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End of Year Message from the Director


As the academic year winds down, we would like to thank the teachers who went above and beyond to give the NSE, NPE, NSC, or the NSA to their students. Teachers will notice that NSE reports were sent twice from Quia to assure that all scoring information was correctly received. NPE results can be found directly on the dashboard of every teacher on Lingco.  NSC results arrived through email. Certificates for all our tests are now online. Official results for NSE will be up on our website on May 18th, 2022. 

NSE Updates 

The National Portuguese Exam on a new platform this year was a great success!  We are delighted to share that we have a group of NSE students traveling to Puerto Rico this summer. The NSE is already planning more student travel opportunities in 2023!  In addition, we have students traveling once again in person to Concordia Language Villages (CLV). Also, the NSE has students attending Concordia language camps virtually, we even have our first students attending a CLV Portuguese camp! The new NSE Leadership Council (NSELC) is excited to begin choosing the Senior Scholarship winners next week. The winners of the first annual National Spanish Challenge Coloring Contest for our youngest learners  will be announced soon! 

Our perfect score winner’s medals have all been shipped, as well as all of the NPE medals and NSC ribbons. The majority of NSE medals are on the way as well.  Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues beyond our control, a number of teachers may not receive their allocated number of silver and bronze medals until June. All gold medals, however, have been shipped. If you have questions regarding medals, please call National Awards, Inc. at 601-891-0980. 

We look forward to working with you in the future and look forward to meeting many of you in San Juan at the 104th AATSP Annual Conference. Have a wonderful summer!

National Spanish Exams
Director Lisa Greenman, MA


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