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Khronos Webinar on glTF Tools is Now Available

Norbert Nopper's webinar, glTF™ Tools from Khronos® is now available. In addition, the presentation slide deck is also available. Thank you Norbert for giving such a great webinar!

glTF Youtube

Khronos at GDC

Khronos at GDCGame development, Graphics, and Augmented/Virtual Reality — Khronos standards will be all over GDC 2020. Attend our full day of sessions at our Khronos Developer Summit. Attend one of the many individual courses and sessions held throughout the conference by Khronos members, implementers, and users.

Visit our website to see the Khronos Developer Summit schedule, WebGL™/WebVR meetup information, and locations of exhibiting Khronos members. GDC Expo Plus Pass or higher is required to attend the Khronos Developer Summit; no pass is necessary for the WebGL/WebVR meetup.

It's going to be a great conference, so be sure to make arrangements to attend today!

Khronos Officer & Chair Elections

Congratulations to the following people for being elected to leadership positions within The Khronos Group.

2020 Board Officers:
Neil Trevett, NVIDIA - President
Alon Or-bach, Google, Inc. - Vice President
Shannon Woods, Google, Inc. - Treasurer
Ian Romanick, Intel, Inc. - Secretary

Open Standards for Accelerating Embedded Vision and Inferencing: An Industry Overview

Embedded Computing Design LogoThe ever-advancing field of machine learning has created new opportunities for deploying devices and applications that leverage neural network inferencing with never-before-seen levels of vision-based functionality and accuracy, but,the rapidly evolving field has given way to a confusing landscape of processors, accelerators, and libraries. This article treats open interoperability standards and their role in reducing costs and barriers to using inferencing and vision acceleration in real-world products. Read more...


Introducing the glTF Project Explorer 

glTF Project Explorer logoglTF adoption has accelerated, its ecosystem has grown into an abundant trove of tools and applications that can generate and import glTF files. However, this ever-growing diversity has created an urgent need for an efficient tool to catalogue glTF resources across the industry—and to enable developers and artists needing to generate or use glTF assets to find the best tools for their projects.

To fulfill this community need, Khronos has created the glTF Project Explorer as a centralized searchable directory of projects within the glTF ecosystem.


Embedded World 2020

February 25-27, 2020
Exhibition Centre
Nuremberg, Germany

Embedded World LogoKhronos President, Neil Trevett, will be presenting "APIs for Accelerating Embedded Vision and Inferencing: and Industry Overview of Options and Trade-offs," on February 27th. 

Click here for more information.

Engineering XR for the Future: Frameworks, Requirements and Future Research

March 5-6, 2020
Siemens AG
Munich, Germany


AREA ETSI XR4ALL WorkshopETSI invites entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders in the fields of AR and XR to attend the first joint  AREA / ETSI / XR4ALL Workshop focusing on Frameworks, Requirements and Future Research for XR Growth.

The first day will focus on interoperability - principles and frameworks, how to design for it and best ways to reap its benefits. On the second day, participants will collaborate on a new industry research agenda that will shape the direction and funding of research projects in XR in Europe for the next decade.

The workshop is free of charge and will be conducted in English. Registration is mandatory.

Khronos at SXSW

March 13-22, 2020
Austin Convention Center
Austin, Texas

SXSW 2020 LogoThe SXSW XR track runs from March 16-19. On March 16, there will be two Khronos-related sessions:
  • Pioneering the Spatial Web & bringing MR to life by Geenvieve Mak (Magic Leap) and Shrenik Sadalgi (Wayfair)
  • Immersive Retail: 3D/AR/VR Future of Shopping by Kevin O'Malley (TechTalk/Studio) and Tony Parisi (Unity)
For session times and descriptions, visit our website...

GTC San Jose 2020

March 22-26, 2020
San Jose McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, California

GTC 2020 LogoKhronos will be well represented at GTC with the following Khronos-related sessions:
  • Vulkan and OpenGL Q & A hosted by Christoph Kubisch and Martin-Karl Lefrancois
  • ProVR: Vulkan and OpenGL Using Quadro GPUs by Ingo Esser and Robert Menzel
  • Multi-GPU Real-Time Rendering Techniques by Tim Woodard
  • CUDA and Ray Tracing Developer Tools by Rafael Campana, Bob Knight, and Magnus Strengert
  • Integrating the NVIDIA Material Definition Language in Your Application by Moritz Kroll and Sandra Pappenguth
For sessions times and descriptions, visit our website...

Khronos Sponsors ACCU 2020

March 24-28, 2020
Bristol Marriott City Centre Hotel
Bristol, United Kingdom

ACCU 2020Khronos is sponsoring ACCU, a premier conference for programmers and developers bringing together some of the best minds and game changers in the industry. Taking place across four days, ACCU is the conference for all those interested in native languages and professionalism in programming. 

See highlights from 2019 and register here

Khronos at Linley Spring Processor Conference 2020

April 7-8, 2020
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Santa Clara, California

The Linley Group LogoKhronos will be represented at this two-day conference featuring in-depth technical presentations addressing processors and IP cores for AI applications, embedded, data center, automotive, and communications. This one of its kind event focuses on the processors and IP cores used in deep learning, embedded, communications, automotive, IoT, and server designs.

Read more... 

PAST EVENTS                               

Embedded Vision Alliance’s December 2019 Vision Industry and Technology Forum

Edge AI Vision Alliance LogoWatch Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group and Vice President of Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA, deliver the presentation “Current and Planned Standards for Computer Vision and Machine Learning” at the Embedded Vision Alliance’s December 2019 Vision Industry and Technology Forum. Neil shares updates on recent, current and planned Khronos standardization.  Read more...

RECENT NEWS                                

CoreAVI Achieves Formal Khronos OpenGL® SC 1.0.1 Compliance Running its VkCoreGL SC1 Library

Core Avionics & Industrial Inc LogoCoreAVI announced it has achieved formal Khronos Group compliance for its VkCoreGL™ SC1 (OpenGL® SC 1.0.1) application library running on its Vulkan-based VkCore™ SC graphics and compute driver. Read the press release.

Augmented Shopping: The Quiet Revolution

Deloitte LogoImagine a future where your customer no longer shops by perusing a catalog of products, but instead they select a product type—be it a pair of pants, a car, or a dining room table—and then interactively dial and swipe their way to achieve the perfect dimensions, color, and style of whatever they are looking for. Read more... 

Vulkan 1.2 Driver Available in Latest Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.1.2

AMD LogoAMD has released Vulkan 1.2 driver as part of the official Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.1.2. Read more...

Rasberry Pi LogoRaspberry Pi 4 Model B Gains Official OpenGL ES™ 3.1 Conformance Certification From the Khronos Group

The Khronos Group has officially certified the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B family of single-board computers as conforming to the full OpenGL for Embedded Systems (OpenGL ES™) 3.1 specification. Read more...

DreamView Joins Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group

DreamView Studios LogoDreamView joins fellow Khronos members, Google, Samsung, Amazon, others, in developing open standards to make experiencing 3D virtual products consistent no matter where and how they are viewed. Read more...

Think Silicon’s GLOVE now works on Windows-macOS

Think Silicon LogoGLOVE is focused towards embedded systems and is comprised of OpenGL ES and EGL implementations, which translate at runtime all OpenGL ES / EGL calls & ESSL shaders to Vulkan commands & SPIR-V shader respectively and finally relays them to the underlying Vulkan driver. Read more...

OLCF Staff Involved in Khronos Effort to Create New Visualization Standard

Oak Ridge National Laboratory LogoA team at the OLCF recently joined an effort aimed at creating a standardized application programming interface (API) for a visualization method called ray tracing, which models the way light behaves to create highly physically accurate images from datasets. The move would allow new visualization software programs and custom visualization codes to more easily run on any computing device—even those with drastically different architecture. Read more...

Intel releases SYCL™ Compiler and Runtimes 2019-12

Intel LogoThe Khronos SYCL™ standard as a single-source C++-based programming model for OpenCL is one of the exciting elements for Intel's GPU compute plans with the forthcoming Xe graphics cards and fits into their oneAPI umbrella. They just released their SYCL Compiler and Runtimes 2019-12 release with numerous updates. Read more...

Tutorial: Using AMD Premium Pro FreeSync HDR and Vulkan

AMD LogoWe will demonstrate how to integrate FreeSync HDR into a game engine by following the FreeSync HDR Vulkan code sample we released, which can be found on GitHub here. The FreeSync HDR API in Vulkan is exposed via extensions that are queried from within Vulkan. Read more...

Intel Releases Vulkan 1.2 Drivers

Intel LogoHighlights
  • Vulkan* 1.2 API Support
  • Performance Optimizations for Unravel two and Oninaki

NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2020.1

NVIDIA LogoNsight Graphics 2020.1 is now available for download. NVIDIA has added support for profiling applications that make use of Vulkan and OpenGL interoperability.  

For the latest Khronos news, visit the news archives

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