May 6th 2013

New and Forthcoming

We start with news of Michael Kenna’s latest monograph, Shinan, the successor to Huangshan. Due for publication this summer, it features Kenna's recent photographs of the Shinan region of Korea. We can’t be sure of its exact contents but, if you browse Kenna’s Shinan image archive, you should get a good idea. You can also watch a video of Kenna at work in Shinan.

As well as the standard edition, there will be a limited edition of 250 copies.  Only the limited edition copies can be signed.  As all of the limited edition of Huangshan were sold out in advance of publication, you are advised to get an order in early if you want a signed copy of Shinan.

Terra Incognita is German artist Frank Rodel’s account of a recent expedition to the Antarctic that he participated in. It contains photographs and paintings of vast Antarctic land- and seascapes. For sample spreads, see here.

For our next book, we go to the opposite end of the Earth and back two centuries. William Bradford was an American painter who organized an expedition to the Arctic in 1869. He took with him two photographers from Boston, John L. Dunmore and George P. Critcherson, the first photographic professionals to document so northerly a voyage. Their combined efforts were presented in book form but only to 300 subscribers. Those original volumes are of course now worth a fortune. So the new edition of The Arctic Regions will be the first time it’s been seen in full since then. See here for sample images.

Rinko Kawauchi’s reputation as one of the most interesting of contemporary Japanese photographers was reinforced by publication of Illuminance two years ago. Ametsuchi (which can be translated as ‘heaven and earth’) is her first major book since then. Here “she shifts her attention from the micro to the macro”, bringing together images of distant constellations and tiny figures lost within landscapes, as well as photographs of a traditional style of controlled-burn farming and of Buddhist rituals and other religious ceremonies. See a selection of spreads here.

We used to sell Purple, the fashion/photography magazine, in our shop but haven’t thought it was worth listing on our site – till now, the reason being that the latest issue comes with a book/magazine by Ryan McGinley, whose large-scale colour photographs of his young New York friends have put his work in great demand. You can see every page of Purple Magazine 19 and of the Ryan McGinley Purple Book here.

I’ve raved before about Photopoetry, the excellent collection of the work of Manuel Alvarez Bravo so I was really surprised to see the American edition turn up as a remainder. Thoroughly recommended for both value and the quality of the content.

Reflections in Black is Deborah Willis’s comprehensive and authoritative survey of the work of African American photographers from the times of slavery to the end of the 20th century. It features work by well-known photographers such as James VanDerZee, Gordon Parks, and Carrie Mae Weems, and others less well-known. It seeks to challenge the dominant ‘narrative’ of white photographers “continually emphasizing poverty over family, despair over hope.” Nearly 600 images for less than a tenner!

The images in Luca Campigotto’s My Wild Places would satisfy anyone looking for traditionally dramatic landscapes. But the title also asks the question: what happens when we make any landscape ‘mine' or ‘ours’? In almost every image there are more or less subtle forms of human intervention in the landscape, often well-intentioned attempts to make the remote accessible. See here for sample spreads.
Next there’s three large books from National Geographic. The first is Reza: War + Peace, collecting the best work of Iranian photojournalist Reza Deghati, predominantly covering conflict in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan but also daily life and culture across the Middle East and Asia.

Then there are companion volumes, Through the Eyes of the Condor and
Through the Eyes of the Vikings, containing excellent aerial photographs by Robert P Haas of Latin America and the Arctic regions respectively.
The Heart of the Great Alone: Scott, Shackleton and Antarctic Photography tells the stories of Britain's two greatest Antarctic expeditions through the eyes of their official chroniclers, Herbert Ponting and Frank Hurley.

Under Antarctic Ice gives a sharp reminder of the enormous advances in technology since those early explorations. Norbert Wu’s colour photographs document the life underneath the ice in brilliant detail. “In the extreme conditions that prevail in these seas, invertebrates can grow to enormous sizes: sponges are as big as bears, jellyfish tentacles extend thirty feet, and giant sea spiders crawl through beds of soft coral.” There are also images of the birds and mammals living at the edge of water and ice.
The Land Through a Lens is a lovely paperback collection of American landscapes from the Smithsonian collection. About fifty images, colour and black-and-white, contemporary and historic.

David Plowden is one of the greatest documenters of vernacular American architecture (see his website for evidence of that). The American Barn is his hymn to the buildings that, more than any other, are evocative of rural American life.
Other News

If anyone is interested in acquiring a copy of the special edition of Salgado’s Genesis at 10% off, please get in touch. As you can see from the Taschen site, that would mean £200 off – yes, the full price is £2000. And the snag is: we need to have two customers interested before Taschen will sell to us!

Finally, there’s the forthcoming book by Dav Thomas, With Trees which showcases Dav’s catalogue of work celebrating his love of, and connection with, trees.  Though it’s not due out till July, it’s worth ordering now as all advance orders will receive a free signed print. Please order direct from the publisher.
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