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February 17, 2012

Personal Note from Madalyn

 Hi Madalyn

I just want to mention briefly that on Sunday, February 19, 2012  My Guides will be giving a Discourse at Spirit Quest Center in Old Town Spring.  We haven't done this in a while and now they are telling me it's time to begin again. I feel this is going to be a little different than what we have done in the past.  Since my latest return from Egypt, the energies have really intensified and I'm excited to see where this will take us.  Healing energies is always sent through the room and they always tell me which Egyptian Essence to use especially for you the help in receiveing their energies.  I also feel more Q&A and sacred circle interaction will happen if you happen to receive any messages, impressions or information that you are comfortable sharing. .  I never know exactly what they say or how things turn out which is their plan for me. Otherwise my type "A" personality tries to "fix" and that's not what this is about.  It's about, relax, allow, trust and receive because this is more powerful than anything I could do on my own.  They always come through with the exact right message for everyone.  

If you want to be part of this Discourse on Sunday, please let me know .  It's $25 per person and all are welcome but you must let me know in advance.
Please call 832-298-4133 or send me an email to so I can be sure you get a reservation.   


If you Missed It

The Early Bird Registration Deadline for the Egypt Soul Quest April Spiritual Journey is February 20th 
If you missed the February 20 deadline, you can still sign up and go but you will miss out on the $500 savings :(
There is more information and links provided down below under the New Travel Website.
Hope you get a chance to join us.  It's going to be a great group, I can already tell. 

Painting Fun 

Space for 4 people left.   Class is filling up already!
February Paint Party Blast & BYOB!  At The Spirit Quest Center, Old Town Spring
Sunday, February 26, 2012   1- 6 pm 

Enjoy an afternoon of wine, chocolate and creating your Art Piece. 
You'll make your own masterpiece, have a four+ hour painting lesson, and then take your art creation home

  • You must pre- register to attend so I will know how much to bring. 
  • Art Supplies are Provided! 
  • BYOB and your favorite Chocolate or sweet.  I’ll be bringing Chocolate Wine AND Chocolate. 
  • Reservations are a MUST due to limited seating and availability.
  • The registration fee is $65.00
Please call 832-298-4133 or send me an email to so I can be sure you get a reservation. 

Food for Thought for the Week

I'm still running the special on the Pineal Gland and Kings Chamber Essences. (more information below)
Also, in honor of the King Tut Exhibit here, I'm do an extra special discount for the King Tut Essence
While I was at the Tut Exhibit I received a message which is posted on my blog and below.

What's New

New Travel Website 

There is still time for the early bird registration rates for the April Journey but you need to hurry because it expires February 20, 2012.

If you have always wanted to go Egypt, here is your chance.  
The rates are already at their lowest PLUS there is the $150 CASH for any friend you get to book a journey.
 Info on the website under the Refer A Friend section.
Not really big into meditaiton?  We have the FUN tour just for you.  
I'm also planning a "Paint-on-Location-Egypt" Tour for Oct 2 so let me know if this interest you.  

Spiritual and Metaphysical Tours
Fun Tours  - June 1 - 6, 2012
Paint on Location Egypt  October 2 (Details posted soon) 

Schedule for 2012 Sacred Spiritual Soul Meditation/ Healing Experiences at the Giza Plateau in Cairo, Egypt

April 13 - 19
September 19 - 25 
December 7-13  - for 12-12-12 Energy Activation


Pineal Gland Renewal Essence Blend

I cannot even begin to tell you how important these two newest essences are.  There is so much need for the renewal and reawakening of the pineal gland and the chatter is all over on our spiritual sites and you tube videos.  This gland is in the very center of your brain which connects to the third eye capabilities and when it's returned to it's "original" state we will have so much more in the area of communication via telepathy and connection to our highest source.    Oud is the most powerful protection and most expensive essences in the world and it's only used by royals and those of wealthy means.  The royal families all over the mid east understand the power of Oud and use it daily for their highest protection.  Oud is one of the essences used in the Pineal Gland Renewal Blend.  

 There is a special value for both of these powerful essences posted on the website.  Click here for details. 

Kings Chamber Essence 

The Kings Chamber  will help you to prepare your bodies for all these changes and shifts that are starting which we are feeling strongly in our bodies.  
King's Chamber hold a very special vibration for helping us all adjust to the energy shifts that have been happening with the planet, the sun and in our bodies.  Many of us have been down, tired, having odd physical symptoms and are confused as to why.  Even if we understand what is causing these shifts, they still are not so easy on our bodies at times.  King's Chamber helps the body to handle these energetic changes and assist with the changes that occur from using the Pineal Gland Renewal Blend.

Latest Posts

On The Smelly Artist Blog

Message from Akhanaton when I was at the Houston Exhibit of King Tut Yesterday

Why are you here my people?  Why are you here?  Your time is shorter than you realize and you need to activate your remembrances of time before time begain.  You are returning there rapidly. 
I am always happy to speak with you but I would much rather you return to your homeland of Egypt to help your brothers and sisters there.
Much has changed and much as remained the same but know we love you and your work is so very important to all of humaiity. 
Look upon me now and know I stay with you at all times.  
I'm currently gathering a meditation, spiritual soul quest journey group be in Egypt  April 13-19.  Early registration discount deadline is ending soon, February 20.  Akhanaton said he would rather we return to our homeland of Egypt so this is the perfect time. 


Madalyn Recommends

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Blue Lace Agate builds inner and outer strength by helping you become more truly who you are. When you wear Blue Lace Agate, you grow more confident, resilient, protected, and better able to recognize and fulfill your mission in life. By strengthening, aligning, and purifying the energy waves that make up your body, Blue Lace Agate accelerates the healing of a broad range of physical conditions. Its calming effect on the nervous system helps you handle life’s stresses more effectively. You are better able to do what you are meant to do and be who you are meant to be.
If you click on the "MORE" link the most current 20% savings theraputic gemstone should be active in case the Blue Lace Agate has already expired. 

Just to be clear, I only share what I whole heatedly believe in and usually become an affiliate for what I believe in. If  any of the information here resonates with you and you take action, I may receive a commission and/or other non-financial compensation. Thank you for allowing me to share these wonderful people and products with you and for being open enough to give them a chance to see how well they could work for you in your life.
Madalyn Kennedy

Rev. Dr. Madalyn Kennedy

Spiritual Usher in this time of Awakening, CEO Founder of Beloved, is a guided multi-dimensional channel and a vibrational energy artist. She answered the calling from her guides to introduce these high vibrational, blessed Egyptian Essences to the people of the United States. The amazing energy, chakra work, balancing, clearing and intensified connection with spirit is part of the power of these Essences. As her guides stated in Discourse 2, "These Essences are blessed by us, by the land, and by our messenger in Giza. They are more than triple whammed. If you think they are your ordinary kind of essences, they are not." Unlike other essences, it is not necessary to take them internally for them to work. You can feel their effects immediately just by smelling and placing them on your skin. More

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