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December 2020


What has happened in 2020? We thought we'd ask some of the most honest interviewees – the children of our mission partners! See below for a taste of their answers. As well as finding out how PE with Joe has made it as far as South Africa, Uganda and Argentina, we wanted to know what mission partners are thankful for this year. It has been full of things we'd rather not re-live, but there is still so much to thank the Lord for – see below.

As the Crosslinks office teams look towards a few days away from their office-cum-kitchen / spare bedroom / garage (yes, really!), we are all so thankful for the part you have played alongside us this year, in taking God's word to his world. Wishing you a very happy Christmas!

The Americas

What's it like being the child of a mission partner in 2020?

Julia (3) in Belgium shares, 'At the moment we can’t go to school or museums because of the virus. We can’t play with our friends.' From Moldova, Iona (7) says, 'Last year I went to school but now I do homeschooling with my mum and brother. We have our lessons in the kitchen and sometimes outside. It has been a bit fun because I can spend some more time at home with my family but I miss people that I love.' And from South Africa, Matthew (7) writes, 'I loved doing PE with Joe!' See what other mission partner children had to say and find out how lockdown life is both similar and different to that of a child in Britain of Ireland.

The Arctic
  Thank you video  

Christmas message from mission partners

We asked our mission partners what they are thankful for this year. Watch this video to hear some of their answers or read what others have to say here.

  Rachael and Bernie Muluuta  

Married in lockdown

'December 2019 – a Christmas day proposal! We had high hopes for 2020: a picturesque, white wedding dress, family and friends gathered together, food, speeches, cake, music and dancing. And yet, these are all things that did not accompany our wedding. On 21 March we took in the news that the first case of COVID-19 had been recorded in Uganda and the country was heading into a severe lockdown...' Find out what happened next from Rachael Muluuta. 

  Advent videos  

Unlikely characters: thoughts for Advent

What's the link between a children's nativity and global gospel mission? Colin shares, 'Caesar was an unlikely character in the first Christmas nativity but God was able to use him to bring about his salvation plan. God was in control and God still exercises that same control today. Even when it looks like the world is out of control, we can know that, in eternity, we will join with brothers and sisters from the most unlikely of nations. God has called the nations to himself and God has sent his Church to the nations...' Watch and share this series of short videos.

  Jirka Kralovi leading Christianity Explored on Zoom  

A 2020 look at mission

'"Tonight I’m running Christianity Explored on Zoom for the whole of the Czech Republic and I’ve invited Slovakia too." I did a double-take – when 2020 began I wouldn’t have dreamt of hearing these words escape the mouth of a mission partner, let alone on a Zoom screen. Not only did it remind me how astonishingly well mission partners have coped, it showed me three essential mission ingredients that have bubbled to the surface this year.' Find out more from Jamie.


Gospel partnership this Christmas

We give great thanks to God for your partnership with Crosslinks in a difficult year. Any donation you give this Christmas will be used to make gospel ministries across the world possible.

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