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New Titles

Lee Friedlander’s classic photobook The American Monument has been out of print for forty years. Friedlander’s obsessive itemisation of monuments across the USA is now available in a new edition in the same oversized format as the first edition with excellent duotone reproductions of the original 213 photographs. The new edition includes a new essay by Friedlander scholar Peter Galassi. Sample images.

The Run-On of Time is a substantial overview of the career of the great American photographer Eugene Richards who merges personal artistic vision with documentary practice, in the tradition of W. Eugene Smith and Robert Frank. Richards has unflinchingly confronted the great issues of life in the US including racism, poverty, drug addiction, cancer, aging, the effects of war and terrorism. Sample images.

Coming herself from a privileged background, for over three decades Tina Barney has been documenting the domestic and social lives of the wealthy in the USA and Europe in exhibitions and books such as 'Friends and Relations' and 'The Europeans'. Tina Barney is the first full retrospective of her career. Sample images.

American photographer Roe Ethridge has successfully built a reputation in both commercial and fine art photography and had a series of books published by Mack. His new title American Spirit, though, comes from the small New York publishers Karma. The title comes from the name of a brand of cigarettes and many of the recent images of the American west manage to both celebrate and subvert the American Dream. The spirit of Richard Prince would seem to be in evidence. Sample images.
We’re excited to hear that Jan Tove is to have a book published by the prestigious German publishers Hatje Cantz. We know that Jan has many fans among Beyond Words customers and his 'Beyond Order' remains one of the most popular titles we have ever stocked. His new book Faraway/Nearby reflects on his experience over the last ten years of returning to the Swedish countryside where he grew up. His attention has increasingly turned to the relationship between people and the physical structures we create in relation to the natural world. Sample images.

Coincidentally, English photographer Stephen Gill has also moved to the countryside of southern Sweden. Becoming fascinated by the evidence of animals’ activity in the local landscape, for his new book Night Procession he attached cameras equipped with motion sensors to trees, mostly at a low level, so that any movement triggered the camera shutter and an infra-red flash. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
In October Phaidon will be publishing Annie Leibovitz’s latest collection Portraits 2005-2016. We are offering this title at 20% off the publisher’s price. It’s a heavy volume measuring 359*267 mm with 316 pages.

Paul Gaffney’s wonderful 'We Make the Line by Walking' was self-published in 2013 and promptly went out of print. His new publication records his wanderings through the Ardennes in Luxembourg, using polaroids. Later, he re-explored certain routes after nightfall, to photograph under the light of the full moon. The results are published in Perigee, a set of two photobooks in an edition of 750 copies. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Martin Parr’s Remote Scottish Postboxes is not published till November but, with a limited print run, I suspect it will not take too long to sell out. Parr has been a regular visitor to the Scottish islands over the last twenty years or so and has been photographing isolated postboxes against the landscape throughout that time. Sample images.

A boxed Remote Scottish Postboxes Postcard Collection with twelve cards will also be available. We will have signed copies of the book and of the postcard box.

Parr’s Think of Scotland should also be out by then. At the time of writing, the limited edition is also still available. In both cases, we will have signed copies.

In a typically prolific year, Martin Parr will also publish Oxford with text by Simon Winchester. This is a collection of around 100 photographs documenting an academic year in the life of the university, with an emphasis on the arcane traditions and the outrageous social life of (at least some of) the students. Again we will have signed copies. Sample images.

Afghan Girl is of course Steve McCurry’s best-known photo but it ‘s just a tiny fragment of the work he has done in that country over forty years, much of it at great personal risk in conflict zones. Afghanistan – with 256 pages and measuring 267*370 mm - is a comprehensive survey of this work, stretching from the desert of Kandahar to the streets of Kabul and remote rivers of Nuristan. Sample images.

Fan Ho, who died this year, was born in Shanghai but spent much of his life in Hong Kong. A new edition of Hong Kong Yesterday presents the best of his work, chronicling Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s as it was becoming a major metropolitan centre. His black-and-white street photos show a strong sense of geometrical form. Ho used the same Rolleiflex K4A throughout his career. Sample images.

Sentimental Journey 1971-2017 is an extended edition of Nobuyoshi Araki’s classic work. It includes not only the images from the original book but the many later photographs of his wife Yoko up to her death in 1990 and the more recent photographs that still give a strong sense of her presence. Sample images.

In East/West the great Belgian colour photographer Harry Gruyaert contrasts the vibrant glitziness of Las Vegas and Los Angeles in 1981 with the austere restraint of Moscow in 1989 just before the fall of the Soviet Union. The work is presented in two volumes, both presented in a half-slipcase. Sample images.


In what’s normally a quiet time of year for publishing, there seems to be many more good photobooks coming out than we have time to feature at length. So I’m having to resort to brief mentions of the following: early street photography by Elliott Erwitt in Pittsburgh 1950; Mathieu Pernot’s Arles award-winning portrait of a Roma family, Les Gorgan; Thomas R Schiff’s sumptuous photos of American libraries in The Library Book; further photos of libraries and other exceptional public buildings in Candida Hofer in Mexico; a major retrospective of Michael Wolf in Works; Rob Ball’s tintypes of Coney Island: Dornith Doherty’s x-ray photos taken of samples in international seed banks in Archiving Eden; Margot Wallard’s meditation on loss in Natten.

We've managed to order a few more signed copies of Soth's Sleeping by the Mississippi so keep ordering - for now! They should be here around 20 September. As of Friday, there were also 15 copies of the special edition available. The price is going up all the time, I'm afraid, as the edition sells out. They'd be here around 28 September.

Michael Kenna's beautiful Abruzzo is now available.

Hatje Cantz have reduced the price of Olaf Otto Becker’s Reading the Landscape from £60. We’re selling it at £25.99.

The same applies to Flammarion’s compact edition of the collection of maritime photos in The Sea. Formerly £19.95, we’re selling it at £8.99 – a very good value gift.

A customer is offering for sale a copy of the original limited edition of Helmut Newton’s Sumo, originally priced at £13,000 but long out-of print. This copy is still in the original unopened box signed, numbered, sealed and complete with the original Philippe Starck-designed stand and all packaging. Book and stand are both in mint condition. Please contact us at if you are interested in making an offer.
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