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Multiple Conformant OpenXR Implementations Ship Bringing to Life the Dream of Portable XR Applications

OpenXR LogoThe Khronos Group® announced multiple conformant implementations of OpenXR™ are shipping from Oculus and Microsoft, leveraging the newly opened OpenXR 1.0 Adopters Program and open source conformance tests. The OpenXR Adopter’s Program enables consistent cross-vendor testing and reliable operation of OpenXR across multiple platforms and devices with OpenXR-conformant products published on the Khronos Conformant Product Registry

OpenXR also announced two new cross-vendor extensions for eye and hand tracking. These new extensions expand the range of advanced UI techniques that can be portably deployed through this cross-platform, cross-vendor API.  More...

3D Commerce Working Group Releases Sneak Peek into Upcoming Real-time Asset Creation Guidelines

3D Commerce LogoThe Khronos 3D Commerce™ Working Group is working to build industry consensus around guidelines, standards and certification programs to streamline 3D content creation, management and deployment for Ecommerce, including online ads and search results. In one of its first deliverables, the Working Group has published a sneak peek of the upcoming guidelines by releasing a high-level summary of the topics that will be covered—including file formats, coordinate systems, geometry, materials, textures, lighting and publishing targets. This summary has been published in Markdown on GitHub under the CC BY 4.0 license.  More...

Editing glTF: Possibilities, Challenges, and Insights from UX3D

glTF LogoIn this blog, Norber Nopper, Managing Director at UX3D, discusses how to directly edit glTF™ models and how that leads to higher productivity when creating 3D models. The blog has a brief introduction to glTF and common workflows that use the glTF open standard asset file format. Norbert then discusses the possibilities and challenges involved in directly editing glTF asset files, and finally, he shows examples of how direct glTF editing saves time in the production pipeline. More...   


X-Rite Pantone Logo3D Commerce Workshop 
Hosted by: X-Rite Pantone
August 19, 2020
Shanghai, China
RSVP by August 15 to save your spot!
*Presentations will be a mix of English and Chinese languages
ANARI LogoGet the Latest Update on the ANARI™ Working Group and Learn How to Get Involved
August 19, 2020
8:00am - 9:00am PDT (-8 GMT)
Registration now open!
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Ultraleap releases OpenXR integration

Ultraleap LogoUltraleap announces the Alpha release of an OpenXR integration with their hand tracking technology. With this integration, developers can now use Ultraleap hand tracking within an OpenXR application by utilising an Ultraleap tracking device mounted onto an XR headset. Ultraleap is calling on developers to help gather early feedback and bug reports, as well as share any projects that they have used the integration to build. More...

SteamVR 1.13 Adds Preliminary OpenXR Support

Valve Software LogoSteamVR 1.13 introduces preliminary OpenXR support. Over the next few years, OpenXR will enable developers to ship a single build of their game that works well across multiple VR headsets, and will also ease friction in creating polished VR experiences. More...

OpenXR for Oculus Update

Oculus LogoOculus announced that as of v19, they are officially supporting the OpenXR 1.0 implementation. Developers can now submit their OpenXR apps to the Oculus Store. For mobile, please use the OpenXR loader that shipped with version 19 or higher. You can find the latest PC SDK version here and the latest version of the OpenXR SDK here. For more information, check out our documentation (PC, mobile) and join the discussion in the OpenXR Development forumMore...

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 2020.2 (Intel GPA) now supports Vulkan 1.2

Intel LogoIn the latest release of Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer 2020.2, Intel introduces support for Vulkan 1.2 (SDK 1.2.135) workloads on Windows 10, the ability to view CreateInfo parameters for resources now available for Vulkan and D3D12 workloads, and the ability to view metadata information for SwapChains (Vulkan and D3D12) and Render Passes (Vulkan). More...

RADV Driver now supports Vulkan Extended Dynamic State

Vulkan LogoThe newest addition to Mesa’s RADV Radeon Vulkan driver is support for the recently published VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state extension. More...

AMD releases new open-source AMDVLK Vulkan driver

AMD LogoAMDVLK 2020.Q3.1 is now shipping. Included are several performance optimizations / tuning improvements. The Talos Principle, Doom: Eternal, and Mad Max have all seen focused performance tuning work while other titles may indirectly benefit as well. VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state is also now supported. More...

NVIDIA 450.56.02 Vulkan Beta Driver is out for Linux

NVIDIA LogoNVIDIA continues improving their Vulkan API support with two new extensions now available: VK_EXT_image_robustness and VK_EXT_shader_atomic_float. Both of these extensions landed with the Vulkan 1.2.148 specification update released on July 19, 2020. More...

LunarG Releases Enhanced Vulkan Configurator in new SDKs

LunarG LogoThis SDK introduces a redesigned Vulkan Configurator, vkconfig, and Synchronization validation. DirectX Shader Compiler (DXC) is now included in the Linux and macOS SDKs (previously only included with the Windows SDK). Validation Layer support has been added for Vulkan Synchronization that supports single command buffers. This validation is exposed by the Vulkan Configurator for easy enablement. More...

Collabora LogoDeep dive into OpenGL over DirectX layering

Earlier this year, Collabora announced a new project with Microsoft: the implementation of OpenCL® & OpenGL® to DirectX translation layers. Here’s the latest on their work, including the steps taken to improve the performance of the OpenGL-On-D3D12 driver. More...

Multidimensional Visualization and Processing of Big Open Urban Geospatial Data on the Web

WebGL LogoIn this academic paper, the API employed for geovisualization use WebGL. The implementation of the standard is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within a web browser without a plug-in as the API closely conforms to Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems (OpenGL ES) that can be used in Hypertext Markup Language 5 (HTML5) canvas elements. More...

glTF IN THE NEWS        
PlayCanvas Launches glTF 2.0 Viewer Tool

PlayCanvas LogoThe PlayCanvas team announced the release of a brand new, browser-based glTF viewer application. Try it now or click these links to preload some classic glTF models: Boom Box, Damaged Helmet and Fox. The viewer is open sourced under an MIT license and the code can be found on GitHub. More...

For the latest Khronos news, visit the news archives


Meetup: Microsoft Virtual Reality Event
August 20

Microsoft LogoJoin this Meetup of the next MR Speakers Series focusing on Virtual Reality (VR) and all the elements Microsoft is working on! The session will show you how to prototype in VR with Maquette, and the latest on WebXR and OpenXR. To wrap up, a special guest from HP will join to provide a technical breakdown of the Reverb G2. The event will close with an AMA (ask me anything).

Register for free

SYCL Summer Sessions
August 31 - September 4, 2020

CSYCL Academy Logoodeplay Software is hosting a set of experts for a week long series of online presentations on a variety of topics to help you with your SYCL code. The schedule is available on the website.

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Embedded Vision Summit 
September 10-24, 2020

EVS 2020 LogoKhronos President, Neil Trevett, will be presenting, Khronos Standard APIs for Accelerating Vision and Inferencing, at this year's EVS. 


ChinaVR 2020
September 16, 2020
Changchun, China

ChinaVR LogoIntel's Brent Insko and Collabora's Ryan Pavlik will be hosting the workshop, Unifying Reality: Building Portable AR/VR Experiences with OpenXR.


XDC 2020
September 16-18, 2020

X Org LogoThere will be four different sessions related to Vulkan and OpenGL at this year's XDC. Click through to see them all.


Interoperable Simulation and Gaming Sprint
September 21-25, 2020

ISG SprintThe goal of the Sprint is to advance the use of relevant OGC and Khronos standards in the modeling and simulation community through practical exercise and testing of the draft specification produced by the 3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot.

Call for Participation responses are due August 21, 2020. 

Arm Dev Summit 2020
October 6-8, 2020

AArm Dev Summit Logorm DevSummit is a completely new event designed for software and hardware engineers exploring the latest in mobile and high-performance computing. The summit will tackle the challenges in autonomous technology, and deep dive into machine learning, IoT and the latest advancements in chip design.

Registration is now open! 

Reboot Develop Blue
October 15-17, 2020
Dubrovnik, Croatia


Reboot Develop Blue LogoReboot Develop is the prime gathering spot of the best that worldwide games industry has to offer. In its seventh year, Reboot Develop is reaching record attendance and delivering, huge, unique and unbeatable speaker lineup.

Registration is now open! 

AutoSens Detroit
October 27-29, 2020

AutoSens Logo

Khronos President, Neil Trevett, will be presenting, Open Interoperability Standards for Automotive Vision and Inferencing Acceleration: An Industry Overview, on October 28th. 

The AutoSens Detroit agenda is now available. 

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