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Moving Forward Together: Opportunities for Celebration and Hope
For many of us, the impact of the pandemic has been intense and immediate: reactivity rather than proactivity. Well thought through plans and strategies have had to be put on hold in favour of coping with each day as it comes. I hope that you and yours have all coped, in whatever way works for you.
There has been a shift over the past two to three weeks, as colleagues prepare for a safe and gradual return to something near normal. We are updating our Covid-19 guidance and it will be ready to share with you soon – as always, we look at the complex issues through an inclusion and diversity lens and offer some practical, robust and thought provoking guidance and signposts.
Lockdown happened at speed and many processes effectively treated people the same, regardless of their differences. There may be lessons to learn from colleagues about how the process impacted them: have they suffered negatively due to their group membership or has it been as positive experience? The next stage – coming out of lockdown – must have a very different sense about it, but I sense an excitement and hope about life returning to normal.
We still have lots of opportunities for celebration. The countdown for National Inclusion Week 2020 is on and our Diversity Calendar is full of key dates and events, and of course, you will all have your own priorities to accompany these.
We are starting to look ahead, get things back on track, work out how to energise our inclusion agenda’s, but I feel this must be with reference to our profound and collective experience of Covid-19. 
For me, the most important celebration ahead of us will be Black History month in October. My feelings about how Covid-19 has impacted BAME communities, coupled with the huge expertise and care within our NHS and social care provided by BAME nurses, doctors, care assistants, porters and cooks, shines a significant light on this key month in 2020. It’s an opportunity for another massive metaphorical clap: not at 8pm on a Thursday night as people stand on their doorsteps, but rather a month of thanks and celebration within workplaces, where people can stand together, hopefully physically together.
What do you have planned for Black History Month? I had a Teams call last week with an inspiring group of young film makers led by Eno Enefiok. They are planning a short film series called ‘Where Do I Belong?’ As a sense of belonging is a key element of an inclusive culture, the films will reflect on BAME inclusivity in the workplace. If you or your networks would be interested in participating in this project, please let me know and I will connect you with Eno and her colleagues.
If you need any additional support in relation to planning for the month – please just get in touch.
Take care and best wishes,
Claire Williams
Inclusion and Diversity Director
Inclusion Matters? 

For us at Inclusive Employers, inclusion is more important than ever. We want to know how it feels for you at the moment and would love to know your answer to this question:
Inclusion and Diversity still feels like a priority in my organisation? 

Inclusion Heroes, Achievements and Connection in a Virtual World

Kirklees council receiving IES award
Kirklees Council receiving their Inclusive Employers Standard Award 

This week we talk to Alison Monkhouse, Learning and Organisational Development, at Kirklees Council.

Hi Alison, first can you tell us who is your inclusion hero, and why? 

I’m lucky enough to work with some fab people across Kirklees who I count amongst my inclusion heroes. For me, it’s about what we all do, every day. My colleague David, Strategy and Policy Service Manager, has worked tirelessly on leading the development of our inclusion strategy and practice. What makes a big difference to me is that he has always made me feel really included on a personal level: he asks, he listens, he cares and he values what I bring. 

    Ramadan Staff Briefing - Muslim colleagues on a zoom call

Click here to read the full interview.

Inclusion in Action - RSPB   


Catriona Corfield, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Catriona Corfield, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at RSPB, on the importance of inclusion across the conservation sector and how RSPB are adapting to working during the global pandemic, with inclusion at the centre of their approach.
Read more
The Uncommon Denominator: How to Remain Inclusive During the Coronavirus Pandemic  

.Jen Smith smiling at the camera

Jen Smith, Head of Inclusion at BFI
Here Jen Smith, Head of Inclusion at British Film Institute, shares some brilliant insight about her personal experiences, the challenges employers are facing and what we can do as leaders and individuals, to look after each other and ourselves at the moment.

Who have you been, so far this week? As I mused over this piece, I wondered how to start it without saying “we live in unprecedented times”.
Read more

Everyday Inclusion: A Living Experience 

Richard speaking at an event

Richard McKenna, Inclusion and Diversity Director 

It's our birthday! As part of our celebrations, we asked our wonderful directors and founders, to share their greatest achievements of the journey so far, read on for Richard's. 


Boiling the achievements of the first nine years of Inclusive Employers down to one ‘greatest moment’ has been a super hard task.

Here goes my thinking on what is a super satisfying achievement and one that has resulted in the greatest impact.

In 2015, we did a review of all the programmes and initiatives we’d been involved in and threw it all up in the air. 
Read more

Inclusive Employers Standard 2020 logo

Inclusive Employers Standard 


Registration for the Inclusive Employers Standard closes tomorrow! Click here to register now and begin the process of measuring, monitoring and progressing your inclusion journey with us. 

MHFA England Instructor Member
Mental Health Aware Training


'Mental Health Aware' is a new introductory online course designed to increase mental health awareness and create an understanding of how to look after wellbeing and challenge stigma. Inclusive Employer's MHFA instructor, Robyn Lewis, is accredited to deliver this new training to your organisation. Find out more about our open course on June 17th and in house courses here

Pride flag
Virtual Pride 2020 Resources

Pride Season is nearly upon us! We can support your virtual events this June and July with our dedicated Pride Package of webinars and our very own Pride Panellists. For more info and booking details click here.


Virtual Pride 2020 Resources

Rainbow pride flag

Pride Season is nearly upon us! We can support your virtual events this June and July with our dedicated Pride Package of webinars and our very own Pride Panellists.

Our Pride Panellists include...  

Addison Barnett 

Addie is a queer trans man and trans inclusion specialist. He joined us after 5 years in the homelessness sector managing frontline services and leading on LGBTQIA+ inclusion and has particular interest in socio economic inclusion, mental health and incorporating intersectionality into organisations. 


Steven Copsey

Steven leads our CMI accredited Inclusion and Diversity qualification programme, both Level 4 and Level 6. Before joining us he worked as a corporate broker where he co-founded Link Up North and became national co-chair of the Queens Award winning Link, LGBT Insurance Network. 


Lindsay Lerigo 

Lindsay is programme manager for our inclusion accreditation, the Inclusive Employers Standard. Before joining us, she spent two years at law firm Pinsent Masons working in Responsible Business, supporting their Disability and Race and Religion Networks and acting as Leeds representative for their LGBT+ network. 

Click here to request the Virtual Pride 2020 Resources or ask our Pride Panellists to attend your event.
Gypsy, Roma and Traveler (GRT) History Month Factsheet

Two traveler girls dressed in traditional traveler clothing

Next week sees the start of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) History Month, from June 1st-25th. Established in 2008, this month raises awareness of these communities and their contributions to society. Our factsheet will support you to confidently raise awareness of GRT communities. Although GRT communities may not be part of traditional office spaces or site based work, you may have employees who work with members of these communities in public facing roles or have settled staff with GRT heritage.

To request a copy email Members receive their copy for free.
Mental Health Aware Training 

Therapist and patient having a therapy session while social distancing

The impact of Covid-19 and last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week have us all thinking of our own and other’s mental health, more than ever. We are delivering our online mental health aware course, from Mental Health First Aid England, again on June 17th. This introductory course is engaging and interactive, really helping delegates to understand how to look after wellbeing and challenge stigma around mental health and giving them the confidence and knowledge to support colleagues. 

To find out more and book your place, click here.

All our events are currently online. Book you places on our webinars now to support your inclusion momentum.

Wednesday 3rd June
12:00 - 13:00 

Active Bystanders 

The psychology of the ‘bystander effect’ has long been explored and discussed. But what does it actually mean and how can this impact progress of creating and maintaining inclusive cultures in our workplaces? If we see or hear moments of exclusion or indeed discrimination, if we standby and don’t step in, are we complicit to the actions, language and behaviours of others? In this 60-minute webinar we’ll explore the idea of ‘active bystanding’ and what we can do to step in, every time.

Thursday 4th June
15:00 - 16:00 

Support for Carers

Seven million people in the UK are carers and this practical session will focus on the different stages of the parents and carers journey at work, and ways to support them, ranging from those that are cost-neutral to those requiring a greater investment in terms of time and money.

Participants will have the opportunity to share challenges and concerns that parents and carers are experiencing within their organisations and work together to share and identify best practice approaches that respond to these.

Tuesday 9th June
9:00 - 10:00 

Inclusive Virtual Meetings

Diversity in the workplace leads to higher rates of innovation, but this innovation can only happen when everyone feels included in the workplace. Inclusion is an approach that will empower your colleagues, so that they feel valued and confident to contribute and share their best ideas. With inclusive meetings everyone in your team can participate in meetings in a meaningful way.

Wednesday 10th June
12:00 - 13:00 

Stress Awareness

Stress can serve us well and act as a motivator for when we have important deadlines or doing something we’re unfamiliar with and can give us that burst of energy we need to achieve. But there can be a fine balance between healthy, motivating responses and unhealthy stress reactions. When we feel pressured, out of control or in fear stress can manifest itself both physically and mentally impacting our work, relationships and other demands in life. During Stress Awareness month we’ll look at how we can become aware of our own and others stress reactions and what we can do to support ourselves and each other.

Thursday 11th June
15:00 - 16:00 

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodiversity refers to the natural range of differences in human brain function.

According to a poll of HR professionals by the CIPD, just one in ten organisations say they consider neurodiversity in their HR practices, despite the fact that 10% of the population are estimated to be neurodivergent in some way.

This webinar covers a wide range of information about neurodiversity and is packed with practical advice and tools to help you ensure that your organisation is inclusive of neurodivergent people.

Tuesday 16th June
09:00 - 10:00

Inclusive Management

We know that inclusive cultures lead to more innovation, higher performance, and healthier workplace culture. We also know that someone’s line manager makes a huge difference to their experience of the workplace. However, few business’ empower their line managers to manage inclusively, or enable them to build inclusive teams, in their management training and development programmes.

Join our webinar to learn about why inclusive line management is vital to creating a truly inclusive culture everywhere in your business, what this might look like for you, and some ideas of how you can go about doing it.

Wednesday 17th June 
09:30 - 13:30 

Mental Health Aware Training 

‘Mental Health Aware’ is an introductory course designed to increase mental health awareness and create an understanding of how to look after wellbeing and challenge stigma. Inclusive Employer’s MHFA instructor, Robyn Lewis, is accredited to deliver this training to your organisation. All instructors are quality assured regularly using robust assessment and evaluation measures.

Thursday 18th June 
15:00 - 16:00 

Post Covid-19 Disability Considerations in your Workplace  

A by-product of lockdown has been an acceleration in certain aspects of inclusion. Many disabled colleagues have commented on the positive impact on their well-being and sense of inclusion resulting from such a high proportion of colleagues working from home. This webinar provides an opportunity to reflect on the disability inclusion learning gained during lock-down and will provide key take-aways’ to help us build greater disability confidence in our organisations for the future.

Tuesday 23rd June 
09:00 - 10:00 

Building Your Resilience  

This webinar will equip colleagues with an understanding of resilience and the psychological research which supports how to build your own resilience. It is packed with practical exercises which colleagues can do at home to change their ‘thinking traps’ and build their resilience.

Wednesday 24th June 
12:00 - 13:00 

Supporting Grief in the Workplace 

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak in the UK, it is a reality that some people will be impacted by the loss of a family member, friend or colleague so breaking the taboo of talking about death and loss will be an important shift in our culture.

Grief is not a linear process with a timescale for healing. Each person will experience loss differently; their responses will vary and possibly change each day. This makes the return to work challenging for both them and for you.

Thursday 25th June 
15:00 - 16:00 

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

In this webinar we will explore the steps that forward thinking organisations are taking in order to communicate a robust message about their position on sexual harassment, in order to eliminate it in the workplace.

Tuesday 30th June 
09:00 - 10:00 

Getting Inclusion and Diversity Back on Track

This webinar will focus on the impact that the Covid-19 virus has had on the implementation of your Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and Action plan, recognising that for some employers there will have been backward movement rather than just a pause. Your workplace may feel like a very different place. Here we will be talking about getting D and I on its feet and making an impact.

Tuesday 30th June 
12:00 - 13:00 

Getting Started for National Inclusion Week 2020 - 90 Days to NIW

Join this free webinar to learn more about what you can do in the run up to National Inclusion Week 2020 to make inclusion an everyday reality. You will get top tips on how to prepare and get organised to make an impact on your organisation during Inclusion Week 2020.

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