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Khronos to Develop ‘ANARI’  Analytic Rendering Interface API Standard

ANARI LogoOn March 3rd, Khronos® announced that the Analytic Rendering Exploratory Group had graduated to full Working Group status. The ANARI™ Working Group is tasked with developing a standard for data visualization. 

"We are excited to launch the ANARI Working Group and begin creating a standard to foster significant data visualization innovation while streamlining development efforts for the industry," said Peter Messmer, ANARI Working Group chair and senior manager of HPC Visualization at NVIDIA. "ANARI will free visualization software developers from non-trivial rendering details while enabling graphics experts and hardware vendors to avoid domain-specific functionality and optimizations in their rendering backends." 

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IKEA Joins Board of Directors

The Khronos Group is delighted to announce that IKEA Communications AB is now a member of the Board of Directors, joining Promoter members AMD, Apple, Arm, Epic Games, Google, Huawei, Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, Valve and Verisilicon. 

"We are very pleased to step up our engagement in Khronos and be part of the Board. IKEA truly believes that future interactions with our customers will be increasingly spatial/3D-based, and IKEA is aiming to reach many people throughout the world with our vision. Elevating our membership enables us to contribute more and we see it as crucial that this interactive 3D revolution is based on open standards – to make it pervasive and accessible," says Martin Enthed, Digital Manager at IKEA Communications.

"Khronos warmly welcomes Martin and IKEA to the Board. IKEA is very proactively supporting Khronos efforts in the industry and will bring welcome additional perspectives to the Board, particularly for initiatives involving the 3D Commerce and 3D Formats Working Groups," Neil Trevett, Khronos President. 

GDC Update

GDC and quite a few other industry events have recently been cancelled or postponed. For GDC, we are awaiting revised dates and will share that information as soon as it becomes available. Additionally, we will keep you apprised of other event changes as the information becomes available. 

Khronos and Smithsonian Collaborate to Diffuse Knowledge for Education, Research, and Creative Use

Smithsonian LogoWorking with Khronos, the Smithsonian publicly launched their Open Access initiative, which included the release of approximately 2.8 million 2D images and 3D models into the public domain with the internationally recognized Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. To distribute their massive gallery of media and data, the Smithsonian is offering a download option for their 3D models in glTF™. The Smithsonian has developed a specialized glTF vendor extension, but with this new agreement, the museum will engage directly with Khronos and build a glTF-based open source tool chain for scalability and longevity. Additionally, a variety of platforms will be launched to make its collection media, collections data, and research data available for educational and research endeavors, creative reuse, computational analysis and innovative explorations.


Khronos Group member, Cesium, joined a small group of early collaborators tasked with providing inspiring examples of how these digital assets might be used by researchers and educators around the world. To read more about Cesium's involvement at the event, visit their blog. For more information on Cesium's Smithsonian project, click here.

Cesium Team

LunarG Releases Vulkan Survey

LunarG LogoLunarG conducted a survey of Vulkan® usage and Vulkan ecosystem needs in December of 2019. Thanks to all the developers who answered the survey questions.

The very constructive and informed feedback to this survey has resulted in a heightened focus from the Khronos Vulkan Working Group and ecosystem contributors to fix issues and provide solutions.

LunarG is sharing a detailed summary report of the survey results. The report is available here

New Collaboration with the Domus Academy

Domus Academy LogoKhronos Group is a technical sponsor of three Domus Academy’s Workshops, dedicated to exploring new scenarios in the retail world, with a focus on immersive and interactive shopping experience. To improve their ability, students of the Master’s in Interaction Design, Master’s in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising and Master’s in Fashion Management worked in collaboration with The Khronos Group and Biffi Boutiques.

Master’s in Interaction Design students inspired by the collaboration with the Khronos 3D Commerce™ Working Group, a group of companies from the retail and technology spaces working together to build industry consensus on standards, guidelines and best practices for ubiquitous 3D Commerce, and Biffi Boutiques, explored new scenarios in the retail world, with a focus on immersive and interactive shopping experiences.


How AR & VR Will Change the Future of Retail - and How Khronos is Helping Lead the Charge

AWE LogoWhen people think of augmented and virtual reality (also known as AR/VR or, more commonly, XR when referred together), video games that are futuristic and larger than life usually come to mind. But as a platform, XR actually has the potential to be more profound than just next-level entertainment; in fact, the burgeoning technology is rapidly disrupting many diverse industries.

For example: Firefighters are using XR innovations to train; surgeons are gaining "real-world" medical experience by leveraging the technology; and factory workers are redefining manufacturing with AR as a helping hand. In commerce especially, XR is powering more engaging experiences than ever previously possible.


The Khronie Awards - February 2020

The Khronos Group gives out special recognition awards called Khronies. Khronies are handed out at our Face-To-Face (F2F) meetings for outstanding contributions to Open Standards. At our last F2F in Barcelona, the following people were recognized:
  • Jon Leech
  • Frank Brill
  • Sascha Willems
  • Wasim Abbas (and the Arm Ecosystem Team)
For more information on why each of these outstanding people were nominated, please click here.

Khronies Applause

OLV Joins Khronos and the 3D Commerce Working Group

Orange LV LogoOLV builds tools and content that help visualize things before they can be touched. OLV recognizes that Khronos and its members are playing instrumental roles in advancements of 3D visualization technology that we utilize in these tools today. OLV shares Khronos' mission to promote the use of visually realistic 3D content in online retail and are particularly passionate about product configuration. Therefore, OLV is excited to be joining the 3D Commerce™ Working Group and to collaborate with other members in aligning the industry for streamlined 3D content creation, management, and display in online retail.

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GTC 2020

March 22-26, 2020

GTC 2020 LogoNVIDIA has decided to shift GTC 2020 to an online event due to growing concerns over the coronavirus.

NVIDIA will be working with conference speakers to begin publishing their talks online in the weeks ahead. Please visit for updates.

Khronos Sponsors ACCU 2020

March 24-28, 2020
Bristol Marriott City Centre Hotel
Bristol, United Kingdom

ACCU 2020Khronos is sponsoring ACCU, a premier conference for programmers and developers bringing together some of the best minds and game changers in the industry. Taking place across four days, ACCU is the conference for all those interested in native languages and professionalism in programming. 

See highlights from 2019 and register here

Khronos at Linley Spring Processor Conference 2020

April 7-8, 2020
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Santa Clara, California

The Linley Group LogoKhronos will be represented at this two-day conference featuring in-depth technical presentations addressing processors and IP cores for AI applications, embedded, data center, automotive, and communications. This one of its kind event focuses on the processors and IP cores used in deep learning, embedded, communications, automotive, IoT, and server designs.

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Reboot Develop Blue 

April 23-25, 2020
Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Reboot Develop Blue LogoIn its 7th edition, the conference is set to feature another stunning Reboot Develop Blue signature, 175+ speakers, amazing high-end and super unique lineup in 9 parallel tracks.

Khronos will have Vulkan-related sessions at this event. Watch the Khronos event page for updates.

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IWOCL / SYCLcon 2020

April 27-29, 2020
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
Munich, Germany 

IWOCL SYCLcon LogoThe 8th International Workshop on OpenCL, including SYCLcon 2020, for three days of talks, workshops and community networking aimed at furthering the collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst the international community of high-performance computing specialist working with OpenCL™, SYCL™, SPIR and Vulkan Compute. The event provides a rich mix of hands-on tutorials, technical presentations, research papers, posters, panel discussions, networking and vendor discussions. It also provides a formal channel for community feedback to the Khronos Group, the industry body responsible for the standards.

The Conference Program was recently released. 

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PAST EVENTS                  

Embedded World Conference

EWC LogoDownload Neil Trevett's presentation “APIs for Accelerating Embedded Vision and Inferencing Industry Overview of Options and Trade-offs,” given at the Embedded World Conference last month.  

RECENT NEWS                 

Vulkan Samples for TressFX 4.1 Engine Integration with Unreal 4.22 and Radeon Cauldron

AMD LogoWe are delighted to announce our TressFX 4.1/Unreal Engine integration and our TressFX 4.1/Radeon Cauldron framework implementation. Read more....

New Windows, Linux, and macOS SDKs Support Vulkan 1.2

LunarG LogoLunarG has released new Windows, Linux, and macOS SDKs for Vulkan header 1.2.131. For more detailed information, go to Vulkan SDK Download site

Codeplay contribution to DPC++ Brings SYCL Support for NVIDIA GPUs

Codeplay LogoComputeCpp offers experimental support for NVIDIA GPUs using OpenCL and NVIDIA's PTX, DPC++ (Intel's SYCL implementation) offered the opportunity to add full support for NVIDIA GPUs integrated into the LLVM compiler without going through OpenCL, and today we are pleased to open source the initial, experimental phase of our implementation that enables SYCL developers to target NVIDIA GPUs. Read more...

Godot Merges Its Vulkan Renderer Ahead Of The v4.0 Game Engine

Godot LogoVulkan is finally happening for Godot! The Vulkan rendering code for this open-source game engine is now at a stage where it's being developed on Git master rather than the separate branch.  Read more...

Do’s and Don’ts for GPU Performance Events with Vulkan and OpenGL

NVIDIA LogoThere are best practices for GPU performance events that are universally used by profiling tools such as NVIDIA Nsight Graphics and NVIDIA Nsight Systems, for navigating through complex frame rendering. While all modern graphics APIs (Direct3D 11, Direct3D 12, Vulkan, and OpenGL® 4.3) offer a simple solution to set these begin/end performance markers, they do not enforce the conventions that profiling tools follow. When you follow these best practices, your game works better with profiling tools and it is easier for NVIDIA engineers to help you optimize your game. Read more...

Implementing Soft Particles in WebGL and OpenGL ES

Buddha WallpaperParticles are one of the easiest ways of improving the visual appearance of any scene. When we decided to update visuals of our 3D Buddha Live Wallpaper the most obvious way of filling in the empty space around Buddha statue was to add some smoke/fog particles. And we have achieved quite good looking results by using soft particles. In this article we will describe the implementation of soft particles in pure WebGL™ / OpenGL ES without any 3rd party library or engine used. Read more...

NVIDIA LogoTutorial: Bringing HLSL Ray Tracing to Vulkan

Several Vulkan titles use NVIDIA VKRay, including Quake2 RTX, JX3 (MMO), and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. This NVIDIA blog post shows how to bring HLSL Ray Tracing to Vulkan. Read more...

How Will 3D Digital Signage Impact Retailers?

Retailers are continually adopting digital signage in great numbers, and are using more advanced tools such as 3D technology to craft more immersive customer experiences. Visualization is a key way 3D content is transforming retailers. For example, when customers come to a furniture retailer, they often have trouble visualizing how a certain piece of furniture will fit in their houses. 3D content can help with that. Read more...

Monado OpenXR Runtime v0.1 Released for Open-Source XR Stack

Monado LogoAnnounced last year, Monado's open-source implementation of OpenXR™. Much progress has occurred since with the first release of Monado version 0.1. So while not yet ready for end-user usage besides some demos, developers wanting to get involved in the open-source XR scene can do so via the code on GitlabRead more...

Experimental Panfrost GLES 3.0 support has landed in Mesa

Collabora LogoIn the early days of Panfrost, the free and open-source graphics driver for Mali GPUs, we focused on OpenGL ES 2.0. Many applications and games work have basic support for OpenGL ES 2.0 but for advanced rendering require the newer, more featureful OpenGL ES 3.0... for which Panfrost now has initial support! Read more...

Cornell’s Vortex: OpenCL Compatible RISC-V GPGPU

TCornell University Logohe current challenges in technology scaling are pushing the semiconductor industry towards hardware specialization, creating a proliferation of heterogeneous systems-on-chip, delivering orders of magnitude performance and power benefits compared to traditional general-purpose architectures. This transition is getting a significant boost with the advent of RISC-V with its unique modular and extensible ISA, allowing a wide range of low-cost processor designs for various target applications. Read more...

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