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Trinlay Rinpoche Continues Part Two
of North American Tour

FALL 2013 

Karma Trinlay Rinpoche continues his Spirit of Awakening teaching tour of Bodhi Path centers in North America throughout fall of 2013. During this tour, Rinpoche is providing a special presentation of Shantideva's Way of the Bodhisattva in its entirety. The first part of the tour, conducted last spring, covered foundational topics as well as the first three chapters of the text. The next stage covers chapters 4-8 and is scheduled to take place in Calgary, Natural Bridge, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City.

Program details:
Please check the website from time to time for possible schedule adjustments.

Given how rare it is to receive such comprehensive teachings, Bodhi Path centers have been capturing the teachings on video so that students everywhere can experience the complete program. Videos are available online, and your offerings help ensure that this project continues. Students may register and view the videos, as well as make offerings, via the Bodhi Path website.

Trinlay Rinpoche at the Rubin Museum

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2013 in New York City

As part of his Fall tour of USA, Trinlay Rinpoche will speak at the Rubin Museum of Art. Visit the Rubin website for details and tickets.

Images from Natural Bridge, Virginia


The newly constructed Buddha Pavilion, Natural Bridge, Virginia

Buddha statue in the newly constructed Buddha Pavilion, Natural Bridge, Virginia


The Bodhi Path Stupa, Natural Bridge, Virginia

New flagpole at the Bodhi Path Stupa, Natural Bridge, Virginia

Editor's Corner

Dear Bodhi Path Friends,

I recently returned from attending Shamar Rinpoche's annual teachings at the Natural Bridge, Virginia Bodhi Path Buddhist Center.

Wow. The locals down there are soooo hospitable; they think of every possible detail to accommodate the many travelers who want to be present for Shamar Rinpoche's teaching. Great food, too!

I arrived a few days early and was able to participate in some last-minute preparations. A new flagpole was erected, and there were many hands on deck to help put it in place (including Rinpoche's!). The following day we had an intimate flag-raising ceremony by the Tibetan prayer flag poles presided over by Rinpoche, and sang the America the Beautiful while raising the Bodhi Path and American flags on the new pole.

There were well over 100 participants who arrived for the two-day teaching. Rinpoche combined teachings on Chenrezig and Mahamudra. We all know how important it is to receive Rinpoche's direct teaching, and this time was no different. Thank You Rinpoche!!!!

Sunday morning we celebrated a very important occasion, the consecration of the Buddha Pavilion. In the previous days we had helped to prepare the site, and I enjoyed being present when the 1000 pound Buddha was being moved from the meditation hall up to its new home at the Buddha Shelter. Very impressive to see just 2 men hoist the Buddha up using winches and pulleys. Rinpoche oversaw this also, helping to gently guide the Buddha to rest on the new platform. The consecration was well-attended and an immense blessing for all, as well as for the land in Natural Bridge. The Miami Bodhi Path Group had thoughtly offered beautiful small Chenrezig statues for all participants, which were blessed during the ceremony, and then handed to each of us by Shamar Rinpoche in the final moments. Also, there was a special thank you for all the workers and donors. Rinpoche placed a kata around each person's neck who had worked on or donated to the project as they were called forward. The folks down in Natural Bridge work tirelessly on the stupa and the pavilion. Thank you for all you do to help create this powerful legacy.

The yearly Sunday night party was another crowd pleaser. After a delicious meal under the big tent, The Bodhi Path Band revived many favorite tunes. Add to that a few new ditties brought forward by the musical crowd; poems, aphorisms, and solo instrumentals rounded out the performance. The night was cool, and the campfires warmed everyone both physically and visually.

On Monday we had the annual organizational meeting. It's very gratifying to work amongst the dedicated teachers and center coordinators, plus other BP volunteers, to help to co-create this dynamic container of Bodhi Path Buddhist Centers. The annual meeting is the perfect opportunity to exchange information and ideas. Thanks to all who participated and are willing to volunteer to help, such as the new volunteers for the website committee.

After all of that I stayed for the 5-day Chenrezig retreat, artfully led by Dharma Teacher Tsony. We dove headfirst into the practice. Not only were we able to add to the mani count from our collective practice, but I think we would all agree that we were able to permeate this profound practice more deeply this time. We also had a chance to make many circumambulations around the beautiful stupa! Thanks Tsony!

Please note that Trinlay Rinpoche is due back in North America soon, and will continue teaching on the Way of the Bodhisattva.
We are very excited that on November 1st Trinlay Rinpoche has a public talk at the Rubin museum in NYC. Hope to see you there!

Warmest wishes,
Sharon Gamsby
Bodhi Path e Newsletter Editor
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