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The Exam ENDS this Week

We have noticed many of you have completed the exam. Congratulations!
The exam window closes this Friday April 15 - and in some schools it's a day off. Please check your calendars so you can schedule the exam as soon as possible.
Before you do though -- Please
Please have your students take a practice exam available from our website. It is important to test out each computer and set of headphones that you will be using the day of the exam.

NSE Office is Closed on Friday

Please be aware our office is closed on Friday. If you are still giving the exam and need assistance you will have to call Quia. Their number for help is: 855-255-6676 ext. 4029

Upcoming Scholarships:
  • Senior Scholarships - Application deadline May 15

Look here for Student Scholarships: Scholarships for Students 
If you have any questions, contact us here! Contact Us 
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