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A Technology Trailblazer

When you think of the term "Technology Trailblazer" who comes to mind first? Steve Jobs? Bill Gates? Both were around at the beginning of the digital revolution and helped shape its future, and both were a huge influence on me. My own journey with technology started in high school but this was before computers were personal. Those computers were large mainframe systems requiring a stack of punch cards to do anything useful but soon after we saw the introduction of microcomputers which ran the CP/M operating system. Understanding how these systems worked required a certain amount of geekiness and was usually the domain of the young and adventurous. For me, someone else comes to mind - someone at the other end of the age spectrum; my mother-in-law Sarah Lewis.

Sarah broke all pre-conceived notions of the kind of person it took to be computer literate.  She was the most tech savvy senior citizen I knew! Ok, she was an educator, and yes she was an intelligent woman but she saw the value in the computer as a tool and took the time to learn it. I remember helping her, long before she was my mother-in-law, with her original CP/M system that she used to write a popular column "The Jewish Connection" for the local Jewish Community Voice newspaper. It was so advanced it had two floppy disk drives and a printer! She was the first person I knew with a hebrew/english keyboard. She was always keeping up with email and the whole family got such a kick out of the things she sent. She was the first person over 50 who had an iPad and knew how to use it! For many years now I have been providing on-site support for the technology challenged and many of my clients are senior citizens who are wary about learning new things. I would always refer to Sarah and say, "If she can do it, so can you!" Sadly, this column is my farewell to Sarah and I will think of her always as I continue to guide the technology challenged.

Tech tips you thought you knew...

I am always looking for interesting tips and tricks to share, so just for giggles I popped over to and found a great short video by tech humorist David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips. Being the geek that I am, I thought for sure I knew all, or at least most of them but I knew only three! I learned that you just need to hit the space bar to scroll down on a web page and that shift-space scrolls back up. I learn that you can quickly end a sentence and begin the next on your cell phone by pressing space-space. Your phone will insert a period and space and begin at the next sentence with a capital letter. Google shortcuts for dictionary definitions, flight info, etc without having to do a full search, a camera shutter trick and a few text basics for copy/paste and selection shortcuts. Check it out! The link is on the right column.

Happy technology - stay safe my friends!
Brian Sietz

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