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Expert Sleepers Newsletter, July 2011

New-look newsletter

Those of you used to receiving our previous plain-text newsletters may be surprised to see this much fancier version. However, you should find the content is much the same - just easier on the eye. We welcome your feedback.

Sonc State and the Musikmesse

“I rarely get to review stuff which I feel is almost flawless, but I think this is one of those occasions”

Since Nick from Sonic State came by to see us at the Frankfurt Musikmesse he's been kind enough to give our products exposure on a number of occasions.

First was a video interview (here) conducted on the Messe show floor in which we explain the ES-3, Silent Way, and show the ES-2-2 in action, which is not something you often see - if you’re still unclear on what this module does, this video should help.

Secondly, the Sonic State podcast episode 214 says some very nice things about Silent Way, the ES-3 module, and Expert Sleepers in general. Check it out here - skip about 30 minutes in for where they start talking about Expert Sleepers stuff.

Lastly, we were honoured to be the first modular product to be reviewed by Sonic State in their Sonic Lab section. You can read the review and watch an accompanying video here. The quote above is from the review - safe to say they were impressed.

ES-1 & ES-3 back in stock - and orange

The ES-1 and ES-3 modules are back in stock, and are both now available with an orange aluminium panel. The panels are also available to buy separately, for those that originally purchased modules with acrylic panels and would now prefer aluminium.

Expert Sleepers modules arrive in Canada

Expert Sleepers modules are now in stock at Moog Audio, Canada. Currently they have the ES-1 (Jack version) and ES-3.

Preliminary ES-4 details announced

Some preliminary details and specifications of the forthcoming ES-4 SPDIF/CV Interface module are now available here.

Crossfade Loop Synth v3.1.4

18/04/11 This release fixes a rare crash that could occur when automating parameters in Cubase, using the 64 bit version of Cubase and the 32 bit plug-in bridge.

Silent Way v1.6.6 & v1.6.7

30/03/11 v1.6.6 fixes a major problem in the Windows VST version of the Silent Way CV Input plug-in, preventing proper operation with the ES-2 module.
21/04/11 v1.6.7 adds an ‘output configuration’ option to the VST versions of the Silent Way Voice Controller plug-in (Mac OS X and Windows), allowing the plug-in’s outputs to be presented to the host as either a 6-channel bus, three stereo busses or six mono busses.

CV Generator v2.0.0

14/07/11 Our iOS app CV Generator has been updated to v2.0.0. It is now an iPhone/iPad Universal app and so works at full screen resolution on iPads.
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