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Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum (KSCAF) Opens Doors to Wider Industry Participation


Chooses Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) licensing model


KSCAF LogoKSCAF has chosen the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) licensing model for the open sourcing of the KSCAF Requirements and Guidelines document repositories. KSCAF made the switch to encourage participation in a wider set of domains by making the documents publicly available. Non-Khronos members are allowed to provide expert feedback and high-quality content.

Want to get involved?

Experienced practitioners in the field of safety critical system design are invited to apply for Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum membership.  If interested, send contact information, a short history of your experience, and how you feel you could help us set the future direction of safety critical APIs to Participation is free of charge.

KSCAF Requirements
KSCAF Guidelines


Call for Participation: Help Shape the Future of glTF

glTF LogoAt SIGGRAPH, glTFTM hosted the glTF Ecosystem Forum where attendees from the games, retail, geospatial, automotive, AEC and VFX domains attended. The input and guidance we received will help us set the course for glTF for the next 12 months. 

Unfortunately, there was not enough time to address all topics, for instance: the USD to glTF authoring tool chain, composability, advanced metadata, instancing, CAD/BIM model support, encryption and security, enhanced mesh compression, and streaming of large geospatial models. However, the dialog doesn’t have to stop.

glTF has started a GitHub thread to allow further input and feedback on the forum topics. We encourage everyone to join the conversation!

Free Market Report: Immersive Retail (AR in Retail) 2019 Report

Styleintelligence LogoStyleIntelligence interviewed 60 plus companies in the nascent 'Immersive Retail' niche focusing on the use of 3D, AR and VR in retail use cases.  The report has been made available free of charge.  Read more...


RECENT NEWS                                

Epic Games LogoUnreal Engine Now Supports Vulkan for Oculus Quest and Go

The latest version of the Oculus Unreal Engine Integration for Unreal 4.22 adds support for Vulkan on both headsets. Read more...

Yet Another Blog Explaining Vulkan Synchronization by Hans-Kristian Arntzen

Vulkan Logo
Synchronization in Vulkan is a large hurdle to overcome when learning the API, and rather than mechanically explaining how it works, the goal in this blog is to instill a mental model in the reader. Read more...

bgfx Now Supports Vulkan

Vulkan Logobgfx, a popular open source cross-platform rendering library, adds Vulkan renderer backend. Vulkan renderer backend will be bgfx’ default renderer on Linux, and it can be used on all supported platforms including MacOS via MoltenVK emulation. Read more...

Khronos, The Expandable

Khronos LogoKathleen Maher from Graphic Speak interviewed Neil Trevett, Khronos President, about the difference between Open Standards and Open Source; how Khronos has perfected an efficient way of developing APIs and useful tools relatively fast; and Khronos’ new 3D Commerce Working Group. Read more...

Codeplay Blog: Optimizing Your SYCL Code Using Profiling

Codeplay LogoGet guidance on how to profile SYCL applications using both ComputeCpp Community Edition and ComputeCpp Professional Edition. Read more...

FFmpeg Adds AMD AMF Vulkan Support For Linux Users

AMD LogoThe FFmpeg library up to this point has supported AMD’s Advanced Media Framework (AMF) library just on Windows for H.264/HEVC encoding on GPUs. The Windows code-path makes use of DirectX, while AMD AMF support for Linux via Vulkan is now exposed by the latest FFmpeg code. Read more...

Virglrenderer and the State of Virtualized Virtual worlds using OpenGL and OpenGL ES

Collabora LogoWith the release of Collabora's virglrenderer 0.8.0, getting accelerated OpenGL within a virtual machine (VM) made a big leap forward. One specific aim was to support hosts that support only OpenGL ES to a point that within the VM guest, OpenGL 4.3 applications can also be run. Read more...


For more member news check out our news archives



Quiet Rooms at CppCon 2019

September 15-20, 2019
Gaylord Rockies

Aurora, CO

CPPCon 2019 LogoGoing to CppCon? Enjoy some downtime in The Khronos Group Quiet Rooms, where Khronos is providing not one, but two, one-thousand square foot rooms to provide attendees with the down-time opportunity they need to stay at their best during CppCon 2019.

See more details

Khronos is Speaking at AutoSens Brussels

September 17-19, 2019
AutoWorld Venue

Brussels, BE

AutoSens LogoCatch Stephane Strahm from Kalray speaking on "Open Minds to Open Standards for the Deep Learning Automotive Solutions," at 11:35am on Thursday, September 19th

Following Stephane, Andrew Richards from Codeplay will present, "Can We Have Both Safety and Performance in AI for Autonomous Vehicles?" at noon. 

Stick around for the panel discussion starting at 12:25pm, featuring Illya Rudkin of Codeplay, as they discuss, "Can We Have Both Safety and Deep Learning-based Decision-making in Autonomous Vehicles?"

All three sessions will take place in the Minerva Seminar Room. 

See more details

Khronos President and Others Will Be Speaking at X.Org Developers Conference

October 2-4, 2019
Concordia University Conference Centre

Montreal, CAN

The X.Org Developer's Conference (XDC) is the event for developers working on all things Open graphics (Linux kernel, Mesa, DRM, Wayland, X11, etc.). Khronos related sessions include:
  • Zink: OpenGL on Vulkan by Erik Faye-Lund 
  • Introducing the Vulkan WSI Layer by Rosen Zhelev, David Garbett, & Matteo Franchin
  • Khronos Update and AMA by Neil Trevett
  • Monado: Open Source Augmented & Virtual Reality by Jakob Bornecrantz 
For a description of these talks and more event details, click here.

Khronos is a Sponsor of API World

October 8-10, 2019
San Jose Convention Center

San Jose, CA

API World LogoKhronos is a media sponsor of API World, the world's largest, vendor-neutral API conference and expo, organizing the API economy. API World is dedicated to the mission to be independent and facilitate connections, knowledge, trust and business within the developer community of API providers and consumers.

See more details

Khronos is Sponsoring xRS Week

October 16-18, 2019
Hotel Kabuki

San Francisco, CA

xRS WeekThe Khronos Group is a sponsor of xRS Week, an event focused on virtual and augmented reality market intelligence.

Engage new ideas and challenge your thinking with the top minds in virtual and augmented reality in the following areas:
  • Technology & Strategy
  • The Experiential Enterprise
  • xR in Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment and Disruptive Innovation

See more details

LLVM Developers Meeting Program Has Been Published

October 22-23, 2019
San Jose Convention Center

San Jose, CA

LLVM Compiler Infrastructure BannerThe LLVM Developers' Meeting, a bi-annual, 2-day gathering of the entire LLVM Project community, has published its program for the October meeting. Developers and users of LLVM, Clang, and related subprojects will enjoy attending interesting talks, impromptu discussions, and networking with the many members of the community.

Review the program.

Khronos is Presenting at Embedded Vision Europe

October 24-25, 2019
ICS International Conference Center

Stuttgart, DE

Embedded Vision Europe LogoDon't miss Khronos President, Neil Trevett's, “APIs for Accelerating Vision an Inferencing: An Overview of Options and Trade-offs” on October 24 at 3:45pm CEST. 

See more details

Register now for the glTF Webinar: glTF Tools from Khronos

October 22, 2019
9:00am - 10:00am PT

glTF Logo
glTF is excited to be hosting this October webinar for existing users of glTF 2.0 and those considering it as their 3D asset format. glTF provides efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by a range of applications. In this webinar, we will talk about some of the latest glTF tools from Khronos, including Blender I/O, Compressonator, and Sample Viewer.

Register here.

Khronos is Sponsoring and Speaking at Reboot Develop Red

October 30 - November 1, 2019
Fairmont Banff Springs
Banff, Canada

Reboot Develop Red LogoReboot Red is a conference focused strictly on games industry professionals such as game developers, artists, audio artist (both seniors and indie), managers, PR, marketing experts, sales and publisher representatives.

Event details


Deep Perception Hackathon
September 14, 2019
Mistletoe of Tokyo
Meguro City, JP


What's New with 3D Assets

October 9, 2019
Cambridge Innovation Center
Cambridge, MA

Khronos Munich Meetup
October 11, 2019
Munich, DE

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Welcome and thank you to our newest members!

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