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Inclusion nudges:

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This week our Senior Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, Addison Barnett, reflects on the significance of everyday habits and how we can all take small steps - inclusion nudges - to support each others inclusion journeys.
Our theme for National Inclusion Week 2020 is Each One, Reach One. It is about bringing people and organisations together to connect and inspire each other to make inclusion an everyday reality.
Lasting change comes from big shifts – such as the impact of coronavirus and the reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement – followed by steady, incremental steps to root the change into the everyday.

One of the reasons why it is so hard to build new habits and to change our behaviours is because our brain wants to follow the path of least resistance. Your body is always trying to maintain homeostasis – essentially equilibrium – and stick to what’s usual for you. It takes effort to build new neural pathways and your brain would much rather stick to the well-worn paths you’ve already established. Continue reading.


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Next Friday, 28 August, our Inclusive Employer’s Standard opens for submissions of Round 2, 2020. Here are 5 reasons why - from organisations who have been through the process - taking part has a positive impact your inclusion strategy: 

1. A well rounded and commercial D&I strategy 

 "The Standard is about so much more then achieving accreditation, it is about highlighting areas to work on to ensure a really well rounded and commercial D&I strategy that benefits our employees, our customers and the business." 

Metlife, 2019 Participant

2. Creating visibility on inclusion at a senior level 

"It is great for our senior team to see that we have been benchmarked nationally and are doing what we can to address any issues, but also celebrate our achievements. As a result of our participation in the Standard we are now building inclusion KPIs into our Strategic service plan and considering how we can measure the inclusion activities we undertake."
2019 Participant 




Dates for your inclusion diary

28 August

Inclusion Standard round opens

28 August 

30 Days Until Inclusion Week


Menopause Awareness Month

23 September 

Bi Visibility Day

27 September

Yom Kippur                          

28 September 

Inclusion Week Starts                  



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True equality is about inclusivity 




Anti-Racism: How to Implement Structural Change 

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