June 2019

New titles

Jack Davison | Photographs

London-based Jack Davison has quickly risen through the ranks of magazine portraitists the fine art, editorial and commercial sectors to become a leading photographer for British Vogue and the New York Times Magazine while still in his twenties. His first book, Photographs, was recently published by Loose Joints and the first printing is almost sold out. We have managed to grab a few copies before they disappeared. It includes portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Images are in black-and-white and in colour – the latter having echoes of 50s pioneers such as Saul Leiter and Ernst Haas. They “shift from staged, meticulous editorial setups to simple everyday occurrences, infused with mystery and depth.” Sample images.

Maisie Cousins | Rubbish, Dipping Sauce, Grass, Peonie, Bum

Another young British photographer making waves is Maisie Cousins whose first book Rubbish, Dipping Sauce, Grass, Peonie, Bum is about to be published by Trolley and we will have signed copies. Cousins’ supersaturated close-up colour images immerse the viewer in parts of the human body, cooked food, ripe fruit – superabundant life. Cousins explores the relationship between the beautiful and the grotesque: “Nature is always beautiful and also disgusting.” Sample images.

Jack Latham | Parliament of Owls

Jack Latham’s last book Sugar Paper Theories – nominated for all sorts of awards – investigated a case in Iceland in which six people confessed to murders they apparently had not committed. Latham "says he likes exploring the grey area between truth and fiction, photojournalism and conceptual art". His forthcoming publication follows in that line. In Parliament of Owls, Latham investigates a secret society that has inspired conspiracy theories, protests, and attacks since its founding days in 1872. Bohemian Grove is the exclusive and reclusive woodland summer retreat for members of the Bohemian Club, a private and select organisation that boasts artists, musicians, businessmen and former US Presidents amongst its membership. Sample images.

Stephen Shore | Los Angeles, California, February 4th, 1969

Recently exhibited at Photo London, Stephen Shore’s Los Angeles, California, February 4th, 1969, is a record of one day in the photographer’s life. “By using virtually every picture I made that day, I was aiming at a kind of visual stream-of-consciousness series that challenged conventions of framing." All the images are in black-and-white. Sample images.

Alejandro Cartagena | Carpoolers

Alejandro Cartagena’s award-winning photobook Carpoolers is now in its third edition of only 490 copies. The series shows workers huddled together in the backs of open-topped trucks while commuting to their jobs in Mexican cities. Cartagena describes the new edition as “return to how the first edition came to be, but instead of it being one part of the book it is the whole book. I wanted it to be like looking at landscapes so each double spread has a composition that includes 2-4 images, creating a new view with every spread. It´s very much about the journey of these men. what they feel while traveling in the back of the truck." We will have signed copies. For sample images of new edition, see our webpage. More images from the series.

Joachim Brohm and Alec Soth | Two Rivers

The exhibition Two Rivers currently running in Dusseldorf allows the visitor to view the work of Joachim Brohm and Alec Soth alongside one another, with particular attention to Brohm’s Ruhr and Soth’s Sleeping by the Mississippi. The catalogue has a good number of works from both these series as well as images from Ohio, Dessau Files and Culatra by Brohm and Songbook and Niagara by Soth. Sample images.

Alec Soth DVD (by filmmaker Ralph Goertz)

There is also a new Alec Soth DVD. Filmmaker Ralph Goertz met him at his studio in St. Paul, Minnesota and was allowed to accompany him while he was working with his 8×10 camera. At his studio Soth presents his famous series like Songbook and Niagara. He talks about his work and his artistic approach. See webpage for trailer.

Gregory Halpern | Omaha Sketchbook (various editions)

Mack Books’ first publication with Gregory Halpern since the very successful Zzyzx will be a new edition of an earlier work which had previously been available only in a very limited edition. Focusing on a city and state seen as typical of ‘heartland America’, Omaha Sketchbook is Halpern’s evocation of a culture teeming with its own 'brand of hypermasculinity’, as he terms it. Sample images.

This isn’t due out till August but it’s important to point out that there are two limited editions which may well sell out in advance of publication. The Omaha Sketchbook Special Edition – Print Edition has 150 copies, comprising a signed and numbered book in a slipcase accompanied by a signed and numbered print.

The Special Edition – Book Edition has 100 copies. It is a signed and numbered handmade book with tipped-in contact prints in a slipcase.

Henry Wessel | A Dark Thread

Mack are also publishing a slim book of photos by Henry Wessel who died last year. A Dark Thread coincides with an exhibition of the same name in Paris. The publication brings together French translations of stories by Art Taylor, Ivy Pochoda, and Alexander MacLeod, together with the Wessel photographs that inspired them. Hopefully fans of Wessel who don’t read French will still be able to enjoy the images. Sample images.

Camille Vivier | Twist

Twist is an overview of the work of Camille Vivier: “a meeting of worlds. An encounter between curved, nude female bodies with avant-garde, anthropomorphic sculptures.” Vivier is clearly influenced by surrealism and perhaps by the 1950s nudes of Andre de Dienes. Sample images.

Pawel Jaszczuk | ¥€$U$ (JESUS)

Having returned to his home of Poland after a decade living abroad, Pawel Jaszczuk was surprised at the ubiquity of religious objects in everyday contexts. Jesus had become a pop culture icon: holy Christian images appeared on underwear, as chocolate, as floating bathtub accessories, earrings, lamp-stands, tattoos, sex toys… ¥€$U$/Jesus is Jaszczuk’s critique of these developments. Sample images.

Sebastião Salgado | Gold

Sebastiao Salgado’s photographs of the Serra Pelada open-air goldmine have never been fully reproduced in book form till now. Taschen’s Collector’s Edition Gold measures 45 x 41 cm and the images are interlaid with transparent paper and printed with High Definition Skia Photography technology. This edition is limited to 1,000 copies, each numbered and signed. Sample images.

The Last Image: Photography and Death

The Last Image is one of the most comprehensive surveys ever published on photography and death. The 320 images include works by Christian Boltanski, Broomberg/Chanarin, Larry Clark, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Nan Goldin, Peter Hujar, Duane Michals, Lee Miller, Nadar, Arnold Odermatt, Andres Serrano and Weegee. Sample images.


Joe Wright has just published Al Brydon’s series of Solargraphs. This limited edition of 350 is available solely through JW Editions.

Luigi Ghirri's Colazione sull'Erba has now been published by Mack. Sample images were not available when we first uploaded this title but they are now.

A new printing of Robert Frank's The Americans is now available.

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