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Khronos Releases SYCL 2020 Specification

SYCL LogoSYCL™ 2020 integrates more than 40 new features including updates for streamlined coding and smaller code size. Some key additions include:

  • Unified Shared Memory (USM) enables code with pointers to work naturally without buffers or accessors
  • Parallel reductions add a built-in reduction operation to avoid boilerplate code and achieve maximum performance on hardware with built-in reduction operation acceleration
  • Work group and subgroup algorithms add efficient parallel operations between work items
  • Class template argument deduction (CTAD) and template deduction guides simplify class template instantiation
  • Simplified use of Accessors with a built-in reduction operation reduces boilerplate code and streamlines the use of C++ software design patterns
  • Expanded interoperability enables efficient acceleration by diverse backend acceleration APIs
  • SYCL atomic operations are now more closely aligned to standard C++ atomics to enhance parallel programming freedom

More information can be found in the press release and SYCL FAQ posted on the Khronos® Blog.

The 2020 LunarG Vulkan SDK and Ecosystem Survey Results Are Now Available

LunarG LogoLunarG’s Vulkan® SDK and Ecosystem Survey for 2020 have been tabulated and are now available. LunarG conducts an annual survey of the Vulkan developer community to collect feedback on the health of the SDK and ecosystem. LunarG has summarized the results and created a report to share the key findings along with steps planned to improve the Vulkan SDK and ecosystem in 2021. More...

Khronos President, Neil Trevett, joins RTC Advisory Board

RTC LogoThe RealTime Conference (RTC) was created by industry veterans from DreamWorks, FMX, and Weta Digital, to bring together cross-industry technology pioneers from all over the globe in a unique annual international event to discuss the transformative impact real-time graphics and data are having on Art, Technology, Business, and Society.

Neil Trevett accepted RTC's offer to join RTC's Advisory Board to foster collaboration between Khronos and RTC, assess industry needs, and to keep aware of future RTC developments.

Using Vulkan with C++ Headers? Take a Khronos Survey on the HPP Library

Vulkan LogoThe goal of the Vulkan-Hpp is to provide header only C++ bindings for the Vulkan C API to improve the developer's Vulkan experience without introducing CPU runtime cost. It adds features like type safety for enums and bitfields, STL container support, exceptions and simple enumerations.

The maintainers of the Vulkan HPP library and the Khronos Group would like to understand more about Vulkan HPP usage amongst developers. Even if you do not currently use Vulkan HPP, we would like to know why that is the case.

  • This information will be used to inform potential improvements or features.
  • This survey can take up to 15 mins depending on your responses and amount of input on open questions.

Thank you for taking the time and providing your insight on this subject. The survey will end February 16. Take the survey.

Asia Pacific Open Houses

Khronos LogosIn the month of February, Khronos is holding three Virtual Open Houses in China, Japan and South Korea.

Open House China was held February 3rd CST. You can find the materials for this presentation located at, and the full recording is available here:

Open House Japan will be held February 10th JST. The presentations and full recording will be made available on the event's website soon.

Open House South Korea will be held on February 24th KST. It's a great introductory to Khronos, 3D Commerce ™, OpenXR™, OpenCL™, and Vulkan. This meeting is open to all who wish to attend and will have a live Question and Answer session at the end of the presentations.

Save the Date - WebGL Meetup

WebGL Logo Join us for a virtual WebGL™ Meetup where we will hear from a variety of exciting speakers including: NVIDIA,, Zea Inc, The Household, and PlayCanvas. The meetup will conclude with a live Q&A discussion.

When: March 17, 2021
Time: 9:00am - 10:30am PDT

More information and registration coming soon.

Vulkan turns 5!

Vulkan LogoThe Khronos Group is pleased to celebrate the five year anniversary of the release of the Vulkan specification! The Vulkan API has taken the crown for high-efficient, cross-platform access to modern GPUs, and with the introduction of Ray Tracing, has taken the video game market by storm. Congratulations to all of the members who have worked so hard to get us where we are at today.

The Khronies

Khronies AwardThank you again to the recent recipients of the 2020 Khronie Awards. These special awards are presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the Khronos Group.

Congratulations to:

  • Leonard Daly, 3D Commerce WG
  • Spencer Frick, Vulkan WG
  • Bryce Hutchings, OpenXR WG
  • John Kessenich, Vulkan WG
  • Paul Pedriana, OpenXR WG
  • Anastasia Stulova, OpenCL WG
  • Jesse Villarreal, OpenVX™ WG

For more information on Khronie recipients visit our Khronie Awards page


February 17-19, 2021


Developer Week LogoThe Khronos Group is partnering with DeveloperWeek, the world's largest virtual developer conference with 8,000 developers, engineers, and tech executives. See Khronos website for free open passes. More...

Embedded World Conference

March 1-4, 2021


Embedded World Conference logoThe Khronos Group President, Neil Trevett, will present a keynote, "The State of Khronos Standards Powering the Future of Embedded Vision & Inferencing." More...

Khronos AR and 3D Commerce Initiatives and their Wider Industry Impact

March 3, 2021

8:00am - 9:30a.m. (PST)

AREA LogoThe AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) and The Khronos Group have teamed up to bring you this webinar on Augmented Reality in commerce. Attendees will learn:


  • How AR interoperability changes the world
  • Khronos activities in the AR space
  • Khronos 3D Commerce and its impact on AR in enterprise
  • Efficient asset creation and optimization for 3D Commerce and beyond
  • The evolution of 3D tooling for AR
  • Use of AR to replace physical prototypes in 3D Commerce

To register and learn more...


March 30 - April 1, 2021


ODSC East 2021 LogoDon't miss this opportunity to learn about the latest developments in data science and AI from the thought leaders in the field. Visit our website to get your code for 50% off an ODSC East pass. More...

RealTime Conference

April 26-27, 2021


RTC LogoJoin Khronos Group President, Neil Trevett, at RTC 2021 where he will be giving a keynote on Building the Metaverse, One Standard at a Time. More...

Embedded Vision Summit

May 25-27, 2021


Embedded Vision Summit LogoJoin the Khronos Group at the Embedded Vision Summit which is the only event focused exclusively on the hottest topic in the electronic industry today: deployable computer vision! Bookmark this web page as your information hub to all that is Khronos at EVS this year.


October 4-8, 2021

ISMAR 2021 LogoThe IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) is the leading conference for the Augmented and Mixed Reality research communities. This year, ISMAR will be held on October 4-8 in Bari, Italy. ISMAR 2021 seeks two types of paper submissions:

ISMAR 2021 Journal Papers (to be published in special issue of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG))
Abstract Deadline: March 7, 2021
Submission Deadline: March 15, 2021
Notification: May 21, 2021

ISMAR 2021 Conference Papers
Abstract Deadline: May 24, 2021
Submission Deadline: May 28, 2021
Notification: July 23, 2021
For more information visit the Call for Papers page.

Domus Academy Workshop

January 21 & 25, 2021


Domus Academy LogoKhronos sincerely thanks Nathaniel Hunter and Shrenik Sadalgi who led two different sessions with the Domus Academy. After each session there were extensive Q&A sessions with very engaged students.

Learn more about Khronos and Domus collaboration.

Embedded Vision Summit 2020

September 2020


Embedded Vision Summit 2020Edge AI and Vision Alliance has published the video from Khronos President, Neil Trevett's session Khronos Standard APIs for Accelerating Vision and Inferencing from the 2020 Embedded Vision Summit. For the full version of this video, along with hundreds of others on various edge AI and computer vision topics, please visit the Edge AI Vision website.

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