Love Is The Answer ~ June 2014
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June's Love 

Celebrating International Children’s Month


Day of the African Child on June 16th 


Greetings and Love as we begin this special month of
June. Children’s Month, Day of the African Child, and, in keeping with LITA tradition, in June we LOVE to share awareness about orphaned children in memory of a very special person, too.


Many who know Catherine, LITA’s founder, also knew June, her beautiful Mama.

To the thousands of children June nurtured during the 57 years she taught music and piano lessons at the Koch family home, ‘Nona’ was an adored and cherished friend, mentor, Mother and Grandmother.   

For many she touched, June’s Love joyfully lives on and on. We have much to celebrate and be grateful for this month, thank you for joining us!

Please read on for LITA’s latest news and the wonderful ways
you can contribute to the ongoing empowerment of
orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda this month. 



Phase One at *CCDO Dorms welcomed 30 orphaned children to their new home at Favour Primary School in Feb 2014. Phase Two will now see an additional 50 orphaned and vulnerable children move in, once we help provide bunk beds, mosquito nets & bedding for them.

$70 Tucks One Child In

Please Donate Here 



2nd term has just begun at CCDO Favour Primary, the school we completed in Feb 2014. In addition to two permanent latrines we've built on site, we’d like to build two more to serve the many neighbourhood children who've enrolled at the school. 

$3000 Builds One Latrine

Please Donate Here


At *ACIO, a 2 bathing stall, 3 pit latrine has been built for 40 children in full time care. Now we’d like to build a 2nd one so the girls and boys will each have their own building that they will share with the 40 day students also attending school on the site.

$2500 Provides a 2nd Latrine

Please Donate Here


A solar power system for ACIO will provide evening lighting for the 40 children in the dorm as well as for kids studying in the 4 classrooms on the site. This photo shows the solar system that will be used for each of the classrooms.

Please Donate Here

And for CCDO, where there are 2 dorms (soon to be housing 80 orphaned children), and 8 classrooms at the school on the same site, solar will be a delightful addition, too. This photo shows the solar system that will be 
used in the dorms where the children live, study and sleep. 

Please Donate Here

(Please be assured, as we raise the funds required for one particular project or goal,
we will always apply contributions to the next prioritized need.) 

*CCDO - Community Child Development Orphanage
and *ACIO - Aids Concern Integrated Organization
are two local, grass roots community based organizations in Uganda
providing educational and housing support for orphaned
and vulnerable children in their villages.

LITA is assisting and encouraging both projects along their paths
to sustainable self sufficiency.

Thank you for contributing to the empowerment of CCDO and ACIO, which in turn directly benefits the 120 orphaned and
vulnerable children they collectively serve every day.

A sidebar… spare electronics in a drawer somewhere? 

 We're always on the look out for working digital cameras,
iPodsiPads, notebooks and laptops for the children's use. 


If you or someone you know can help, thanks!
Please contact us, or you can mail/deliver items to:


Love Is The Answer

5436 Chestnut Crescent

Ladner, BC V4K 1J4



June's Love to You!

Thanks always for your Lovingkindness
With Love from all of us at LITA

PS... Recently, Catherine's former high school in Vancouver, Little Flower Academy, wrote an article about Cath and LITA in their Spring 2014 alumnae newsletter. Thanks very much LFA, we sure appreciate your kindness. The article is linked here for anyone who may enjoy having a read.

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