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Everyday Inclusion in action:
What is best practice?

As you may not be surprised to read, inclusion is always the focus of our heads and hearts at Inclusive Employers. National Inclusion Week is now only 4 weeks away and as our theme this year is ‘Each One, Reach One’ we are thinking about what inclusion looks and feels like on a daily basis: how we can reach out and include others. This week, we asked our Head of Inclusion and Diversity – North, Rosie Clarke, to share her experiences of inclusive best practice in action.

You might expect me to talk about development programmes, blind recruitment, management training and all sorts of other initiatives that are considered best practice in the world of inclusion and diversity.

After receiving some positive feedback from a client, I reflected on what best practice means for me. Best practice means that you never stop being inclusive, I’m not saying you don’t make mistakes, but everything you do has an element of valuing others.

As an example, being an inclusive colleague for me is valuing other people’s time, and understanding that if they are left waiting for your action to be complete that any delay may cause them to be behind plan and negatively affect their wellbeing. Continue reading.
#Each1Reach1 - National Inclusion Week


In the spirit of this year’s National Inclusion Week theme, ‘Each One, Reach One’ we're inviting people to be part of the biggest video-based inclusion chain ever. If you'd like to be a part of the inclusion chain (and we would love it if you would) spare some time to share and film your experiences of inclusion to keep the chain going! If you need inspiration... 
Watch our Director, Richard McKenna, talk about his experiences of being included

If you would also like to use our video backgrounds for your Each1Reach1 video, please register for the National Inclusion Week toolkit, it will be updated to include the backgrounds soon. 

Engage with Inclusion 

The Inclusive Employers Standard gives you a tool to assess how inclusive your organisation is, from top to bottom and cross department.

We use the six pillars of inclusion: Engage; Equip; Empower; Embed; Evaluate and Evolve, to assess the breadth of employment activity across all strands of inclusion.

This case study highlights how the House of Lords, accredited Inclusive Employers Gold Standard, Engage their workforce on inclusion.




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Menopause Awareness Month

23 September

Bi Visibility Day

27 September

Yom Kippur

28 September 

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Understanding the power of Diversity and Inclusion 




Managing Stress and Worry 

Tuesday 15 September - Webinar

12:00 - 13:00


Equality Impact Assessment: How to Bring People Safely Back to Work - Experience from the NHS   

Wednesday 16 September - Webinar

12:00 - 13:00


Socio-Economic Mobility - What Action Should Organisations Be Taking? 

Thursday 17th September - Webinar 

16:00 - 17:00


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