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New Titles

Glacier is Ragnar Axelsson’s photographic monument to Iceland’s glaciers, under threat through global warming. The majority of these near-abstract black-and-white images have been taken from the air. A few minuscule human figures give an initial reference to the enormity of the glaciers, but the images soon lose all sense of scale, requiring a constant reassessment of our relationship to what we are seeing. Glacier has been published by Qerndu, a new Icelandic publisher and will not be widely available outwith Iceland. They won’t be cheap but we are getting signed copies. With any luck, UK customers will get them before Christmas. Overseas customers will have to wait till the new year, I’m afraid. Sample images.

Kenro Izu continues his exploration of sacred sites across the globe in Eternal Light. Here the main focus is on India and Hindu spirituality and rituals in the cities of Varanasi, Allahabad and Vindavan. Izu employs silver gelatin printing. Sample images.

The Mechanical Retina on My Fingertips is Issei Suda’s name for a Minox Camera that he used obsessively in 1991 and 1992. Known as a spy camera, it fits in the pocket with a shutter release as light as the blink of an eye. The resulting images developed from 8x11mm negatives are grainy and have a flat perspective. There are over 400 snapshots of his native country by one of the Japanese greats. Sample images.

Okinawa is a location well documented by both Japanese and Western photographers but the great Swedish photographer Anders Petersen brings his very distinctive vision and style to his latest publication. Okinawa was his first series in an Asian country, the result of an invitation from the European Eyes on Japan project in 2000 for a three-week residence. Almost of the images in this book are unpublished before. Sample images.

Best known for his extraordinary long-exposure camera obscura interiors, Abelardo Morell now brings the same creativity to colour photographs of flowers. The images in Flowers for Lisa, though, are nothing like still lifes as you would normally understand them - rather superabundant sculptures that feel like they’re exploding through the lens. An excellent Christmas gift for anyone in love with flowers. Sample images.

Adam Pape is a young and clearly extremely talented New York photographer. His first book Dyckman Haze has just been published by Mack. His nocturnal but artificially lit black-and-white images render a city we all feel we know well unfamiliar, intimate and still strongly linked to the natural world. Sample images.
It’s getting harder to bring anything new to the subject of an American road trip especially when you choose Route 66 as your focus but Edward Keating has managed it in Main Street: The Lost Dream of Route 66. The road that bore so much metaphorical weight as an embodiment of the American Dream was made marginal by new highways and mass use of air transport for east/west journeys, and communities across the continent were left behind. Keating’s images evoke this transformation with a keen eye and without giving into nostalgia. Sample images.

Dr Blankman’s New York, published by Steidl, brings together Tod Papageorge’s colour images of the city for the first time. The majority have never been published before. Essential for Papageorge fans of course and of interest to anyone tracing the lineage of early colour street photographer from Leiter and Herzog to Meyerowitz and beyond. Sample images.
Next, new titles on two giants of French photography. Throughout his life, Willy Ronis kept meticulous records of his work, curating each era into albums, which are reproduced for the first time over 600 pages in Ronis by Ronis. Photographs of postwar France and its inhabitants are accompanied by the photographer’s original observations and comments, framing the images within their technical and historical context. Sample images.

Robert Doisneau: Music celebrates the great photographer’s love of music through more than 100 photographs, many unpublished till now. Subjects include Eartha Kitt in a jazz club, Django Reinhardt at home, Yehudi Menuhin backstage, Juliette Gréco and Charles Aznavour. In the 1980s he was still photographing a new generation of musicians including Rita Mitsouko and Les Négresses Vertes. Sample images.
Magnum China is chronologically organized to present key periods in the development of China from the 1930s to the present day. It presents in-depth portfolios by individual photographers including Cartier-Bresson, Capa, Erwitt, Eve Arnold, Martine Franck, Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Christopher Anderson, Jonas Bendiksen and Alec Soth. Sample images.

Women Photographers from Prestel is now available in an updated paperback edition and including new photographs. It features fifty-five of the most important women photographers such as Eve Arnold, Nan Goldin, Candida Höfer, Dorothea Lange, Inge Morath, and Cindy Sherman. Sample images.
Next, two volumes of a new series in a collaboration between the V&A and Thames & Hudson. Cameraless Photography is an overview of the major cameraless processes, including photograms, chemigrams, luminograms and dye destruction prints. The book begins with the early photographic experiments of artists such as Anna Atkins through the avant-garde photograms of modernists such as Man Ray, to the work of contemporary artists such as Susan Derges. Sample images in these articles on cameraless techniques and artists.

Making it Up deals with staged or constructed images - a staple of  contemporary fine art photography, illustrated by the work of Cindy Sherman, Jeff Wall and Hannah Starkey. It argues, though, that such photographic fictions have been present since the early days of the medium, through the work of such practitioners as Lewis Carroll and Roger Fenton. Sample images.
Civilisation is the latest exhibition and book by one of photography's most ambitious curators, William A Ewing. It illuminates how contemporary photography, notably art photography, is fascinated by, and attempts to decode, the way we live today. Sample images.

NeoRealismo explores how photography evolved in Italy from a tool of Fascist propaganda in the 1930s to a tool for artists to reveal the poverty and oppression of their country and a way to instigate positive social development and create a national identity after the Second World War. Sample images.
A Life in Railroad Photography profiles the work of US photographer Wallace W Abbey. His black-and-white images trace the transformation of the railroading industry after World War II from the steam era to the era of diesel locomotives. Sample images.

Paul Kenny's beautiful Seaworks has been out of print to a year or so and Paul has asked us to offer his final few new, signed copies. Sample images.


Photobooks of the Year - we asked a sample of our regular customers to give us recommendations. See our blog for their suggestions.

Two recent Mack titles are now available as signed copies: Hannah Starkey’s Photographs 1997-2017 and Thomas Demand’s The Complete Papers (for the confused, the title is a play on words – this title does contain images!)

Also we can now confirm we will have signed copies of Eamonn Doyle’s K

Christmas delivery dates - we can still get orders to most European countries, Canada and the USA before Christmas. We recommend you order by 13 December. UK customers should try to get orders to us by 19 December but we will continue to process orders after that. As stock levels change rapidly in December, you should contact us as soon as possible if you wish to ensure you get a copy of a particular item.

We'd like to thank all our customers for their support in 2018 and hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.
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