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Vulkan SDK, Tools and Drivers are Ray Tracing Ready

Vulkan Industry Forged LogoThe Khronos® Group announced that LunarG has released the Vulkan® Software Development Kit (SDK) version, with full support for the new Vulkan Ray Tracing extensions, including Validation Layers and integration of upgraded GLSL, HLSL and SPIR-V shader tool chains. The Khronos open source Vulkan Samples and Vulkan Guide have been upgraded to illustrate ray tracing techniques. Finally, with production drivers shipping from both AMD and NVIDIA, developers are now enabled to easily integrate Vulkan Ray Tracing into their applications. More...

Holochip Develops Breakthrough Light Field Rendering Using Vulkan Ray Tracing

Holochip LogoFor the past two years, Holochip has been working on light field technology for the US Navy’s Aegis program. The program calls for a table top light field display that can accommodate horizontal and vertical real-time parallax. In October 2020, the team working on OpenXR™ at Holochip released an open source Vulkan example project and started work with light field display technology using the OpenXR API. As a result of both efforts, Holochip has discovered a method of light field real-time rendering that is built upon the Khronos Group’s Vulkan Ray Tracing extensions. More...

Catching up after the Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group Webinar: “Render Everything Everywhere”

3D Commerce Render Everything EverywhereRecently, the Khronos 3D Commerce™ Working Group hosted a webinar to discuss its activities, including why industry alignment on the glTF file format (the “JPEG for 3D”) is crucial, and how standardization will bring new opportunities to any designer, retailer, manufacturer, or technology company developing 3D experiences.

At the end of the webinar, the audience submitted questions for panelists. As this dialogue benefits the whole community, we’re sharing the answers as a Q&A. You can watch the complete webinar recording. The following is not a verbatim transcription: The questions have been reordered for a logical flow, and additional data released since the webinar has been added. More...


WebGL LogoOn November 18, 2020, WebGL™ held an engaging and informative virtual WebGL Meetup. Co-organizer of the event, Damon Hernandez, led the discussion and kicked off the meeting by having the Chair of WebGL, Ken Russell, give an update on the latest WebGL progress along with some “Cool WebGL Stuff.” After the update, guest speakers from Google, Sketchfab, BlackSmithSoft,, Playcanvas, Unfolded and Microsoft gave individual updates on WebGL implementations.

At the end of the Meetup, the audience submitted questions for the speakers during a live Q&A, which can be found here.

C++ for OpenCL Documentation

OpenCL LogoDocumentation for the C++ for OpenCL V1.0 kernel language is now downloadable from an OpenCL-Docs GitHub repository tag, describing how the language combines C++17 functionality with familiar OpenCL kernel language paradigms. An extension for online compilation of C++ for OpenCL kernels was published earlier this year and offline compilation of C++ for OpenCL kernels has been supported by clang release 9.0 onward.

Domus Academy Workshop

January 21 & 25, 2021


Domus Academy LogoDomus Academy is a place where designers of the future can experience an open and cross-disciplinary environment. They work with visionary and cutting-edge companies following a learning by designing methodology and developing a mindset that enable them to find solutions for future problems.

Domus and The Khronos Group have entered a partnership to further the education of the students in using Khronos technology to assist in their studies. This month, Shrenik Sadalgi and Nathaniel Hunter will be presenting to the students and educating them in the role of 3D Commerce and OpenXR in the retail industry. More...


February 17-19, 2021


Developer Week LogoThe Khronos Group is partnering with DeveloperWeek, the world's largest virtual developer conference with 8,000 developers, engineers, and tech executives. See Khronos website for free open passes. More...

Embedded World Conference

March 1-4, 2021


Embedded World Conference logoThe Khronos Group President, Neil Trevett, will present a keynote, "The State of Khronos Standards Powering the Future of Embedded Vision & Inferencing." More...

SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

December 4-13, 2020


SIGGRAPH Asia logo The Khronos Group presented at SIGGRAPH Asia and the full proceedings are available to stream for free, on-demand. Hear from Vulkan, WebGL, ANARI, OpenXR, glTF and 3D Commerce. More...

XR Kaigi 2020

December 8-10, 2020


XR Kaigi LogoMembers of the OpenXR Working Group presented at XR Kagi Asia and the full session is available to stream for free, on-demand. Watch the group give an update on OpenXR, interactions within OpenXR, and how to future proof XR.. More...

Web3D 2020

November 9-13, 2020


Web3D LogoNeil Trevett presented "Connected 3D Standards for a Hyperconnected World." The presentation and recording have been made available along with recordings of the Web3D Consortium Town Hall. Access them here.

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