ISSUE NO. 8 - APRIL 2012
Electronic Version of Birth to Three Matters Now Available

Welcome to the latest edition of the foundation years newsletter, we hope you had a relaxing Easter break.

After the success of the launch of the reformed Early Years Foundation Stage last month the sector has been abuzz with positive comments and feedback much of which has been across the Foundation Years website. We are always keen to hear the views of the sector so we can support practitioners in the ways they need.

We know from previous feedback that many have been asking if we can provide them with information on where to find a copy of the birth to three matters packs. With the packs only produced in hard copy we have converted them into PDFs for you to download. All the information and the download’s can be found on the Foundation Years website.

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The Strategic Partnership
26th March, National College, Payment by Results

27th March, Payment by Results, Birmingham

27th - 29th March, Inter-agency working: Exploring complexities in caring for the emotional and  psychological well- being of children, young people and their families, London

27th March, Payment by Results - what will it mean for you, Birmingham

28th March, Daycare Trust Informal Childcare: Choice or chance?

29th March, Payment by Results - what will it mean for you, London

30th March, Masterclass: Measuring Children's Centre impacts and outcomes, London
4th April ,NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, Tunbridge Wells

11th April, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, East of England

17th April, NDNA Member Event, Cardiff

19th April, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, Telford

25th April, 4Children Annual Conference, London

26th April, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, Exeter

3rd  May, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, York

9th May, NDNA EYFS Update Training Event, North West

9th May, Family and Parenting Institute - Evidencing Outcomes & Measuring Impact
6th June, Family and Parenting Institute - EEL and BEEL Training
 7th June, Family and Parenting Institute - EEL and BEEL Training
24th May, Daycare Trust - Childcare Providers Forum, London

21st - 22nd June 2012,NDNA The Essential Nursery Conference, Birmingham
21st June, Family and Parenting Institute - Evidencing Outcomes & Measuring Impact

26th June 2012, Optimus Education -Safeguarding in Early Years Settings, London
28th June, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Darlington
3rd July, Daycare Trust -Early Years Foundation Stage: Implementing the Revised Framework, London
5th July, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Nottingham
11th July, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Liverpool
18th July, Daycare Trust - Early Years Foundation Stage: Implementing the Revised Framework,Manchester
18th July, 4Children’s Children’s Centres – The Future, London
17th July, Family and Parenting Institute - EEL and BEEL Training
11th September, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Glasgow

13th September, NDNA Member Event, London

27th September, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Swansea

4th October, NDNA Member Event, Peterborough

11th October, NDNA Member Event, Cheltenham

17th October, NDNA Member Event, Wales

25th October, NDNA Member Event, Glasgow

1st November, NDNA – Training event – EYFS update, Wrexham

8th November, NDNA Member Event, Brighton 
News from the Department
CANparent Classes
Parents want the best for their children, to see them thrive and enjoy their childhood, but being a parent isn’t always easy.  Around three-quarters of parents say they want information and support to help their parenting. That’s why the Department for Education is running a Parenting Classes Trial, giving over 50,000 parents in Camden, Middlesbrough and High Peak in Derbyshire a voucher worth £100 to spend with the CANparent classes and advice network. The trial will test how best a new market in parenting classes for all parents can be established, to substantially expand the availability of universal parenting classes to parents who wish to take them up. Within the trial, parents can choose from a range of different options to suit them - from face to face groups to online support. They can find the time and place to learn about what really matters to them and share advice on what really works.
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New resources on helping parents who separate
Parents face many issues when they separate and often turn to early years professionals for help. So it’s becoming increasingly important for professionals to know how to support families and children in coping with issues around separation. We have worked with the Child Maintenance Options service to provide information on child maintenance for professionals working with children and families in the foundation years. The Child Maintenance Options service provides free information and support to help parents put child maintenance arrangements in place.
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News from the Sector
Daycare Trust has developed new online volunteering resources aimed at childcare and early years providers. The resources guide providers through different approaches to involving parents and developing structured volunteer programmes. There are case studies as examples of good practice and suggestions of resources to use, with examples and links to further resources.
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New research by Daycare Trust, University of Oxford  and A+ Education compares different quality measures used in England to identify and improve the quality of early years provision. The research compares Ofsted inspections with other quality assessments such as ECERS (the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) and ITERS (the Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale), as well as quality assurance schemes. 
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4Children’s event, Children’s Centres – The future will bring together experts from across the Children’s Centres sector to discuss and debate ways in which Children’s Centres can survive in these challenging times and debate subjects including funding, targeted and universal services, and positive ways of improving effectiveness across children’s centres
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Hear the latest on engaging with parents, free nursery education and preparing for Ofsted inspections under the new EYFS at this year’s NDNA essential nursery conference, taking place on 21-22 June in Birmingham. Speakers will include Children’s Minister, Sarah Teather MP, Professor Tanya Byron and Tim Gill.
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As part of NCB and C4EO’s DfE-funded Early Years Peer to Peer Support programme, local authorities and organisations delivering services for young children can now apply for a range of free tailored training days. These one-day events can be taken up separately from, or in addition to, a possible tailored package of further support.

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From the Forum
With the publication of the new EYFS we have opened our EYFS thread on the Foundation Years forum. This is an excellent opportunity for those involved in the EYFS to take to the Forum to discuss with other professionals the new guidance and to share your views.

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