ISSUE NO. 9 - MAY 2012
Department for Education publishes response to Early Education and Childcare consultation
Welcome to the latest edition of the foundation years newsletter. As we look forward to the jubilee weekend, this month's edition of the newsletter is proving to be a true diamond edition featuring a number of important messages from the Department of Education. Our top feature is breaking news on the 2 year old free entitlement. Today’s the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg announced the next steps in the roll out of the entitlement including news of the 10 early implementer local authorities, funding sources and criteria – see news from the DfE below.
Since the publication of the revised EYFS framework at the end of March the strategic partnership has been active in supporting you with queries, accessing resources and feeding your messages back to the DfE. Overall the response to the revised framework has been positive but we recognize there are still a number of queries causing concern. Therefore we plan to collate an up to date frequently asked question and answer paper which will be posted on the website on Friday 15thJune.
To support practitioners working with our youngest foundation years children we have placed in the library the “Birth to 3 Matters” material. This material does not replace any aspect of the EYFS framework but is there as a resource to support practitioners with their practice. There has been a significant positive response to this resource material being available electronically and we are anxious to learn of any further resources we could upload onto the website to support quality practice.
Due to the pace of developments within our sector the next newsletter is due for publication in mid June - In the meantime we hope your jubilee celebrations whatever they may be provide happy memories for your children and that long weekend is an opportunity to relax in a way which is best for you. 
All the best,
The Strategic Partnership
21st - 22nd June 2012, NDNA The Essential Nursery Conference, Birmingham
21st June, Family and Parenting Institute - Evidencing Outcomes & Measuring Impact

26th June, Optimus Education -Safeguarding in Early Years Settings, London
28th June, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Darlington

3rd July, Daycare Trust -Early Years Foundation Stage: Implementing the Revised Framework, London
5th July, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Nottingham
11th July, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Liverpool

12th July, Action for Prisoners Families, Women Prisoners and Offenders - somebody’s mother, daughter, sister, partner, Liverpool
12th July, NLH Partnerships, Masterclass: Measuring Children’s Centre impacts and outcomes, Bristol

18th July, Daycare Trust - Early Years Foundation Stage: Implementing the Revised Framework, Manchester
18th July, 4Children’s Children’s Centres – The Future, London
17th July, Family and Parenting Institute - EEL and BEEL Training
11th September, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Glasgow

13th September, NDNA Member Event, London

20th September, NCB, The new Early Years Foundation Stage: implementation and practice, London

27th September, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Swansea

4th October, NDNA Member Event, Peterborough

11th October, NDNA Member Event, Cheltenham

17th October, NDNA Member Event, Wales

25th October, NDNA Member Event, Glasgow

1st November, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Wrexham

8th November, NDNA Member Event, Brighton
10th November, TACTYC, Developing Early Years Practice: Reflecting on developments in practice and research,Birmingham. 
News from the Department
Department for Education publishes reponse to Early Education and Childcare consultation
The Department for Education has today published its response to the recent Early Education and Childcare consultation and has confirmed proposals to:
  • Make the current entitlement to 15 hours a week of free early education for three and four year olds more flexible, so it can be taken between 7am and 7pm, and spread across two days instead of the current minimum of three days;
  • Introduce a clear and consistent framework for assessing whether a provider is of a high enough quality to deliver free early education;
  • Use the criteria used for free school meals to decide which two-year-olds should qualify for free early education from September 2013;
  • Include two-year-olds who are looked after by the state in the eligibility criteria for free early education; and,
  • Pass funding for free early education for two-year-olds to local authorities via the Dedicated Schools Grant from 2013-14.
The full response is available to read here. The accompanying statutory guidance which has been slimmed down from 100 pages to less than 20 pages is available here. 
The Department has also announced the location of a series of trial areas where, in part of a local authority area, those two-year-olds who would be eligible for the entitlement will be able to access a free place from September this year. Trials will operate in parts of Blackpool, Cornwall, Greenwich, Kent, Lancashire, Lambeth, Newcastle, Northamptonshire, Peterborough, and Rotherham.
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Early Year Foundation Stage Profile
A new EYFS framework was published on 27 March 2012, and will come into effect from September 2012. The revised framework simplifies assessment at age five.  The new EYFS Profile asks practitioners to make a best fit assessment of whether children are meeting the new reduced set of 17 early learning goals. DfE will be conducting trials of the new Profile in 19 local authorities and around 450 schools during summer 2012.  Using feedback from the trials we will publish the EYFS Profile Handbook, exemplification materials and moderation guidance in autumn 2012. 
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Early Language Development Programme
I CAN, the children’s communication charity, lead partner with the Early Language Consortium is now moving to roll out the Department for Education’s Early Language Development Programme (ELDP).  ELDP’s overall aim is to ensure more young children develop the language skills they need to be ready for school and to improve their life chances. The programme will target all pre-school children with a particular focus on 0-2 year olds and their families in England’s most disadvantaged areas.
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Department for Education Discussion Paper on increasing parental and community involvement in Sure Start Children’s Centres
The Department for Education has published a discussion paper on increasing parental and community involvement in Sure Start Children's Centres. The aim of the discussion paper is to see how the Department can help parents and communities have more of a say in shaping and delivering services and become much more involved in the activities of their children's centres.
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CAN Parent Classes and Advice Network
Parents want the best for their children, to see them thrive and enjoy their childhood, but being a parent isn’t always easy. To support parents the Department for Education are giving over 50,000 parents in Camden, Middlesbrough and High Peak in Derbyshire a voucher worth £100 to spend with the CANparent classes and advice network.  Parents can choose from a range of different options to suit them and their lifestyle - from online support to local groups.  They can find the time and place to learn about what really matters to them and share advice on what really works. 
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Department for Education response to Special Educational Need Consultation
The Department for Education has set out its plans to give parents the legal right to buy-in specialist SEN and disabled care for their children. For the first time ever, parents will be given the power to control personal budgets for their children instead of local authorities being the sole provider. The reforms are part of a package of new measures announced by the government in is response to the SEN Green Paper, Support and Aspiration.  

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School Food Trust
The Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) requires that – “where children are provided with meals, snacks and drinks, these must be healthy, balanced and nutritious".  In January, the School Food Trust published new Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings in England to help early years providers and practitioners meet this important EYFS welfare requirement. 
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Olympic and Paralympic advice 
Parts of London will be very busy between July and September from just before the Olympic and Paralympic Games start, and whilst they are going on. The London 2012 Committee have published a booklet with advice and guidance on things you can do so that you keep your business running effectively.
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News from the Sector
Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage is new non-statutory guidance to support the implementation of the EYFS. Early Education are providing printed copies of Development Matters for a small fee.
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The Foundation Years website is now the only place to find the early years Quality Wheel.
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The Daycare Trust has released new online volunteering resources aimed at childcare and early years providers. The resources guide providers through different approaches to involving parents and developing structured volunteer programmes.
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The Association for the Professional Development of Early Year Educators are hosting a conference entitled Developing Early Years Practice: Reflecting on developments in practice and research, with speakers including Professor Cathy Nutbrown, Dr Kathy Goouch and Dr Sacha Powell.
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Action for Prisoners Families are hosting a conference entitled Women Prisoners and Offenders - somebody’s mother, daughter, sister, partner with speakers including Jackie Russell, Women’s Breakout, Katherine Albertson and James Ward, Durham University.
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As part of NCB and C4EO’s DfE-funded Early Years Peer to Peer Support programme, local authorities and organisations delivering services for young children can now apply for a range of free tailored training days. 
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National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) has launched a suite of factsheets in partnership with DfE, to help support members with management of their setting and offering children the highest quality care.
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Early Education has published a new resource to support all early childhood education practitioners to implement the revised Early Years Foundation Stage written by Early EducationAssociates Helen Moylett and Nancy Stewart and will help you find your way around the new opportunities, requirements and expectations of the revised EYFS
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On Thursday 24thMay Daycare Trust’s annual London Childcare Providers Forum took place. The event saw a cross-section of London providers come together to share ideas and identify key issues, and also hear from Sarah Teather, Minister of State for Children and Families. 
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Daycare Trust’s National Childcare Week, now in its 15th year, will take place from 2– 9 July 2012. The week aims to promote the importance of childcare, extended schools, and early years provision for children which helps to strengthen children’s play and learning to provide a good foundation for their future.
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Daycare Trust has developed a model to reach parents who are missing out on information about childcare and early learning services because they do not know where to find information and are not engaged with local services or networks. 
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The Infant & Toddler Forum (ITF) – a group of leading experts in nutrition and development in the under threes – provides free, easy-to-follow advice on good toddler nutrition and eating behaviour.
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From the Forum
From the Forum

With the publication of the new EYFS we have opened our EYFS thread on the Foundation Years forum. This is an excellent opportunity for those involved in the EYFS to take to the Forum to discuss with other professionals the new guidance and to share your views.

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Any ideas about doing the EYPS course? Just to hear from professionals who have completed it and ask how it has helped them in their practice?

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