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Newsletter 1.2
February 2013

Website Updates
What are we working on?

  • On February 12th we added additional language to the alerts in order to provide you with specific details about what each alert means.  When you receive an alert you will now see a sentence in italics that indicates whether hours have been subtracted from your valid total or you need to manually review the week in question to determine how many hours will not count.  This additional information should help you monitor your progress as you navigate the complex licensure regulations.
  • We upgraded the underlying infrastructure in order to improve the application's response time and prepare the site to build out more comprehensive services going forward.
  • We continue to work on mobile access to the site.  


What is the difference between recorded and valid hours? The recorded hours are the hours exactly as you enter them without applying category maximums, category multipliers or minimum supervision requirements.  The recorded hours are used to populate your Experience Verification Forms.  The valid total is TrackYourHours best estimate of the hours that will actually be counted by the BBS.  The valid total excludes hours that exceed category maximums, includes category multipliers and excludes hours logged in weeks where you failed to meet the minimum supervision requirement.  It is very important to review all of the alerts on your account to determine if there are any hours in your valid total that will not be counted when your hours are reviewed.  For more information, read these articles in our Knowledge Base.  

What is non-counseling experience? (MFT only)  This one is a little complicated because the BBS changed the definition of NCE. Pre-2012 NCE included workshops and training, personal psychotherapy received, client centered advocacy, individual supervision and group supervision. From 2012 forward it includes all the aforementioned minus client centered advocacy (as of January 1, 2012 the BBS removed CCA from NCE).  There is a category maximum of 1,000 hours for NCE.  Link to BBS regulations.

What are the ASW/LCSW supervision requirements? (ASW/LCSW only)

In order to count any supervised experience in a week, you need one hour of direct supervisor contact (one hour of individual supervision or two hours of group supervision).  If you go over 10 hours of face-to-face psychotherapy/counseling in a week, you need to obtain  two hours of direct supervisor contact in that week in order to count all the face-to-face psychotherapy/counseling experience gained in that week.  Two hours of direct supervisor contact can be two hours of individual supervision, four hours of group supervision, or one hour of individual supervision and two hours of group supervision.  Link to BBS regulations. 

BBS Application Processing
(as of February 11, 2013) - Update
Application Date
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Registration Application January 24, 2013
Associate Social Worker Registration Application January 28, 2013
Professional Clinical Counselor Intern Registration Application December 28, 2012
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Examination Eligibility Applications September 5, 2012
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Examination Eligibility Applications September 11, 2012
Licensed Educational Psychologist Examination Eligibility Applications January 28, 2013
Continuing Education Provider Application January 22, 2013

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