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TrackYourHours Mobile is Live!

We are very excited to announce that we have launched the TrackYourHours Mobile Web App.  You can now quickly and easily log your hours and view your progress from any smartphone!    

To login, navigate to on your smartphone.  Learn how to use TYH Mobile. 

TYH Mobile Tips
The web app automatically saves your hours whenever you dismiss the keyboard or click a different cell.  You do not have to click a Save button. 

TYH Mobile is optimized for you to quickly enter your hours and view your progress.  You will continue to visit the main site to add/edit sites, update account settings, generate forms and log personal psychotherapy hours (MFT only).

Learn how to add the web app to your home screen so it functions like an app.

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Site Updates

Did we mention that the mobile web app has gone live?

New Link
We added a Knowledge Base link to the upper right corner of the site.  Clicking this link provides articles and videos about TrackYourHours and resources related to the BBS licensure regulations.

Totals Now Include Decimals
We made a change to the total calculations so they now report out to two decimal places instead of rounding to a whole number.


Can I log hours weekly instead of entering them daily?
TrackYourHours provides the option to log your hours on the day they were earned or you can just log the total for the week.  If you prefer to log your weekly total just enter the total on the Monday of the week that the hours were earned.   Whether you log your hours daily or weekly there is no difference in how they will be reported on the weekly logs or Experience Verification Forms. 

What is non-counseling experience? (MFT only)
This one is a little complicated because the BBS changed the definition of NCE. Pre-2012 NCE included workshops and training, personal psychotherapy received, client centered advocacy, individual supervision and group supervision. From 2012 forward it includes all the aforementioned minus client centered advocacy (as of January 1, 2012 the BBS removed CCA from NCE).  There is a category maximum of 1,000 hours for NCE.  Link to BBS regulations.  TrackYourHours automatically sums the appropriate sub-categories to calculate your NCE total based on the date your hours were earned.  

Can I combine pre-degree and post-degree work experience on the same form? (MFT only)
The BBS advises separating pre- and post-degree experience on separate Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience and MFT Experience Verification forms.  TrackYourHours automatically formats your forms to meet the expectations of the BBS by starting a new page whenever your status changes.  

What are the requirements for group supervision?
Group supervision must occur for a minimum of a one hour session and you must log two hours in a week in order to count the supervision.  A session that is less than one hour in length cannot be claimed.     

Have questions?  
Click the Support tab that hovers on the right side of the page in TrackYourHours or visit our Knowledge Base for information about TrackYourHours and licensure regulations.

BBS Processing Times

MFT Intern Registration Application - September 15, 2013
ASW Registration Application - September 12, 2013
PCC Intern Registration Application - September 2, 2013
LMFT Examination Eligibility Application - April 1, 2013
LCSW Examination Eligibility Application - May 1, 2013
*Dates reflect the submission date of applications being reviewed the week of November 18, 2013.  Updated Information
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