ISSUE NO. 7 - MARCH 2012
Publication of the reformed EYFS 27th March 2012 
After months of preparation and consultation the reformed Early Years Foundation Stage has now been published. We are pleased that the EYFS interactive area on the Foundation Years website is now live hosting the framework, associated guidance, forums and resources. This dedicated area has been built so that you can all you need in one convenient place. 
The Minister of State for Children and Families, Sarah Teather said;
“What really matters is making sure a child is able to start school ready to learn, able to make friends and play, ready to ask for what they need and say what they think. These are critical foundations for really getting the best out of school.
It’s vital we have the right framework to support high quality early years education. Our changes, including the progress check at age two, will support early years professionals and families to give children the best possible start in life.”

Chief Executive of 4Children, the Departments lead strategic partner 4Children, Anne Longfield said

“As strategic partners of the Department for Education on their Early Years work we have seen how rigorous the consultation with practitioners has been in devising the revisions. We believe that the reviews to the framework will firmly focus on the most important aspects of Early Years provision such as interactions with children. The framework is well evidenced and gives the clarity that all parents and professionals deserve. It builds on existing good practice and shines a spotlight on the areas most vital to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children and families.”

Wishing a happy break over Easter
All the very best,
The Strategic Partnership
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26th March, National College,Payment by Results

27th March,Payment by Results, Birmingham

27th - 29th March, Inter-agency working: Exploring complexities in caring for the emotional and  psychological well- being of children, young people and their families, London

27th March,Payment by Results - what will it mean for you, Birmingham

28th March, Daycare Trust Informal Childcare: Choice or chance?

29th March,Payment by Results - what will it mean for you, London

30th March, Masterclass: Measuring Children's Centre impacts and outcomes, London

4th April,NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, Tunbridge Wells

11th April,NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, East of England

17th April, NDNA Member Event, Cardiff

19th April, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, Telford

25th April, 4Children Annual Conference, London

26th April, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, Exeter

2nd May, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, York

9th May, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, North West

21st - 22nd June 2012,NDNA The Essential Nursery Conference,Birmingham

13th September, NDNA Member Event, London

4th October, NDNA Member Event, Peterborough

11th October, NDNA Member Event, Cheltenham

17th October, NDNA Member Event, Wales

25th October, NDNA Member Event, Glasgow

8th November, NDNA Member Event, Brighton 

News from the Department

The Government has announced a £20bn National Loan Guarantee Scheme for small and medium-sized businesses. Under the programme, firms with an annual turnover of less than £50m will be able to receive a discount of one percentage point compared to the interest rate that they would otherwise have received from that bank outside the scheme. The Department for Education are encouraging childcare providers looking to expand should take up the offer, particularly as the legal duty to provide the 20 per cent most disadvantaged two-year-olds will come into force in 2013.
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Throughout 2012, Ofsted will develop flexible arrangements for the inspection of children's centres that allows for inspections of groups of centres from 2013. A formal consultation on the new arrangements for inspection will be launched by Ofsted in the spring. Local authorities have recently been advised of the proposed changes so that Ofsted can work with them to test a revised inspection framework. 
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News from the Sector

4Children have launched their Children’s Centre Census 2012. The census will ask centres questions about the number and type of staff they employ, the number of childcare places they provide, the mix between universal and targeted services and their experiences of providing services in a recession. The results will help provide a picture of the services that are available across the country, and how those services have changed over the past year.

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The CWDC will be closing on 31 March. The CWDC and Department for Education websites will be full of information about the on-going work supporting the early years workforce as CWDC closes. Past the end of CWDC the DfE Teaching Agency will continue our work with early years and educational psychologists. CWDCsocial work reform programme will transfer to DfE, alongside sector-led development across all other sections of the workforce. 

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4Childrenare holding their annual conference, Building sustainable family futures: Preventing crisis on Wednesday 25 April 2012. Speakers include Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith and Minister for Children and Families, Sarah Teather.
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To help you understand and prepare for changes brought about by the revised EYFS framework in September 2012, NDNA has developed a range of resources for nursery managers and staff. These resources includea series of factsheets, new publications and training courses, designed to update you on the revised EYFS and what this means in practice for your nursery business.
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Social Enterprise UK are offering a number of free, one to one business support consultation sessionsfor VCSE organisations looking to provide Two Year Old Offer places. This follows from the Chancellor’s announcement of further investment in free childcare for two year olds resulting in an additional £380 million of early investment a year by 2014/15 to cover a further 130,000 free childcare places.
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4in10 are running a campaign to get parents and practitioners involved in delivering quality, affordable childcare across London. They are asking for people to take two minutes totell the next mayor to make sure the capital’s parents can get affordable childcare when they need it. 

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New research from Daycare Trust has shown above-inflation increases in the price of nursery care in Britain with the hourly rate for a child aged under two up 5.8%. The increase for a child aged two and over is 3.9%. In the same period wages have remained stagnant, only increasing by 0.3%.  New HMRC figures have also revealed the impact of the Government’s cut to the childcare element of Working Tax Credit in April 2011. The average claim has fallen by over £10 per week, costing the low-income working families that receive it more than £500 per year.  
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Daycare Trust are conducting a short survey on readers views of our newsletter. The survey will help let us know what readers are getting from the newsletter and what they would like to see in future additions. It would be really helpful to us if you could complete this survey so we can continue to keep the newsletter in line with what our readers want.
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The first edition of Improving Outcomes, a new monthly newsletter with the latest information about the Department for Education's Overarching Strategic Partnership has just been published. The newsletter sets out the aims, ambitions and membership of the Partnership and includes information about our performance so far as well as details of upcoming events.

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New research has shown that Toddlers at the age of two who have a vocabulary of less than 50 words are at risk of developmental problems that can persist into later life according to scientists who have devised a speech test for young children.
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With the revised EYFS The Childminding Café is publishing a series of blogs to help members understand what the new regulations means for their childminding setting. In addition, new revised EYFS-friendly childminding resources are being created and added to the website.
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Thousands of day nurseries and pre-schools across England are to benefit from free high-quality training for all their staff, courtesy of the Pre-school Learning Alliance. The Alliance is providing the training free of charge to all its 14,000 members and new members in a partnership deal with the award-winning training provider EduCare.
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The NHS Atlas of variation in healthcare for children and young people was launched last Thursday at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. The Atlas identifies unwarranted variation in children’s services, highlighting opportunities for commissioners and clinicians to improve health outcomes and minimise inequalities.
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Children's Centre Leaders are creative in the face of challenge and the in the March/April edition of Children's Centre Leader Reader will be exploring change with Naomi Eisenstadt, Jude Holby, Jane Morgan and Liz Applin.
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Montessori St Nicholas, the UK’s Montessori charity, has announced the publication of its first parenting book. The book takes a fresh look at family life to help parents put the child at the heart of the home and unlock their amazing potential. Packed with ideas and advice, it is relevant to parents of young children from birth upwards.
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From the Forum
With the publication of the new EYFS we have opened our EYFS thread on the Foundation Years forum. This is an excellent opportunity for those involved in the EYFS to take to the Forumto discuss with other professionals the new guidance and to share your views.

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