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Nick Waplington’s photographs of life on the Broxtowe Estate in Nottingham in the 1980s had an enormous influence on the development of photography in Britain, especially in book form in The Living Room and Weddings, Parties, Anything. Now, in collaboration with Little Big Man, he is publishing Living Room Work Prints. The photographs are taken from a box of machine made work prints which were made for editing purposes during the design of the two original books. We will have signed copies. Sample images.

Michael Collins’ Dewi Lewis book Landscape and Industry was a great success when published last year. In Pictures from the Hoo, Collins turns his attention to the marginal landscape of the Hoo Peninsula in the Thames estuary, where remains of 19th century industry compete on the skyline with modern power stations. Sample images.
In 2012 Chris Killip reviewed the archive of images that had formed the basis of his early work Isle of Man and found many images that had not made it into the first edition but that he felt had stood the test of time. In a new edition Isle of Man Revisited from Steidl, the photographs “keep, more or less, to the same order as the original book but I have changed some of the images, added thirty others, and printed them all larger." Sample images.

At the same time Steidl are releasing a second edition of Seacoal, Killip’s record from the 1980s of the beach in Northumberland where men used wire nets to fish pieces of coal out from the beach. Sample images.
Manuel Rivera-Ortiz is a Puerto Rican documentary photographer. His photos in India: a Celebration of Life emphasise the resilience of those in poverty. Sample images.

Palaces of Memory by Stuart Freedman, published by Dewi Lewis, is a delightful sequence of colour images of Indian coffee houses, a network of worker-owned cafés in cities throughout the country. We will have signed copies. Sample images.
Mike Mandel’s playful works from the 1970s are being published in a boxed set. The centrepiece of Good 70s is the complete set of Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards, for which Mandel travelled across the US posing 134 photographers and curators as ball players, and photographing them. Participants included famous figures such as Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Harry Callahan, Minor White, Aaron Siskind, William Eggleston, Ed Ruscha and John Szarkowski. Sample images.
Lynn Saville has previously shown her expertise in black-and-white urban night photography in the excellent Acquainted With the Night. Dark City: urban America at night is a further exploration, this time in colour, with a new focus on the effects of the recent economic turmoil on New York and other American cities. Sample images.

Caleb Cain Marcus is another photographer who has explored cities at night in The Silent Aftermath of Space. His latest project, Goddess, takes him on a 1500 mile journey down the Ganges. Sample images.
Steidl will shortly publish The Soviet Photobook, a substantial addition to the recent flow of titles on photobook history. The focus is on the period 1920-41 when the regime enlisted the skills of writers, designers and photographers to create an unprecedented library of propaganda. 160 works are discussed and illustrated over 636 pages. Sample images.

Christopher Herwig travelled through fifteen former Soviet countries in search of surviving Soviet Bus Stops and discovered an intriguing collection of “unexpected treasures of modern art”. Sample images.
In Toy Soldiers, Simon Brann Thorpe explores the continuing 40-year civil war in Western Sahara through an unusual concept. In collaboration with a military commander and the men under his command, the real soldiers are posed as toy soldiers in stunning desert landscapes. Sample images.

Fire in Cairo, published by SPBH Editions, is Matthew Connors’ response to recent political turmoil in Egypt, some of it documentary, much of it more personal and metaphorical. Sample images.
Viviane Sassen explores the theme of shadow in Umbra, “shadow as metaphor for anxiety and desire; as a symbol of both memory and hope for the future; and as an evocation of imagination and illusion.” Sample images.

Olafur Eliasson is an artist working in a range of media. Contact is Content is an enormous, lavish publication that starts from Eliasson’s many series of photographs of Icelandic landscapes. Sample images.

The Paris Photo/Aperture 2016 Photobook Awards shortlist has just been announced.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had time to check the availability of all the titles before sending out this newsletter but, if you would like info on any of the titles, please let us know.
The excellent volume collecting Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Seascapes is now available.
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