No 8 June 2014


Students notice

country specific differences in rehab organizations


The two SBTP students, Elke Rump and Nadine Keller from Germany, have made their internship at Valjeviken Folkhögskola Physiotherapist Centre in Sweden. “Less hierarchy and more freedom for therapist are the most significant differences between the organisations in the two countries”, they say.

In Germany, the course of action concerning rehab is more controlled by one person, the Doctor – and his referrals also determine the fees. The Swedish organisation is built more like a team work involving the rehab assistant, the physiotherapist, the occupational therapist and the nurse, according the students. “This method gives a higher degree of flexibility to adapt to the patient’s individual needs.”
Watch the students' video from three weeks in Sweden


Valjeviken Folk High School & Rehabilitation

Knowledge and rehabilitation by the side of the sea


Valjeviken is situated in Sölvesborg, Sweden, just between the Baltic Sea on one side and northern Europe’s largest beech wood on the other. The school offers a variety of both long and short courses, many of them oriented towards students with health issues, such as neurological problems or injuries from traffic accidents. Many of the short courses focus on students who needs to gain more knowledge about a certain diagnosis they have got or the need of rehabilitation/recreation.

The facilities are modern and include a large gymnasium with all kinds of training equipment as well as an indoor swimming pool. The accommodations are of hotel standard and adapted for easy access with a wheel chair.
Valjeviken's web site


Art project Integration

Konst & Hälsa, Karlskrona, Sweden


Recap week for SBTP Testing Model 4 in Sczcecin, Poland, incorporated the art exhibition Integration. The idea of the exhibition’s theme was sprung out of the work group at Konst & Hälsa in Karlskrona, lead by the Swedish artist Bengt Saltö. SBTP students Kaja Rempel and Kamila Pytel has been working with the planning of the project. One of the participating artists is also former SBTP student Svetlana Leuchuk. Funding for the exhibition came from Swedbank and Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan.

“The aim is to make artist move around a little bit more, to reach a bigger market. The foundation of the project is that people move between the countries, building networks, to put it simply. The market must be big for the artists to survive.” Bengt Saltö declares.
Further reading
Video from Swedish television channel TV4
Konst & Hälsa web site

Follow-up from cooking competition at the University of Sczcecin during Introduction Week.

Video from Polish television

Picture gallery from the soccer team MKS Pogoń Szcecin, who also had a team in the cooking competition
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