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Valentine’s Special: WE will pay the late registration fee for YOU on February 14th
For more than 10 years, the National Spanish Examinations has run its Regular Registration period between November 1st - January 31st.
This year, we have run the Regular Registration period from November 1st - February 4th with a further extension to February 7th for extenuating circumstances.  As per usual, our short Registration Break has begun.  *Please review your Registrations for spelling, grade, or level changes at this time.*
Late Registration
Late Registration will begin on February 14th and it will end on February 24th.
Cupid struck our hearts as our teachers and students have contacted us for Registration help. As such, WE will pay the Late Registration Fee for YOU only on February 14th to show our appreciation and support for the dedicated teachers and students that wish to partake in these National Competitions!
*If you need to create a new registration or make changes to an existing one, you will have until February 24th to do so.*
Late Registrations (after February 14th) will be charged $5 flat-fee plus $1 late-fee: this has already been built into the system by the administrative engineers at Quia.
Exam: Usernames & Passwords
Usernames & Passwords will be sent to registered teachers on or about February 21st.
Late Registrants will receive their Usernames & Passwords on or about February 26th.
** Theses usernames and passwords will be delivered from the email. **
Exam: Administration
Proctors will have access to “How-To: Exam Administration” instructions on or around February 24th  either on our website or via email from Wendy Simms ( ).
Exam: Window
The NSE, NSC, and NPE Exam Windows will open on March 1st and run through April 15th.
Proctors may call and/or email the NSE Office for any troubleshooting during the exam window. Our staff is always ready to help!
National Results
Immediately after completion of the exam, the proctors will have access to the “raw” scores of their students. The “raw” scores show the students’ immediate results.
The NSE, NSC, and NPE National Percentile results will be sent to the Proctors on or about May 6th.
The NSE Team
Lisa Greenman (Director)
Wendy Simms (Program Coordinator)
Kat Zaborowski (Program Support Assistant)


The application deadline for the Kevin Cessna-Buscemi Global Citizen Scholarships

February 18th

The application deadline for Senior Scholarships

May 15th


Additionally, we would like to remind you to:

Please prepare your students and computers for the National Exam in which they are registered!

For National Spanish Exams and National Spanish Challenge, please use our Online Past Examinations to ensure that your computers are compatible with Quia. (This link can also be found on our website under Exam Preparation > Online Past Examinations.)

For your Lingco Language Labs Online Practice, please be sure to use the link specified:
 in the “En Agradecimiento” email.


If you have registered but have not yet received your “En Agradecimiento” email, please send us an email at Contact Us and have your Invoice/Confirmation Number ready.


National Portuguese Exam: Please be sure to register your students on the specific link found on the NPE page. This link is special because it will take you exactly where you need to go!


Exam administration information will be sent during the week prior to the exam window opening.  The exam window opens on March 1st and goes through April 15th.  You will receive usernames and passwords etc just before the exam window is open. 


Look here for Student Scholarships: Scholarships for Students 


If you have any questions, contact us here! Contact Us 

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