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April 2020


It's five weeks into lockdown and by now you might be feeling a little powerless. You don't have the antidote and you can't create a vaccine. But there's so much you can do - without even leaving your house!

We've been so encouraged by stories of God's word at work in and through the coronavirus pandemic - and we know that this is because of your prayers. When Alun and Debbie Burt told us that 25 people had signed up to a WhatsApp Christianity Explored course, we knew that this was God answering many prayers. When Steve and Dawn Orange reported that some of their non-Christian neighbours had been watching their online church meetings, we knew that God was working through prayers. Read on below for more ways God has been at work through this pandemic. Find the latest things you can be praying here.

So many of our mission partners have found great joy in growing deeper relationships with British and Irish partners since the pandemic began. As they've tuned into your church's livestream or received encouraging messages, they've felt more connected with you as co-workers in God's mission. So as you think about another day spent inside four walls, don't forget the power you have to make a huge difference to your mission partners and to God's big mission.

The Arctic

A compilation of corona good news

Despite all the things we can't do at the moment, our mission partners have been telling us ways God is using lockdown for good. Click here to read a few snippets of good news.

  Stockpiling toilet paper  

Were you ready for quarantine?

'To me, lockdown feels like a larger change in culture than the move from England to Portugal!' 

Julia has been serving in Portugal since September 2019. She writes, 'Were people in some cultures more ready to accept lockdown changes than others? I can think of one way Portuguese people were more ready to accept quarantine than the British. It's to do with their attitude towards plans...' Find out more.

  Hope church youth logo  

Youth ministry in the thick of the virus

'Equally sudden to the government’s lockdown actions was the impact it had on our church’s youth ministry. This term I have been praying that more of our youth would be drawn into midweek groups, and that they'd grow in their love of the Lord and their love and service of each other. Prior to coronavirus I felt that momentum was building. Then, all of a sudden, something happened which made me think that it would come to an abrupt halt...' Adam is a youth worker in South Africa. Read more from him.


Pray, give, go

Whilst you're staying safe indoors, fancy doing something pretty amazing?
1) Pray for Crosslinks workers as they keep going in ministry - we update this page daily with the latest needs for prayer.
2) Give to Crosslinks running costs - so we can carry on providing practical and pastoral support to our mission workers.
3) Get ready for the end of lockdown by considering long or short-term overseas mission work.

  The Gambia gap year team sing!  

Something cheerful from The Gambia

The Crosslinks gap year teams have all now safely returned to the UK. Before they left, the Gambia team recorded this happy song to brighten your day! God willing, we'll be sending more gap year teams on short-term mission trips in 2021. Could you go as a team leader?