September 2019

New titles

Todd Hido | House Hunting

Todd Hido’s photographs in House Hunting of suburban American houses at night announced a major new talent when first published by Nazraeli nearly twenty years ago. Now Nazraeli are about to publish a third edition which they promise will use heavy weight matte art paper and cutting-edge technologies in both the pre-press and production phases to deliver even more accurate colour rendition and nuances in tone and saturation. Sample images.

There is also a special edition of 250 copies, featuring a numbered and signed copy of the book presented in a custom slipcase. These are selling quickly so don’t delay if you wish to secure a copy.

Mark Steinmetz | Carnival
This autumn will see two new titles by Mark Steinmetz. First from Stanley/Barker comes Carnival, photos taken between 1982 and 2001 at country fairs, urban street fairs, and small circuses across the United States. See our webpage for sample images.
Mark Steinmetz | Carnival

From Nazraeli we will have Summer Camp, an institution for many schoolchildren in the US. Steinmetz took these images between 1986 and 2003: "My work in summer camps is a project continued over many years. I love to describe the various physical aspects of the camps: the cabin life and dining halls, the screen doors, the lodges and campfire activities." Sample images.

Tony Ray-Jones

Next, two titles from RRB. Tony Ray-Jones surveys the photographer’s images of English social customs taken between 1966 and 1969. In 2012 Martin Parr, alongside curator Greg Hobson, revisited Ray-Jones' contact sheets from this period and found previously unseen images. These new discoveries will be included in the book and in the exhibition soon to be held at the Martin Parr Foundation. See our webpage for sample images.

Martin Parr | Early Works

The other RRB title is by Parr himself. Early Works covers his career until 1984, mainly images from the north of England and Ireland. The work weaves Parr’s better known black-and-white work with over twenty previously unpublished images. We will have signed copies. See our webpage for sample images.

Martin Parr | Kleingartner
Also new from Martin Parr is Kleingartner, a series of photos of allotment gardeners in two towns in Germany, Düsseldorf and Krefeld. There’s warmth and humour in his images of gardeners such as 15-year-old Mathis growing strictly organic fruit and vegetables, Ingo the cactus breeder, Michael the miniature train enthusiast and Petra the ‘tomato woman’. Again we will have signed copies. Sample images.
Jack Latham | Sugar Paper Theories
The original publication in 2016 of Sugar Paper Theories immediately brought a lot of attention to the work of Jack Latham. It deals with two notorious murder cases in Iceland in the 1970s which have continued to preoccupy Icelandic society. In September 2018 all but one of those prosecuted were acquitted by Iceland’s Supreme Court. Now a second expanded edition is being published, coinciding with an exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society. It incorporates the latest developments in the case and features additional text by expert witness Professor Gisli Gudjónsson and a foreword by Erla Bolladóttir, one of the six prosecuted and the only one so far not acquitted. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Guido Guidi | In Veneto

Mack Books’ survey of Guido Guidi’s series in different parts of Italy continues apace. In Veneto contains a selection of hitherto unpublished photographs that Guidi took between 1984 and 1989, using a Deardorff 8x10. This was the first time he had used a large format camera for a whole project, which concentrated on an area in the central Veneto. See our webpage for sample images.

There is also a limited edition of 150 copies. Each comprises a signed copy of the first printing of the book, housed in a slipcase with a signed and numbered print.

Libuse Jarcovjakova | Evokativ
The work of Czech photographer Libuse Jarcovjakova has recently gained a lot of attention after a successful exhibition at Arles and she was also featured in an extensive article in the BJP. The images in her Evokativ were shot in Prague between 1970 and 1989 and would certainly have been suppressed if they had been published there at that time. Her black-and-white images deal with the private lives of the marginalised: the night, sex, work, alcohol, love, and depression… We will have signed copies. See our webpage for sample images.
Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb | Brooklyn

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb’s new book from Aperture is Brooklyn, the New York borough where they have been photographing for the past seven years. Alex Webb’s focus is on the people that make up this diverse community, while Rebecca Norris Webb photographs the green heart of Brooklyn—the Botanic Garden, Green Wood Cemetery, and Prospect Park. See our webpage for sample images.

Michael Galinsky | The Decline of Mall Civilisation
In 2013 Michael Galinsky published Malls Across America with Steidl. Now out of print, it’s only available online at horrific prices. Galinsky is now publishing a follow-up, The Decline of Mall Civilisation. Most of the images date from 1989 when Galinsky was barely in his twenties. At the time, he intended them as a critique of the homogenised culture of shopping malls. Reviewing them many years later, Galinsky views them with a nostalgia he never expected to feel. This publication will have very limited availability in Europe. We will have signed copies. See our webpage for sample images
Philip Brittan | Ghosts Are Real

Philip Brittan’s new work Ghosts Are Real uses diverse camera methods, experimental processing, a range of styles and media, and various fine-art print making techniques. The photos were the product of night walks: “The work was created during a difficult period of my life. My mother had just died after struggling with illness for several months and dealing with the estate fractured my family in rancorous conflict. I escaped each evening for long, slow walks through the city and surrounding countryside.” Sample images.

There is also a special edition with two numbered and signed prints, limited to thirty copies. We will have signed copies of both standard and special editions.

Joseph Ford | Invisible Jumpers

On a lighter note to finish, Invisible Jumpers is the funniest photographic book I’ve see in a long time. The intricate jumpers in Joseph Ford’s book - worn by humans, dogs and bananas alike - blend seamlessly into their surroundings thanks to more than 1,000 hours of knitting and endless hours lining up the camera for the perfect shot. (This is a little book. We’ve given it a generous discount to compensate for our standard postal charge.) Sample images.



Signed copies of the new edition of Ragnar Axelsson’s Faces of the North have just arrived.

Signed copies of Sohrab Hura’s The Coast and of Stephen Gill’s The Pillar – winner of the 2019 Arles Author Book Award – are back in stock.

Robin Friend’s Bastard Countryside is now out of print and the cheapest price I can find elsewhere online if £74.10. We’ve still got two copies left and we’re selling at the original price of £40.

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