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Climate Action
Adaptation, Policy & Strategies

Featured in this month's newsletter:
Futurist Profile
        Mohammed Amine Qasserras - Researcher &
        Collection of publications related to our theme:
        Climate action, strategies, policies and climate
        Our minds not made for saving the climate by 
        Ruth Aine
        An interview with Rose Wachuka about her views on
        climate change by Aya Chebbi
        Quotes in Talk-@-ive. Find out who is talking…
        Selection of videos about Climate Action
        Call for papers: 2015 African Unity for Renaissance
        EU FTA foresight conference papers are now all
        available online

African leaders act now on climate change and save us from its worst impacts by Tim Mugerwa - President of the African Youth Union
Dear African Leaders,
It is an open secret that Africa is most severely affected by global challenges. The scourges of poverty, disease, youth unemployment, hunger and famine have framed a common narrative of the African continent as a site of catastrophe and immense human suffering. This is further exacerbated by almost barren policies on climate change and its consequences for the continent. Why are we stuck with policies that have failed our planet? Read the full feature article.

Action on climate change is more than a need by Tim Mugerwa - President of the African Youth Union

Over the past five decades, Africa has experienced great transition and change. Many positive developments are taking shape on the continent. Overall, human development is improving, conflict has declined and sustained economic growth presents genuine opportunities for development. Yet many structural challenges persist, and the pressure to tackle these simultaneously is probably the most complex task the continent faces today. Africa needs to deepen its strategic reflection in order to anticipate the future with confidence. It must think more systematically about long-term trends and plan for the future if it is to take advantage of opportunities arising from economic growth. Read the full article.

Futurist profile of the month

Mohammed Amine Qasserras

Researcher & Journalist - Global Shapers
Mohammed answered a few questions about his perspective and on being a futures thinker.


Interested in being profiled as a futures thinker on FFD? Submit your profile here.

Our minds not made for saving the climate by Ruth Aine

Vast expanse of uncultivated land, a lot of fresh air, huge large farms and green vegetation on virgin land: this is what you get, if like me, you managed to travel upcountry for the holidays or to the ‘village’ as it is known in Uganda. As we drove through these areas, I couldn’t help think to myself as I noticed how much potential we have in our land resources. There is so much green – very little settlement in these urban areas.
Read Ruth's full blog.

Interview with Rose Wachuka by Aya Chebbi
Rose Wachuka a Kenyan lawyer and an International Affairs scholar spoke to Aya Chebbi FFD’s blogger about her views on climate change.

Rose tells us about her "climate awakening moment", the moment where she decided to dedicate her efforts in climate activism and why she think everyone has to have that “awakening moment" to save our nations and continent.
Read Aya's full blog.

Climate Action Bibliozone

Featured in Bibliozone this month is a collection of publications about climate action, strategies, policies and climate adaptation. The selection of documents is partial and based on accessible material. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to supplement our library with additional materials.

Publications from our FFD library:  

Various other publications are available in our FFD library on climate action.


A selection of quotes featured in the Climate Action Talk-@-ive.
“Industrialized countries have for a long time emitted greenhouse gases far in excess of what the earth can withstand. Some researchers call this the natural debt of the North, as opposed to the financial debt of the South."Dr. Adane Tuffa


Selection of videos on this month's theme: Climate Action

Videos Include:
■ Climate Change and Migration: Knowledge, Law and Policy, and Theory
■ Adapting to a changing climate


Call for papers: 2015 African Unity for Renaissance Conference

Theme: 2015 and Beyond: Engaging Agenda 2063
Tshwane, 22-25 May, 2015

The deadline for submission of abstracts and panel proposals is 31st January 2014. Authors of selected abstracts and panels will be notified by 28 February 2015. The deadline for submission of final papers is 31st March 2015.

World’s First Foresight Encyclopedic Dictionary Available to the Public

The Millennium Project has produced the first encyclopedic dictionary, containing over 1,000 terms used by futurists in futures research and foresight.

Read more on our noticeboard
Must Read
EU FTA foresight conference papers are now all available

The papers can be navigated to from the Session links on the programme page below:

There is also a series of conference videos available:

Tomorrow’s Healthy Society: Research Priorities for Foods and Diets

The foresight study was carried out by the European Commission's in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), and co-financed by DG Research and Innovation.

Download the foresight study
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