In the world we live in, defined by change and complexity, the most successful companies are those that bring diverse perspectives and backgrounds to each new challenge. Diversity and inclusion offer a strategic advantage for businesses and therefore it is crucial to bring in teams talented and dynamic women from all backgrounds who will add rich perspectives to solve company’s pressing challenges. The reality shows, however, that women are still underrepresented in educational STEM programs, underrepresented in leadership positions, underfunded for new start-ups, and underpaid in the workforce.

Women@EIT believes that society needs to advance in this space and, for this reason, we are devoted to bring together female students and female alumni of the EIT and the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities in a community to empower women to become the next generation of leaders in innovation, business, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Women@EIT is led by volunteers passionate about promoting gender equality and women leadership.

You can find more about who we are on our new website!

At a glimpse..

Together with the EIT Alumni Health Network, we organized a webinar in August where we invited three amazing female entrepreneurs to share their co-founding personal journeys.

Martina Viduka, Lina Behrens, Ana Catarina Rocha, and Joana Paiva shared their personal journeys. 
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Throughout the next 6 months, we will organize several webinars where inspiring women involved in a wide range of fields will deliver interactive and hands-on webinars on topics related to leadership.
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Mums in tech interview series

"Mums in tech" is a serie with interviews on how mums tackle and view questions on parental leave, their career, and improvements that can generate a more equal work environment in regards to work/life balance."
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Janina Fagerlund
Head of product @ Reaktor, Finland

Female Leadership Series

Webinar #1 | OCTOBER
This October we are launching our webinar series on leadership! Throughout the next 6 months, we will organize several webinars where inspiring women involved in a wide range of fields will deliver interactive and hands-on webinars on topics related to leadership. Through this series, we will have interesting discussions on a feminist approach to leadership, inviting professionals to inspire you on your own journeys as leaders, on your negotiation skills, and much more! We will start the Female Leadership Series with a webinar on the 13th of October @7pm CEST where we will have three incredible female EIT Alumni from different Knowledge and Innovation Communities to share their personal stories.
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Leadership intensive event

November 7-8th
The Leadership Intensive event is hosted by Women@EIT for the women in the EIT community who would like to become Local Leaders. The purpose of the event is to boost leadership skills among the female students and entrepreneurs of the EIT Community and to bring the EIT female community together to share ideas, experiences, and opportunities. Women@EIT also aims to increase the visibility of the EIT among potential female applicants in Europe and beyond, to bring more women in the EIT’s education and business acceleration programs.

15-20 local leaders will be selected for the online training representing all the KICs of EIT. After the training, all participants will be supported for the planning of events across Europe that increases the inclusion and professionalism, and entrepreneurship of women in STEM.
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EIT Alumni Connect

November 28-29th

Women@EIT will participate in the EIT Alumni CONNECT event 2020 on the 28th of November! 

Over 150 Alumni from the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities will come together on the 28th and 29th of November to connect, build partnerships, co-create projects, and work together to build and develop the EIT Alumni Community. In this event, Women@EIT is responsible for organizing one of the workshops on the topic of Responsible Consumption and Production.

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Girls Go Circular - EIT Raw Material

Online learning program on the circular economy initiative of EIT RawMaterials and EIT Manufacturing. The project originates from the urgency to close the gender gap in the number of women active in the digital and entrepreneurship sector in the EU. Themes like food, fashion, and the use and disposal of technological appliances will be the cornerstones of this learning, empowering 12 000 schoolgirls aged 14-18 to become part of the solution to the current sustainability challenge. If you are a school head, a teacher, or a student and you would like to participate in the project, please learn more here:


Together with the EIT Alumni Health Network, we organized a webinar on the 13th of August where we invited three amazing female entrepreneurs: Martina Viduka, Lina Behrens, Ana Catarina Rocha, and Joana Paiva to share their co-founding personal journeys. Our board member, Maria Aranguren, participated as a co-host together with Yolanda Sánchez, member of the EIT Health Alumni network.

After the guests shared their co-founding personal journeys, the event focused on having a panel discussion between the guests. Through the conversation, the entrepreneurs shared their stories on how they found their co-founders and tips on how to develop a strong working relationship between co-founders.

Overall, it was a very insightful evening where our guests showed a very human side of themselves.

Watch the webinar here !

Women@EIT represented

Mercè Labordena president of Women@EIT and EIT InnoEnergy alumnus, was invited by InnoEnergy to participate in a webinar on August 27th to increase the awareness of InnoEnergy master studies in Renewable Energy and Women@EIT to prospect students, particularly female candidates to increase the number of women in the industry. Mercé presented her previous experience in the programme, stressed the role of women in the renewable energy industry and shared the purpose and work of Women@EIT.
Sara Qasim, Women@EIT board member, represented us at the EIT Digital Summer School held at Aalto University Finland. We introduced our community to the 1st year master students, what we stand for, and our activities. The main objective of our contribution was to promote the role of women in the digital community and to empower women in entrepreneurial and STEM fields.

MUMS in TECH with Janina

First off in our “Mums in tech” series is an EIT Digital (ICT) Alumni who graduated in 2014 - Janina Fagerlund. She works as “Head of product” at Reaktor in Helsinki, Finland and has a one-year-old little girl Naomi currently staying at home with her dad.

“The parenthood force you to get to know yourself” 

Janina just has gone back to work after 12 months on parental leave and has reflected on what the parental leave (or maybe pause?) has done to her perspective on life. In Finnish, it is called parental holiday (But is it a holiday though?). She tells me her perspective on both herself and her career has changed. It gave her distance and cleared her thoughts and it got ever clearer that the family at home is most important. So, after going back to work, she is braver and has more distance to it and she now prioritizes tasks better and focuses on doing stuff she is good at and enjoys. This should indeed benefit and be seen as an asset to the company. “You shouldn’t feel like a parental leave is something negative, but as an opportunity for you to reflect and find perspective. You mature, prioritize better and get a kick in the career”. Finally, it was great to hear that having a kid did not change her view on taking on more responsibility and a higher position. 

“It is less than one year of your life, take a step back, enjoy it, bring you up to speed with what is going on in the world and get back into business”. 

Furthermore, one can wonder how many companies there are in Finland and Europe that never had a man take parental leave (!). “In men-dominated fields, it could be cultural suicide to take parental leave”. However, someone has to be the first - so please all men out there, take the step, and lead the way. The men should not be shamed or given less career possibilities because they take some months off. It is the same as for women. Janina tells me “It's a way of talking”, in Finland they would ask directly “How does it feel now when Naomi is at Kindergarten” while in for example Sweden, it would not be assumed she was in day-care but could be home with her dad. “Sweden has come very far regarding equality and encourages dads to take leave (by legislation).” - Janina says.  

“You get better leadership skills due to parenthood”

Interview by Camilla Wikström


If you would also like to know more about how could companies better approach the topic, or want to get tips yourself, who wants a career and a family read the whole article on the website!

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This month we are going to talk about All we can save: Truth, courage and solutions for the climate crisis edited by Ayana Elisabeth Johnson and Katerine K. Wilkinson. This book was only released the 27th of September and includes the work of more than 40 women at the forefront of the climate movement who are leading humanity forward. All we can save delivers the message of the importance of  upwelling a transformational climate leadership that is more feminist, rooted in compassion, connection, creativity, and collaboration. The book itself is very unique since it intermixes essays with poetry and art. If you want to know more about it or purchase it click here.
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