If using the RGP Waiver System, please follow these steps to ensure RGP runs smoothly

If you are using the Rock Gym Pro Waiver System, please review the issue below to ensure RGP runs smoothly.

The Issue:
In order to use the Rock Gym Pro Waiver system, Adobe Reader needs to be installed on your computer. Earlier this week, unbeknownst to us, Adobe forced an update that installed Adobe Reader DC on most computers.  If you were previously running Adobe Reader 11, it was automatically uninstalled and Adobe Reader DC was installed in its place. This unexpected Adobe update has caused some user's systems to "freeze" after a staff member accepts a waiver.

Specifically, the problem occurs after accepting a waiver in Find Documents.  An icon from Adobe Reader will briefly appear in the Windows Task Bar while it performs a background task, which results in the Rock Gym Pro application freezing.  

If you are experiencing the issue described above, please follow the steps below:

The Fix:
While we seek out a long term solution, the immediate fix is to uninstall Adobe Reader DC and reinstall Adobe Reader 11.

How To Uninstall Adobe Reader DC:

  • On your PC, right click on the Windows icon
  • Go to your Control Panel
  • Click on 'Uninstall a Program' or ‘Programs and Features’
  • Uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

How To Install Adobe Reader 11:

  • Uncheck the box for Optional offers 
  • Click on the Download Now button
  • Follow the instructions to continue the installation
  • After installing Adobe Reader 11, launch the application directly to accept Adobe's license agreement. This will prevent the Adobe window from appearing in Find Documents.  

Thank you for patience and cooperation with this matter. We are currently exploring various options to remove dependency on Adobe Reader and will keep you posted on our progress.

Andy and Amy


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