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Another natural disaster and another way to get scammed...

Would you believe after the recent natural disaster in the Philippines, there are people in the world that would prey on unsuspecting individuals that only want to help? Of course you would, if you stopped to think about it – the world is filled with all kinds…

According to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), after a natural disaster phishing emails and websites requesting donations for bogus charitable organizations begin to appear. You should be aware of the potential email scams and phishing attacks, especially those regarding the most recent Philipines Typhoon disaster.

The US-CERT encourages all of us to take the following measures of protection:
More Obamacare woes...

Experts recently learned of a denial of service (DOS) tool that appears to launch an attack against the main Obamacare website, The tool has been advertised on social media platforms with the purpose of overloading the website and deny service to users, hoping to overload and crash the system. After analysis, experts at Arbor research say it is unlikely that this tool can be used successfully because of several limitations. Whether you believe in the Affordable Healthcare Act or not, it is now the law and in the process of being implemented – its time to get over it already.

Get a professional sounding email address for your business

I am still amazed that there are so many businesses that don’t have their own domain name as part of their email.  The cost of a domain name is roughly $10 per year, depending on whether you pick a .com, .org, .biz, .org or one of the other popular domain names. So why not be creative…? You fix houses for a living, you can use the domain and your email address can be! How about, or You can be creative or conservative – I offer a backup service called South Jersey CrashPlan so my email is – much better than

The process is pretty simple, choose a domain name and just have the email forward it somewhere you can access it for free, like gmail. In my case, I used godaddy to register the domain name and I have my email forwarded to a gmail account I use. From within the gmail settings, you can modify your outbound mail so that it comes from your custom email address rather than Although you don’t need an IT guy to set this up for you, it may be a big help. The only thing left for you is to come up with a name you are happy with – I found a great tool to help its called domainsbot ( Enter a few keywords and it will show you a list of choices and it tells you which ones are available. 

Happy technology - stay safe my friends!
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