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TrackYourHours Mobile is Live!

Try our new TrackYourHours Mobile Web App.  You can quickly and easily log your hours and view your progress from any smartphone!  To login, navigate to on your smartphone.  Learn how to use TYH Mobile. 
TYH Mobile Tips
The web app automatically saves your hours whenever you dismiss the keyboard or click a different cell.  You do not have to click a Save button. 

TYH Mobile is optimized for you to quickly enter your hours and view your progress.  You will continue to visit the main site to add/edit sites, update account settings, generate forms and log personal psychotherapy hours (MFT only).

Learn how to add the web app to your home screen so it functions like an app.

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Why do my weekly logs span multiple pages even though some of the columns on the previous pages are blank?
The reports and forms produced by TYH are designed to match the expectations of the BBS.  When you run a weekly log report a new page will be generated whenever:  1) your status changes; or 2) a new calendar year begins.  When your report starts a new page before all of the columns are filled, it is because your status changed or a calendar year ended.  

Can I enter my hours weekly instead of daily?
Yes!  Just enter your weekly totals on Monday the week they were earned.  Whether you enter your hours daily or weekly will not have any impact on how they are reported on your BBS forms.  

How do I indicate the status of hours that I enter into TrackYourHours? 
One of the powerful features of TrackYourHours is that the software automatically assigns the appropriate status (pre-degree, post-degree, trainee, trainee in practicum, post-degree with application pending for intern registration, or registered intern) to your hours based on the dates you enter on the School & Status Information tab.  As long as you keep your information up-to-date, you can just enter your hours and TrackYourHours will group your hours under the appropriate categories and sub-categories and reflect the appropriate statuses on your forms.
When I submit to the BBS do I include my weekly log forms? 
No.  Your Experience Verification Forms are submitted for review but you do not submit your weekly logs.  You must retain your weekly logs because the BBS has the right to request them if they have questions about your hours.   

Have questions?  
Click the Support tab that hovers on the right side of the page in TrackYourHours or visit our Knowledge Base for information about TrackYourHours and licensure regulations.
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BBS Processing Times

MFT Intern Registration Application - December 11, 2013
ASW Registration Application - December 31, 2013
PCC Intern Registration Application - October 4, 2013
LMFT Examination Eligibility Application - May 6, 2013
LCSW Examination Eligibility Application - May 21, 2013
*Dates reflect the submission date of applications being reviewed the week of January 13, 2014.  Updated Information
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