. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to supplement our library with additional materials.

Topics include:

        ■ Sustainability
        ■ Environmental
                Resources / Energy
                Food Security / Agriculture
        ■ Business / Economy
        ■ Cities

Various other publications are available in our FFD library on sustainability.


A selection of quotes - Sustainability Talk-@-ive.
“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance."
Ban Ki-moon - UN Secretary General


Selection of videos on this month's theme: Sustainability

Videos Include:
■ Opportunities for sustainable innovation in Africa
■ Scenarios for Sustainability | Ulrich Golüke
■ Sustainable Futures, Alternative Visions
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